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  1. So I've read about a lot of people using the Junbao for an Aura build and I decided to farm for some. I got a 78^ and was kind of exciting seeing as how it's the highest ^ Aura weapon I have gotten so far, but when I upgraded it I noticed that it's no better than my 47^ Ogre Childhood Toy. So with that being said, would it be worth my time to continue to farm for them if I have a 74^ Ogre Toy? If I was to pull a 180^ Junbao would it yield that much more of a bonus for my Auras than my 74^ Ogre Toy?? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  2. I don't understand why people still haven't figured out that consoles have limitations. This may be thinking outside the box, but nobody is forcing anybody to play this game on console instead of PC. If you're sooo jealous of the PC content the go get the game for PC!
  3. SoCal a Wambulance. Wow, that was clever, how insecure are you?
  4. This is true. Maybe its because there was normally a group of 4 friends that started with cod black ops zombies, than mw3, than DD. And now due to 2 maps which are played most of the time, 3 friends are usually on it and when the 4th friend *cough* knows they're on marrago or aquanos doesn't ask for an invite knowing the inevitable outcome...freeze. I doubt its personal, in fact maybe he's felt left out since of the 4 he's on his own most the time since no one sends an invite. Nothing personal at all guys. I know of the 4 of us 90% of the time you 3 are on together. Usually its marrago o
  5. Well, if I had met the guy online, I wouldn't have been offended by it. We do know him in real life.
  6. It's a sad day in the world of Dungeon Defenders when you are abandoned by a friend. Especially when you spend so much time leveling this friend up even after he makes fun of you for playing the game before he even tries it. Then after you level him up and show him how to play and show him how to build for various maps and build different characters up and get him some decent weapons he bails.. He doesn't give you the time of day and isn't willing to play with you or anybody else that helped him in the beginning. The only time we hear from this friend is when he wants a better weapon and decid
  7. Mistymire is the easiest map to get a Giraffe on. It has the least amount of enemies and goes by very quickly. You also get Kairi the Brave after finishing wave 19. It's a good deal imo!
  8. I'm jealous! It's too early for that here lol Also, we are in a helpful mood today so if anybody needs help completing something lemme know and we can try to help!
  9. PLAY ANOTHER GAME! There's more games than DD! Yeah, but unlike other games DD doesn't lose playability when you complete it. I've played and beaten over 100 games easily and none of them held apeal after beating them. That's why I continue to play this game. I refuse to stop playing it just because I'm unsure of what I want to do on it.
  10. I don't think I've ever done survival on Glitter. From my experience, I've never found the xp or drops to be worth the time on survival on any map, but maybe I will have to give it another try!
  11. I turned my game on over an hour ago and I haven't been able to decide what I want to do. I've just been chillin with the Shopkeep listening to him repeat his oh so funny jokes. I need a break from xp grinding and I'm pretty content with my weapons. What's a defender to do in a situation like this?!
  12. You can max out Glitter with 2.5 mil if done properly and it's easiest to do with 2 people. Just build with a second controller and focus on the multipliers for No Core Damage, No Player Damage, and Only Used Weapons. If you get all 3 multipliers every wave and do each wave fast you should get between 2.3-2.5 mil. The time bonus is what will push you're XP up to 2.5, so try to do it fast and don't let anything get hit. Oh, and in the later waves, don't double team the Ogres, each person should take on the Ogres alone. It will allow you to complete the wave faster.
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