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  1. Does completing it on insane get you all the costumes? I too hate it... the last wave killed me on insane solo... I might have the build all wrong since I only tried it once lol
  2. I'll have to check when I get home but after buying some gear they will look something like this.. 500,500,500,700 500,500,500,700 I know my cast/tower rates are too high and they should be closer to 400, the high stat should be in my damage and health right??? This is just what the best gear I found did to me... but it all seems very strong...the towers helped me to round 15 INHC then I had to goto work so I had to stop... but I will try again. I'm starting to get into the better gear but not as good as the stuff I purchased...I guess that's cheating!
  3. Nice, I hope they were upgrades for you. :) Upgrades for one of my characters for sure... considering I try and rotate 10 characters lol The starts were good just all dead on 20 across (good for my character anyways) Least I know what level of Survival to farm out some Mythical!
  4. Level 15 of INHC Ramparts... pretty nice I didn't know they dropped on insane...
  5. Hey, thanks guys! This has been very helpful! I will start trying hardcore mode on levels that I can clear on insane. also good to know about monster fest! I will try some of this stuff out. Should be good.
  6. well i was gifted an insane weapon... Squire 12000dmg and 50ish on all stat which puts my dps at 300,000 so all the stats are in the 100-120 range now(prior to this my stats was all in the 50-70 range, I was power level'ed so my weapon and stats are way above my game experience at this point. I am thinking about my other characters tho who are all low levels ... I have mainly been playing solo and maybe that is my problem... I just started doing maps solo on insane and I'm still not impressed with the drops so I'm not sure if I have to play on nightmare mode! Also what does Hardcore mode
  7. Just curious... what modes do people play to get weapons that drop 500+ dmg and 50ish stats?? Are you guys playing survival? hardcore? Does it depend on the level you are? Do you have to play in a group or is some of it soloable? Also are accessories dropping on all maps or just the DLC expansions?
  8. Eggs are a cool item... I wish they had more funny items drop once in awhile that we could sell or use as decorations in the bar.
  9. I sold all my extras for like 1,3 and 5 million... I might have under sold but it left me with more money that I'll need for upgrades for awhile
  10. Wow dood, Congrats is in order I think... I want one :p
  11. I dunno but I think I'm going to buy them all tonight just cause
  12. awesome that's what I needed to know. I'm going to buy some DLC tonight...but get this I'm going to try to host over wireless, probably not the best idea hey. I think I'm running n150 wireless... :p
  13. Noob Q. : If I buy a DLC map can you invite friends without the DLC join? forgive the noobness.
  14. Those boots could kill my character 7 times over.
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