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  1. You really helped me out when I first started playing this game. I'll never forget that. Thank you for your service. Hooah
  2. I'm in, thanks! Have it for console and disappointed in all that it lacks from the PC version
  3. Just trade the way i trade, if someone wanna trade with me they drop the item in the locked tavern once thats done i start up a map on easy and give them the stuff they wanted. Sure i could scam them but there is no reason to why i should, i dont trust random online people and never will But people should trust you to just drop their item in your tavern??
  4. Not entirely certain that it was my fault. I didn't accidentally leave it unlocked as I NEVER unlock it. There is,no reason to. I have no idea how it got unlocked. Even if I had left it unlocked don't see how itd be my fault things got stolen. Surr you should lock your car but it's not your freakin fault if somebody steals it. If you create an environment that allows yourself to be victimized, then it is your fault. I would love to not have to bring in my bike inside my house every night and just leave it outside in my backyard. But common sense tells me I run the risk of having it stolen
  5. well i haven't done it over and over again. i have only done it once. what i was asking was if it was likely that i WOULD have to do it over and over again in which case I wouldn't want to. why chalk it up as a loss if i don't have to, which is what i'm trying to figure out. hopefully it is only the guy who stole my stuff that can make it disappear and not everyone. If i were to just say F it i would be losing some pretty valuable stuff that i'm not gonna just "chalk up as a loss" if it isn't completely necessary. Nothing I would every really trade though. a few prepatch giraffe
  6. So why not chalk it up as a loss instead of duping over and over again?
  7. Anybody else having trouble connecting to drifter? Tried twice, fully lobby first time, lost connection to host the second...
  8. Yo.. Drifter the invite didn't work for some reason, can I get another invite pls? \ Same, got lobby full/no open slots.
  9. Very thoughtful CapBoxershorts. That's a great system
  10. nah all his stuff is 100% LEGIT
  11. What about a chicken then? It would satisfy those who got low upgrade ones
  12. Other than the laser robot, every event item is more of a trophy for me, a memento of the event experience. Leave 'em clean/unupgraded and reminisce whenever I look at them. I'll echo what others have already said. Events are what keep me interested in Dungeon Defenders on console. If it weren't for the events, I'd probably be spending my time on PC playing DunDef or another game all together. Nice way to interact with others, good and bad.
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