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  1. I use a 1920 x 1200 monitor, it works fine with DD. I like having a little extra space, Keep in mind that if you're playing 1080p videos you'll have black bars top and bottom if that bothers you. If your video card can handle it and your budget allows, I'd consider moving up to a 2160 x 1440 monitor.
  2. My experience with Ultimate++ armour drops in DD1 is somewhere around 1 for every 1k hours in game with a fairly high percentage of my time spent farming since I only use self-farmed gear. (I have a total of 4 pieces to date with one of those being a troll piece which is basically a glorified Ultimate.) I will definitely not put in the required hours to farm even 1 Ultimate++ set, and as a matter of fact don't even have all my main heroes in full Ultimate sets.
  3. https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. Does no one understand sticky threads on forums? Read before posting. :)
  5. This old thread tells you pretty much everything about Jester, although the 2 extra defenses added after presents were not originally included (and IMHO should never have been added either). Jester thread Not only do presents save DU versus the same defense from the original builder but defenses also get a 30% speed boost except for Apprentice defenses. The Wheel O' Fortuna ability is extremely OP, from healing everything across the whole map to damaging all enemies, 3 Jesters rolling Damage All will clear a map barring any new enemies that spawned. Although Jester can wield any weapon type, t
  6. We were promised in March that this would be fixed in the next patch. Link
  7. That doesn't explain the fact that many times the spam will stay up for several days, and in fact there was recently a full page worth that stayed for over 3 weeks. Not really my definition of "Seeing everything".
  8. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/154011/returning-player-missing-shards-read-here
  9. I don't see an option for zero so I guess I'm at one. One of those two numbers is also most likely how many shards I'll be gilding.
  10. There is no loot scaling for DD1. Obviously you get more drops with more players, but the loot is shared--it actually ends up being less drops per player. :)
  11. Djinn desummon defenses in the same amount of time regardless of their health.
  12. More players in DD1 equals more loot, whether it's better depends solely on RNG.
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