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  1. Fierin, I'll take that. Pens, I'll do 3 coal on that. What are both of your SIDs? Thanks
  2. Thanks Gents, I'll let a few hours more go by. If no more interest, consider the items sold. Thanks :)
  3. Hi All, This is some decent Ult/Sup gear I've collected from NMHC Lab runs. Please bid here in coal/cubes. Standard exchange rates apply. Thanks Ult Plate Helm Ult Plate Sabatons - Sold 1 Cube Ult Leather Coat Sup Plate Coat - Sold 1 Cube Sup Mail Greaves Sup Mail Gauntlets
  4. Ya, I don't know about all the extra icons on the map. I'm just suggesting ways to make the green items function work just a bit better.
  5. Please setup an attribute on each piece of EQ to make it possible for the player to mark a few primary stats on the piece and have the formula compare each drop's like stats to your current pieces primary stats. If, say, 50% of the marked stats are >= your piece then mark it green. Also, you might even make the formula user configurable. That is, allow the player to setup the percentage of equality. That way, a player can be notified of items within 80%/90% etc of their current items. I'm sure this can be improved upon, but I think this could be a step in the right direction for fixing the better EQ indicator. Thanks --Pig
  6. I would think it would matter. I seem to get better choices after lvl3 campaign maps than with 2s or 1s.
  7. I've seen some really nice pets in the tavern shop, but I have yet to see any Trans weapons or armor. From what I remember reading of the patch notes, we should be able to buy top level items in the tavern now. Are they just really rare, or is it limited to pets? Thanks --Pig
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