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  1. Eh I have rubbish luck but you never know do u :p Count me in :D
  2. Cant out dps monk or barb, Towers are useless in a serious game off survival So basically its just for fun whether its doin boss rush with the random towers and effects or trolling people by moving their towers... Quite disapointed really Just me or are you feeling the same?
  3. Its a bunch of wep pets and accs like on the campaign
  4. Thank god its going to be free might keep me interested in the game for abit longer without having to spend any money on it
  5. End game is dead now. Once or twice recently i have had my mouse hovering over the delete button and i agree with bullseye in that we need a new difficulty and then also with garrison in that loot need a major revamp because atm there is just nothing good. Possibly a nightmare +? We need something trendy as i love this game and want to play more but i am bored frankly and need something new and exciting to keep me going and im afriad the jester just isnt enough. Loot is terrible and that doesny help the game as people are hitting walls in progression and not gettin the buzz off getting go
  6. This post hits the spot! Just what ive been trying to say about the game is going to die for higher lvl players if ur not careful!
  7. How do you write stuff below your posts? Like alot off people have the link to there steam there and i would like to do that and dont know how too?
  8. Yes but these new higher lvl Player will be in the same situation i am with nothing to do to progress even when they should be able too but the loot is so bad they cant...
  9. Recently i have noticed alot off people on my freinds list who are high lvl players not Playing the game barely compared to a month a go. I have also found my self drifting back to other games and u could probably clas me as a higher lvl player by now. And i think that dd is just boring for higher lvls now. U have trans builders maybe a couple off sup ones but in the time i have played recently the loot has just been dismal so how are we supposed to progress any futher? Therefore it would seem to be the end off the line for us? For instance i usually play 3-4 hours evry night and for
  10. I found this when i started to play that my freinds who started at the sane time as me e.g squire and mage Were destroying evrything with there weps and towers and i was just sort off left at the wayside :( but once you get to mythical lvl evryone just sort off merges together with edfectiveness and then u realise you need to have other characters to complete harder content so dont worry abOut it :)
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