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  1. PC version is the first finished version, but why the hell PC is the last version to be released?
  2. I just look at the official thread, so PC version is the last one to be released.(after mobil, xbox, ps3) PC version is the first finished version, but why the hell PC is the last version to be released?
  3. they should keep it very high like 10-20millions mana each time if they allow
  4. I am not saying Trendy should take all the blame, but it is indeed partly at faulty. Trendy shouldn't have announced release date so early before confirming with the publishers, and they did it twice. This is a very basic procedure in the business world. I hope trendy learn from this lesson stay away doing same thing again for their future product. I wish when DD come out on PC, it is going to be a amazing game.
  5. omg, i have been waiting for this game for a long time, playing the udk demo many times, and checking this forum 4-5times a day. i decided to continue to follow the game after the anouncement of last long delay. now it has to be delayed for 3 more months......
  6. Honestly, if the PC version is $10, I don't find it that surprising if the same version on a phone would be $3. Phone games are always much cheaper than PC/console games. Well, you shouldn't be surprise of less content and less detailed then. All mobil version of a game is usually a much dumped down version of pc ones.
  7. yea, a pc release eta would be great...
  8. a chatbox would be great, alot of us don't want to bother with skype
  9. This loot system is indeed quite stupid tbh..... melee hero will have an edge grabbing all the loots than range too... there should be either a or random or roll system
  10. 1)If I make a second character, does it have to go through the campaign again? 2): Can people do buggy things like official and unofficial character trade gears? let's say someone mod a map and create a map, making it filled with 100 hp bosses.(there are a million of ways to break it) Then he play it with his unofficial character to farm large amount of top tier gears in a short amount of time. Can he trade those gears on his unofficial character with other player's official character, or even trade it with his own offical character via item box?
  11. "-We do indeed expect to release one new character class a month for the first year -- and there will be some -very- interesting ones coming up " From my many years of gaming experience, this sounds like a bad idea. I mean every players want new characters for new challenges to keep enthusiasm, but releasing a bunch of similar characters does not achieve the goal. I think it's better off for trendy to release a new character every 2-3month, but their defense, abilities and playing style should be distinctive.(not just shoot faster, slower, longer distance) I think the summoner-ish class is
  12. "This means that your familiar will be locked to your account, unable to be traded, bartered, pawned, adopted, etc, by other players, for obvious reasons." Can you move pets around characters in your account? Let's say i want to level a new class(from new dlc or not), can i move my high level pet from another character in my account to my new character?
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