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  1. Looking for players to play and grind with i havent played since whipeageddon since stuff came up im slowly leveling up feels weird since its so different since i left add me on ps4 freshking13 also I dindnt get my squire and huntress gear for leveling them up to 25 but i did get it for monk and mage how do i complain about that since its been months ?
  2. why hasnt aquanos been fixed and do you still plan on not making a vita version ?
  3. aquanos on hard xp still broken and random weapons still broken
  4. wow really no more dlc for consoles well thats lame no more vita version on top of that ,swear consoles are treated like crap
  5. I am sorry but we cannot make rule's based on mics. There has never been rules on it and probably never will be. It is all luck of the draw on who your with can u put all mic people together and and no mic people with no mic people
  6. please do something about the whole no mic thing its hard to communicate and win with a member that has no mic i failed my event due to one member not listening and have no mic me and the other guy were trying to win we told him what to do consecutively and he just would no listen
  7. is there a way for those who tried to win the event to get the pet its not fair for me and this other guy who are trying to win not to get the pet due to one member not listening and helping out and causing us to fail the match
  8. i would like the code because i love the ps3 versiom and i really wanna try out the pc version im such a huge fan and i wanna try out the pc exclusive characters
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