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  1. Breaking news. Proofs, please. Here. Jester Class and Steam Workshop Integration. Workshop might be cool.
  2. You should be receiving an email very soon. Keep an eye on your email inbox! Thanks for the reply, can't wait to try the Summoner. :)
  3. When do the people who won yesterday's trivia event get their codes?
  4. A 2 DU Shock Beam can actually stun birdfish if you put it on that wooden ledge by the south crystal. It is really unreliable, though. I didn't give it too much time, but you might have a better experience. I dropped the lightning aura and swapped the MM for a fireball to get the DU for the Shock Beam. It wasn't a good idea.
  5. My app and countess have similar stats and do similar DPS (fireball, harpoon) when buffed. They are used for different purposes. Fireball will hold stacked ogre aggro better than a harpoon. They clear trash better than a harpoon. Harpoon can hit things behind an ogre. For example: FB and Harpoon are trying to prioritize a winding Shark behind an ogre. Harpoon will hit it, FB will not. It also does more damage. FB is also one less DU than a Harpoon, which will make a difference. LTs can do serious work on Karathiki Jungle. I place one at NE and NW, and they'll always have over 1K kills in only 5 waves of combat (9-14). MM does its job as a light turret. It costs only 3 DU and will support a stronger tower (FB or Harpoon). Magic Blockades are great spider bait. DSTs suck balls, but every class has one tower that sucks balls, so its cool. IDK. I feel like my App is just fine. I like him and I like using his towers. You can swap between every hero in the game, why does one have to be better than the other? They can be used together and support each other for a stronger build.
  6. The beams will count defenses it can buff, even if it isn't actively buffing them. E.G. Auras on a trip-star buff beam come into contact with a chevron buff beam, the chevron buff beam will add the auras into its "buffed towers" count, even though it isn't actually buffing them. You'll also lose the both buff beams if the aura gets destroyed during the combat phase. It doesn't actually stack effects. Thats something you can check yourself anyway by looking at the damage dealt.
  7. Ran this map again starting from wave 18. Full clear, again no problem with birds. Watched the west harpoon and fb and they are shooting the spiders. Getting unlucky spider "attack team" spawns behind the forge repeatedly distracts my defenses, but honestly I think I'd rather have the towers shoot the spiders than let them get too grouped and walk down the stairs. Trapper needs more damage to take care of that situation faster, but letting my seahorse clear the lane works fine too. Key to my win is being very active outside of my base. I spend time west and east, clearing sharken groups. I don't visit south unless there are two+ ogres. Walls would only get charged when I too afraid to approach the clog, and there is plenty to be afraid of with the way mobs spawn now. Done with this map until 7.33 is released and Sharks/Djinn aren't queued anymore. For now, I can beat it no problem. I don't imagine I'll have much success with constant shark and genie pops after the patch. :djinn:
  8. I'm not sure if the whole blame lies squarely with the spiders, my computer might have just been stressed by the split screen. What I know for sure is that my tower was not shooting the choke. Removed my monk and the issue cleared up, reasoned that if the towers weren't shooting the choke, they had to be shooting spiders. The mobs certainly weren't out of range. Could easily just be a fluke, but it did almost get my crystal wrecked.
  9. Tried your test build starting on wave 13. Full clear. No problem with birds at all. Aura stats: 913/1445/1300/651 I placed it right in front of the Harpoon. Hopefully this image is clear. Crystal wasn't hit by birds, it was a mistake I had made early in that almost killed me. I started off split screening with my tower boost monk and using his boost whenever I saw ogres at his walls. It worked out well, but I had to drop him. The number of spiders added with a 2nd player added more difficulty than the tower boost shaved off. The western towers would constantly be turning to try and lug a projectile at the spiders, instead of dealing with the choke. Once I got rid of him that problem cleared right up. Win belongs to my seahorse. God damn it kicks ***.
  10. I'm sorry I should have clarified more.. how many ups should I be looking for? You said about 90? 100+ at least.
  11. Problem isn't range, it is the way the Seahorse projectiles generate and how it targets. It targets down the middle of its sight, but the projectiles generate a little left and right of center so you get serious whiffs at range. It'll even miss the tavern dummy a few times at max range before it corrects itself.
  12. What kind of stats are considered good for a seahorse from wave 20? I don't wanna invest unless I know it's decent. Thanks for all your help! As long as it starts with moderately high base damage (1.5k-2k) and doesn't have huge negatives on Hero Health and Damage or your tower stats. It should have upgrades so it can easily reach some higher numbers. I got mine to 6k damage and I felt it was more than adequate, but the more the better. Seriously, put a few ^s on it and let it pound on the Deeper Well NM dummy and you'll see what I mean. :D Don't get too attached, though. The ones from NMHC are ****ing awesome and will blow whatever you get out of the water. For your edit, you start 2 waves before the pet reward. So wave 13 for every map that isn't Aquanos and Wave 18 for Aquanos.
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