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  1. Definitely! I can do with a bit more mana! :D
  2. Yes, only if you're inactive builder though.
  3. http://ddplanner.com/?l=3991,misty-survival There, happy? It's the build I use for *regular* Misty and I don't have to pay attention to Spiders at all, yes even up to wave 30. For Pure Strategy you could probably mess with the Gas and Darkness traps to get even more DU to cover whatever else you want. I know this is hard to believe, but with a bit of time and thought it is actually possible to come up with a working strategy for something without having it handed to you! I'm sorry, but just because you can't handle something, that doesn't mean it's impossible. Not to say they should be i
  4. Sharkens should not be able to push your walls into the environment. We should be able to put our walls at a choke point where they can not be moved. I am ok with the sharkens being able to push your walls back, but not aside into a wall. Walls should not disappear into other walls. Or else it'll become a wall inside a wall inside a wall inside a wall etc. :O
  5. Yeah it says I don't have the Part 3 DLC too :(
  6. Is it intentional that the camera works in a odd way when you're in spectator mode after you've died? As in press ASDW doesn't work properly
  7. Ugh that kinda sucks. Guess I'll have to keep waiting until a good guardian shows up at my Tavern :l Thanks guys!
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