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  1. ok.. first off.. dundef retailed at 15$.. so you did not pay 30+ for the game... theres your first lie. 1) DD + DLC = how much? about $30. GG. Your ignorant/naive first statement make me TLDR your post. sorry. 2) guys, I have three serious heroes, trapper is roughly 1600 avg builder, and my squire is roughly 2000 avg builder. Tertiary monk is roughly 1500 avg builder. I cannot get past lvl 21 with a multi hero build because of all the new units, like sharken. Theres a lot of argument of how ev buff beam helps. any tower, including harpoon/ shield/traps benefit from buff beam, which
  2. I find it funny that there's absolutely no way to play any of the shard expansions in survival now without the EV hero. The ramp up in difficultly without EV is just ridiculous, esp with sharken now. Have there been other rant threads? I cant find it. but basically Trendy has now held a game i paid $30+ for random, unless I cough up extra $4 or whatever to buy a EV character. It's not like $4 is a lot but its the principal behind, and if everyone is complacent with the money grab, whats to say they dont pull another lame stunt like this one?
  3. looks like they removed the entire stat.
  4. failed to load level here tooand i've tried everything mentioned above. i really hope this gets fixed.
  5. lol are you kidding me?
  6. In other words, "a ton of reports on a daily basis" implies there's a lot of rampant cheating? How do I attache screenshots of two accounts with 5 million damage towers, and they are able to consistently play for weeks straight? Also, if no responses, then... 1) why ask for the reporters email address. let it be entirely anonymous 2) it's evident that nothing is done in many cases as i still see rampant hacking by the same individuals. So basically if someone were to find the correct method of hacking such that the gear they have appears normal, then they are allowed to hack free
  7. I've reported two hackers playing ranked already, both with 5mil+ tower damage with seemingly bad gear but with 1million+ health using the report a player function. Never got a email response, and both players are still on ranked. Does trendy even bother looking at these reports? It's totally pointless if trendy is not planning on doing anything about hackers, and effectively they will simply lose their player pool. No one wants to play a game with rampant cheating... keep releasing DLC through your nose. I've already squandered $20 on the game + dlc, no more until this is addressed.
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