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  1. Hey guys, how do you like my Trendy impression? Here goes.
  2. For the love of god, REMOVE THE MANA BOMB ABILITY FROM THE ANTI-HERO APPRENTICE. I'm so sick of crashing on CD. I doubt they'll ever release another patch for this game, but still...
  3. for preventing hackers from duping ult++ items, in this case there isnt really a need to do it since this is ult+ That makes sense, thanks. :) Sorry for going off topic. Good luck to you!
  4. Why do a lot of people block out random stats on the items they sell? Good luck on your auction, not trying to be rude. :kobold:
  5. Yeah, I find it hilarious being almost indestructible on Nightmare. My health stat's gotten a bit better since I last posted so I have about 600k health on Nightmare. :D
  6. Ok i earn it, it look like it's exactely the same thing as jetpack Ev, it fly, it deal same damage etc... Little bit disapointed :( EV 1.5 acts like a regular Legendary costume, and EV 1.75 acts like a regular Super Legendary costume. Cosmetically, they look the same aside from 1.75 being somewhat taller. Are you sure you edited your hero to equip the 1.75 costume? I'm getting a damage buff, works properly for me. My Proton Blast went from doing 685k per tick to 822k per tick. 1.5 costume HP for me was 57k, and 1.75 HP jumped me up to 70k.
  7. Thought this would make an interesting thread! I'm amazed at how much people either can't spell or don't care, as well as the totally irrelevant or quirky names people come up with. Anybody got any more? No offense, but it seems like you're grasping straws and trying too hard while doing so. It just makes you look like an ostrich in a crowd of flamingos. That being said, the only dumb server names I see are "DONT JOIN!!1one!" Private Match is literally RIGHT THERE before you host a game...idiots.
  8. There's always a time to move onto other games. If you're not having fun anymore, best to try something else.
  9. DD's community has literally always been this way. It's why I don't bother pubbing, because I either get instantly kicked, or people expect me to do everything while they sit back and do bugger all while trying to add me to friends so they can leech off me. I find maybe 1 person with a brain out of 30, but my luck is notorious for being crap, so it's probably just that. People kick for the following reasons (not saying you've done any of these), you're either not in the level range they want, you're a class they don't want, they think you're leeching, mass looting, they're being idiots, or
  10. I'd suggest trying to arrange this kind of thing on forums only. Back in the day I tried this same thing with the same exact results; they were either there in the shop and completely ignored people wanting to buy things (seriously, why, you're wasting both your own and everyone else's time...) or they did the same thing you're describing. Forum trades were the only way I could get anything done. I really don't get DD's ingame community. You either bump into decent people, or complete "fish out of water" haphazard idiots. There's no in between.
  11. if anyone know how to fix that, help me pls :-( Go in any map and let the enemies destroy your Eternia Crystal. This usually unsticks achievements. If that doesn't work, I would PM Hitmonchan. He's pretty good with help. http://forums.trendyent.com/member.php?4550-Hitmonchan <--- link to his profile.
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