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  1. I didn't see any visual effect to go with it, could be I missed 'em though. That might be it! Thanks.
  2. So, I'm playing survival and noticing that my harpoons are shooting empty space quite to the side of a helicopter carrying an ogre. They were aiming at it fine until it changed directions, then they seemed to continue to aim at the path it would've followed, rather than its new path, as it wandered to the side, aligned itself some of my defenses, and dropped its ogre (after which the harpoons snapped back to it). They were mis-aimed for a good 2 or 3 seconds.
  3. you would be a lot better off doing the maps that they spawn in on easier difficulties to learn what they do, most people that own those maps will have done those on at least Hard before trying to break into Nightmare? :s The problem is two-fold. First, you shouldn't ever have to go back a difficulty. The progression should always be forward. Needing to go down one is counterintuitive. I know that's how it works now, but many players simply don't figure it out. The second is that players may start playing Nightmare from Deeper Well rather than playing Shard maps at all. And the classic cam
  4. I think a big problem is lack of learning curve. Most non-nightmare enemies, it's obvious how to deal with. But with Djinn and now Sharken, it's quite a bit less obvious, and by the time you're encountering them you're likely in nightmare and getting high-statted ones coming at you quite quickly. Your first ogre, you only meet one of. Your first necromancers, DEW, and Wyverns come in very small groups. Your first sharken probably costs you the map. That isn't really a good experience. Any time a game presents you with a failure, you need to understand *why* you failed and if not know wholly
  5. only helps the Elite players with massive stats.. us regular players that are struggling to get gear upgrades will still have major problems That would depend entirely upon how they balanced it. If they balanced it well, people geared properly for the content would probably see small but noticeable benefit from their health, people undergeared would suffer, and people overgeared would be overgeared as always. As it stands, it's not too hard to make a dedicated wall builder who has only tower health, and has it quite a bit higher than all your other stats, so it *should* typically be benefi
  6. It'd certainly be interesting if they pushed the wall in their direction, and if they were off center at all, rotated it (as much as geometry allowed, after which continued pushing until it rotated enough for them to pass it). It'd also mean that slice 'n dice and bouncers would continue damaging them while being pushed, and spikes too if they didn't rotate to a non-lethal angle. It'd make sharken more interesting. Another option (that could be combined or stand on its own) would be allowing defenses to be pushed at a rate based on their health. So the more health a tower has, the 'heavier'
  7. ya, good idea, but too OP like mentioned fully upped mine increase to 2.24 so for 2du I can add 1 and 1/4 more damage? way too much More than that because you're probably also increasing the attack rate significantly too. I remember my buff beams nearly naked already increased the DPS of a single harpoon total by something like 2.75 right when they first came out (if I remember correctly). Even now, if you're considering having two harpoons covering an area, one plus a buff beam is almost always more damage and more DU efficient. Making it even more DU efficient would be over the top. Esp
  8. Agreed, maybe a " Your .... Has been thrown aside" message similar to the "Your ..... has been destroyed", at least to give you warning before the "your crystal has been destroyed" one... That's exactly my feeling. We get messages for tower destruction. Tower movement for many of the towers is effectively the same thing as having it destroyed, so a message would be sound.
  9. Melee Monks (yes, we DO exist!) and Squires/Countess have absolutely NO ability to rescue defensive units from Genies that decide to fly extremely high and channel their desummoning beam. I don't remember seeing a patch note change this, so I think it's still true, but pet DPS used to interrupt Djinns. So while you may not be able to melee them yourself, if you're using a Squire or melee Monk to deal with Djinns, bring along one of them instead of your guardian or whatever other thing you've got along. But really, not every class is best for every situation. I wouldn't try to tank a chok
  10. The idea sounds great, but this would be a big problem one steam/trendynet dc midwave and you will probably loose. Maybe their towers vanish at the end of the wave? Basically, if a player isn't there during their build phase, their towers vanish during the build phase. Then you could leave character swapping in (in case you start a game, then suddenly change your mind who to play as) because the vanishing towers would prevent using character swapping to build multi-character defenses solo anyway.
  11. Maybe rather than further improving the maximum loot quality, extra challenges (like a mode where you can't swap characters, like this, or other potential future modes) could alternatively improve the loot quality within that bracket. Basically, the exact same type of loot drops (same maximum and minimum levels and stats) but there's a somewhat higher likelihood of better quality versions within the range that normally drops (balanced as appropriate). This way it wouldn't offer a way to get better loot on an easier level by using this system or anything, but it would offer a way to reduc
  12. I'm pretty sure I've played with Mac users in the past.
  13. Not having a jetpack costume yet, I had always just assumed that when I got one it'd be "tap jump for a normal jump, press and hold a second time to transform that jump into a hover at whatever point I wanted to hover" as that's how that sort of mechanic has worked in a lot of games I've played. So yeah, I'd definitely agree, I'd like to see it control that way (assuming I ever bother to unlock one of those).
  14. Based on a post I saw, it looks like they gain "more priority" not absolute priority when preparing to charge relative to other things (the example in this case was Djinn) and that proximity to the turrets also plays a factor. I know on certain maps, my turrets definitely focus on Sharken as soon as they start stomping. My best guess is that you've got a setup that allows them to start their charge from far enough away that a close ogre is higher priority. If you try to put walls in places where the Sharken have to get close before they charge, it can help make sure they're close enough to t
  15. Bumping this thread because of adding/changing to main post. Also none of the items in the list have been considered by Trendy so far in recent patches. Hopeing for more luck this time ^^ There's a difference between "haven't been considered" and "haven't been implemented." People have been begging for a token system for a while, so I'll bet that's been considered.
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