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  1. The trophies only appear on the difficulty set you've finished them in. So, if you've only done them on easy, set the difficulty to easy and they should be on your wall. Otherwise it's a bug and should be reported.
  2. Changing the difficulty now shows which trophies you have on that difficulty, which will make the portal disappear if you don't have them all.
  3. Yes yes, it's a rough build but that doesn't change the fact that they hit too bloody high. I can take at least 5 hits from an ogre before I die, 3-4 from a fish-wyvern. That flies over defenses. That is absurd, plain and simple. Heck kobolds are doing ~6k damage on this wave, wyverns ~40k.
  4. It is getting really annoying in Shipwreck Monster Fest. My build is all set up, I'm completely guarded by reflect beams, and BAM! Fish wyvern strike from above doing around 40k damage on wave 11 (90% res). In a set of 3, instant killed my 120k hp builder before towers could even hit them. I'm just saying, I can take more than 3 hits from an ogre before I die, and I can guard against it. Where as these bloody fish-wyverns are just about one-shotting me through reflect beams... It's madness... :fyvern: ohgodwhy
  5. Maybe a seperate indicator and a "tower destroyed" type message for a tower being moved aside by a sharkman... A little earlier notice than "your eternia crystal is under attack" would be helpful :P "A defence has been pushed aside by rampaging Sharkman" Also, a "Defence unsummoned" message so you know when a defence has gone down due to djin instead of the defence destroyed one would be nice... This. And thread idea. Would make patching broken things with active builder so much easier...
  6. * Eliminated Djinn spawns from Pure Strat mode * Removed Sharken from Nightmare Pure Strategy If the next mob can do what is expected (lifting mobs over defenses), they will likely be removed too. So, why not just remove new mobs from pure strategy nightmare altogether? That is, spiders. I mean, pure strategy loot is essentially the same as insane, bar pet rewards.
  7. Yea pathing is pretty busted here, have to spend the last minute or two every round running with tornado stance and bloodrage to clear out wandering kobolds, not to mention ogres...
  8. If it didn't die your towers would still have the damage and speed buff. This happened 3 times in early survival at misty, won each wave but the buff died. If the wall is off the beam you can sell it and replace it w/ active builder, but if buff dies your turrets immediately lose their dps and would almost certainly lose the match.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/id/bladekill990/screenshot/577828688165927198 That is the minimap icon for accessories. As far as I can tell they drop the same as any other loot, just rarer. I managed to snag 2 doing riddle of the deep on normal. The shield I got has 1% damage resist as its only stat. Unfortunately... http://steamcommunity.com/id/bladekill990/screenshot/577828688165902019
  10. I'll keep it short and simple. If a sharken pushes a wall off a buff beam the buff beam dies. Can this be fixed please, it's gonna make people revert to guardians since the buffs can't hold their own anymore...
  11. Idea #1: Quick Swap Heroes. As a solo player, with many build characters, it can be pretty frustrating trying to swap characters in the last few seconds of a a wave, even more so when you are accidentally on the wrong page. It would be nice if we could have the option to alt-activate the forge to access the swap character screen. Even better if the swap character screen could fit 8 characters per screen now that we have a potential for 6 types of heroes plus their alternates. Idea #2: Mana overflow pool You know how annoying it is to top up a wall or trap and pick up a 500 mana crystal? What if instead of losing the 495 mana to the void, it overflowed into a pool of mana? Now, to balance it, you have to access the forge to take mana out of the pool, and only during the build phase. This doesn't count mana you don't pick up that despawns, just mana you run past on a wave. Now, to avoid not having any mana because it all got pooled, mana stops being attracted to you once your holding limit is filled, but you can still run over it to put it into the pool. Idea #3 - The big one: Adding DU to maps (hear me out) No, I don't mean they should add a flat DU buff to all the maps (though that would be nice, it wouldn't be balanced). It would be lumped together with the mana overflow pool, and as such, you can buy extra DU. It only applies to that run, it would be expensive, and it only works with the mana pool's mana. For fairness, each point of DU would be more expensive than the last. I mean it makes sense. My friend and I were discussing this. As you get in an area longer and longer you get a better understanding and can put up more defenses. Some would argue that we don't need this, and they are right. We don't. However, it would ease in the newer players to some of the tougher maps. Things that require using the exact same build over and over could gain some variety with more DU. It would even aid to balancing. More people would cover more area and pool more mana. That makes the next DU easier and easier to reach the harder mobs get.
  12. I don't even have enough time to put a gas and prox at each wall in wave 2, let alone finish a build... It seems easy enough to beat there just isn't enough time to get all the defenses down and get back to a char that can keep ogres off walls and survive DEWs. Even then, the map is so big if mobs don't go where you expect you can't get to them in time and have to go through these ragequit first waves again... I don't see how you can do this solo without huge movement and cast speeds... I could do Cliffs solo up to wave 11 before they added mana and time, but I still can't beat the third wave here...
  13. After re-watching the EV reveal trailer, It seems that they are the airships. That seems incredibly OP... I mean it can take a full minute for towers to take down an ogre in later survival waves.... Airship comes along and lifts over wall... Yay now we get to deal with spiders, djinn, and stop the ogre from hitting the towers that are far outdamaging our heroes. Or, it lifts a lit kobold. Boom, there goes crystal. It will be bad enough with sharken pushing walls out of the way and letting things through, but moving an ogre to the other side would be an instant game over...
  14. Since part 4 is listed in the upcoming events, why not discuss this now? I've seen speculation on the forums that the new mob can airlift enemies over defenses. However, I think that could just be the way mobs spawn in Sky City. I believe that whatever the new mob is, it takes after DEWs. That is, it targets the player. However, I think it uses range attacks. Why do I think this? If we go back, way back to December, in the QFTLES trailer, at 1:22, during the part with the... helipack hamster? Pay attention to the bottom of the screen. You can just make out 2 rockets being fired at the huntress. They turn and home in on her as well. I've noticed that many people haven't... erm... noticed this before.
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