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  1. Gonna go ahead and vote no simply because I don't want to see Series EV become more of a staple than she already is. Some players consider her almost required for higher wave nmhcmm survival at the moment. I feel that this change would solidify her as a must buy to progress, and that is just not acceptable to me.
  2. If you farmed for a full "good" set of tower what do you think final stats would be w/ set bonus? Possible to hit 1500/1500/1500/1000 without having to have the best of the best? I don't think you will be able to have that many 1500 stats with zamira gear. With good zamira gear you could probably hit something like 1000/1400/800/800. That is a pretty good start for newer players in my opinion.
  3. I agree, something needs to be done about the traps, and about particles in general. I love the mage's towers a lot but can't stand using them because of all the particles they generate. A toggle to lower the intensity of all particle effects would be great, but that's going to take a lot of work I'm sure as it would require them going back and changing effects of the interno trap and mage towers.
  4. I tried the Christmas map on easy, medium and hard, none of which unlocked ice swords for me. It was only after I bought the DLC that I began seeing ice swords drop.
  5. The most simple and easiest way to do it would be to make it so you have to type in "delete" to delete the character, or press a certain button combination if you're using a controller. Y A X B in that order for instance would confirm to delete the character.
  6. In my opinion this wouldn't even be a problem if most of the masks didn't look terrible, again in my opinion. A mask that looks horrible (most of them to me) might look great to somebody else.
  7. The seahorses from insane hc can be pretty good. "Can" being the operative word. This is my best DPS seahorse I've gotten from insane HC Aquanos: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nrin/screenshot/596969657744131837 That said, I've gotten almost 100 seahorses from insane survival now and none of them have come close to that one. So if you plan to farm insane Aquanos for a good seahorse, don't expect a good one right off the bat, it could take a lot of farming.
  8. sorry to necro this thread but since 7.32 ive not seen ONE holiday drop (etherian holiday,halloween,or pres royal) PERIOD on any game ....wtf is up with that? also tavern rewards are garbage again... every pet is like 30 levels ...and the armor and weps are horrid Try the halloween map to confirm that they still drop. I just did the halloween map and saw at least two ice swords in each of the later waves.
  9. Yeah will add this in 7.33 Finally, thanks Jeremy! Now the pack rat in me can run wild without having to worry about how much space i have left.
  10. Thanks for the advice. But I figured that I could probably get some disent armor for my other toon. Then how u said I can do misty mires. Yeah it definitely can give you the stats for misty/moraggo. I have zamira gear on all my chars and i just got to wave 19 on moraggo non mix mode. I could have gone further but the issue was with my build and not my stats.
  11. One really good thing I have found about zamira armor is that it absolutely can't have negative resists. In all my time farming zamira armor I have never seen one with negative resists. They can be zero though, in which case you are missing a resist, which sucks. Also they are great for gearing out alts to make them viable in early nmhc survival waves. Sounds like this are pretty good armor. I think I should try farming them. Anyone want to farm with me? At least that way it won't seem as boring lol. The zamira armor can be pretty good to start out with, and it can definitely give you
  12. I had a lot of trouble getting ice swords to finally drop for me. Before i eventually bought it I tried doing it on easy, then medium, then hard. None of which unlocked the swords. It was only after I bought the DLC that I was able to see ice swords drop.
  13. Sadly, seeing: is only slightly less annoying than his posts. Then the rest of the thread is full of people silly enough to argue with him. Yeah I added him to my ignore list, it's just a shame it took me three pages to do so.
  14. my steam account says that ive played 200 hours in the last 2 weeks, i have not seen a single nosferatu of any quality drop from any map. i only ran my afk shop for...MAYBE 5 hours. clearly it's not "fixed" Read the recent patch notes here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58073-Current-Patch-7.32 They recently patched it to increase the drop rate. I think it's working because people are reporting seeing the items drop now.
  15. And I never had a problem with him trying to do people a service. I'm completely fine with that. The only issue I had was being attacked because I didn't blindly trust mister 25-post random-guy over a dev. I'm also not the one extending it. I've made my position clear on it. And was further attacked for it. I'd consider the ones doing the attacking of my personal preference of trust to be the ones needlessly extending it. As far as I'm concerned they could simply allow me to distrust them since they have 0 credibility and get over it. It's incredibly narcissistic/egotistic to get mad about som
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