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  1. I believe I see what you mean though I don't see why it would stay blocked out for you. We'll take a look into it. thank you Ice, that would be appreciated.
  2. Well strange this is, this only happens for Physical Beams. Not any other tower shares this problem, so I am assuming its a bug Exactly, which is why i presumed it was a small bug.
  3. I sort of understanded the problem, and I'm pretty sure you can't build buff beams on top of other towers, you would have to remove the tower in the area the beam was built, then buff then build again. I don't believe this is a bug. Ok cool well thanks for the reply it seems a bit odd but i guess it is working as they intended it to.
  4. Hi guys, firstly may i say that TE have so far done a FANTASTIC job on bug fixing and general patches on their game. I have been an avid gamer for the last 20 or so years and have to say that so far TE is probably one of the best companies with regards to using the feedback from their clients and especially bug fixing and general game improvement. Great stuff, keep it up!! Now to quickly just explain what i meant with the buff beam problem. Let's take Aquanos Survival for this example. Once everything was built, buff beams included, i started the wave and all was well. At around wave 2
  5. First, you appear to disagree with him: Then, you give two arguments proving his point: Barbarian has a lot of potential and is a lot of fun as a DPS class. In the whole game, outside of late waves in HCNM survival, I'd rather play barb for its versatility as a DPS class. With that said, for the part where you need to min-max everything for a smooth-as-possible run through the late waves of HCNM survival, barb works but, let's be honest, a DPS monk with a seahorse far outshines a barb using the same gear and pet. That's where the barb needs some love from the designers, in my opini
  6. Barbarian has very good surviveability in tough situations. He is superior for clog killing. That is the only areas he currently beats a dps monk though. His dmg is still too low in latewave survival. My monk outputs more than 4 million dmg a sec with pet and hero boost. He kills a 20million hp ogre in 5sec. He is just mythical. With trans/supreme and a seahorse it would be WAY higher. Adding tower boost the dmg output is even higher. He is also a lot faster than barb. His tower boost is very good for repairing auras. +He does ranged damage. With 2k+ stats he has 290k life and close to
  7. It does outshine other MELEE classes. Unless your blind to see you keep adding pets and abilities into the situation. Melee alone should beat the monk. Barb melee is better then monk melee. Adding not additional abilities, Barb wins and is superior. Adding Hero boost and pets go against your fact of saying "Barb is meant to be the melee dps class" when he clearly is, just monks ability is what makes him go past him when without it, he doesn't come close. So with abilities and pets, yes the monk probably does beat the Barb. But that's not all Melee. So overall he can put out more damage
  8. i would like to see the barbarian do better dps... i mean he is the only strictly dps charcter and usually isn't the best option Wow someone actually read and understood my point. Thank god someone is reading the point i tried to make without getting his E-peen into the picture, unlike some replies i have gotten :)
  9. I'm not missing any points. I've been in those situations and have gotten to those waves solo. When soloing, my one and only focus is ogres, everything else gets taken care of. Hawk has a very short cool down and I kill the ogre most of the time before the next one comes out. Again, I hardly use turtle or siphon still on those waves. So I know the situation, again your just probably not as skilled with him as I am. Well i am happy to hear that you are skilled, i'll be sure to throw you a few cookies next time i pass by. I am not talking about any situation, that situation was an 'examp
  10. Barbarians are still quite useful as a dps class. I agree with the poster that said you're not very skilled. I can't even remember the last time I died with my barbarian. Your turtle stance just goes off? It starts ticking for more and more mana the longer its on, put more points into it to last longer. Equip a genie if you're running out of mana. You'd be surprised how much more effective as a tank you are with it. If you want the dps, switch to a seahorse. It does need a bit of a revamp, but not because of that. I suggest you fight ogres in strength drain auras like a good boy and
  11. I agree with what Lordraviel said too, but you in no way posed this same question/thought in your post. You only talked about how your Barb is not a very good DPS character and how your Monk had higher DPS than your Barb. I get that in late-wave survival the usefulness of DPS chars quickly becomes more of a burden than assistance, but this is not what you were talking about. To quote (and surmise): I disagree with him not being a viable DPS char. He is still very viable and can tank Assault runs no problem. He also is useful in nightmare campaign as his hawk stance does huge amounts of d
  12. My barb has 2k health n hero dmg and you know points into turtle and siphon effect on how much they work. To me it just sounds like your not very skilled with the barb because I have no issues and I hardly use turtle and siphon now. Right now I'm doing 5.2mil with hawk stance which is very helpful. My hawk stance does over 7 or 8m, so what is your point? Hawk stance has a cooldown and if you decide to use that without turtle and siphon on... on for example let's say aquanos wave 25 survival on a nice gentle ogre that has 30-35m HP, while you have mobs rushing you at the same time then
  13. The thing is the Barbarian is a solely DPS class, Turtle stance alone makes it a better and more reliable DPS class as it gains huge damage resistance and an immunity to spiders. The problem is not really with the Barbarian, it is with the balance of Hero DPS in general. In late wave survival no one is willing to take their hero out into the fray as you die too fast even properly geared which means tower builders and classes offering support abilities like the monk's tower boost are all that gets used. The other problem is, if they start buffing the abilities of hero's spec'd for DPS addin
  14. Well, i am not sure how many people play Barb but the way i see it Barbarians are not very useful at the moment. I mean with the new seahorse pets doing 1.5-2m dps and some even more than that, it is enough dps to just equip the seahorse and not bother using the Barb. My barb stats are pretty decent, i don't recall all the stats but HP and hero damage, 1800/2200/.... My barb does about 2.7m dps and for example on aquanos survival, turtle stance and siphon on, i am in the middle of a group of mobs, when all of a sudden my turtle stance decides to go off. Less than a second later i am d
  15. I agree with the op. I haven't seen one halloween item drop yet. Have not seen any on City in the Cliffs or Aquanos survival and even though Jeremy mentioned that we don't need to complete HS on NM HC i still did it just in case.
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