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  1. I'm glad you stayed true to your word that the last patch had no nerfs, and saved them for this patch which nerfed several strategies straight into the ground.
  2. The way mods work in DD2 is that if you have solid end game gear you have 12 mods for hero-based stats (3 per helmet/chestplate/gloves/boots). For armor, you'd equip mods like hero speed, cast rate, and situational ability buffs. Tower-based mods can't go on armor, and hero-based mods can't go on relics. For defenses, you have 4 relics, 1 for each defense. Late-game, you'd be able to equip a maximum of 3 mods per defense. However, there would be wayyy more than 3 mods per defense, so you'd get to pick and choose which 3 you want. Speaking theoretically, but these could be a few mods for the electric aura: +50% range +50% attack rate Chance to shock enemies, stunning them Killed enemies emit a shockwave, dealing extra damage to enemies nearby Damage drastically increases the lower it is on health Damage drastically increases if only one is built Damage drastically increases based on the number of unique defenses near its center Attack rate drastically increases the lower it is on health Attack rate drastically increases if only one is built Attack rate drastically increases based on the number of unique defenses near its center Range drastically increases the lower it is on health Range drastically increases if only one is built Range drastically increases based on the number of unique defenses near its center Early game you pick 1, mid game you pick 2, end game you pick 3 of the above traits. The relic equipped for electric aura determines what specialization it would be, and your specific build governs its effectiveness. This also lets you have different mods per defense, so you can have extended range on one defense but have more specialized mods on another. Here are some examples of applying these mods to the electric aura: If you want to use different defenses in every lane, have the 'only 1 is built' mods would make your electric aura amazing, even more so than the static range or attack rate mods. It would require careful planning since you could only use one to maximize its effectiveness. If you want to cluster all your defenses in one spot, having the 'increased damage w/ unique defenses near its center' mods would drastically increase its effectiveness. Again, better bonuses for higher specialization. If you want a more risky build, equip the 'low health' mods - don't repair your auras and try to keep them as low health as possible without them going down. Risk/reward build. If you'd prefer more vanilla builds, attack rate or range could never hurt. They wouldn't be as good as the specialized mods, but they would be less situational. Mix and match - use a standard +range boost, +range when only one is built, and +range based on unique defenses near its center. If you meet all 3 criteria, you could end up with a map-sized aura. But, it doesn't get any damage or attack rate boosts so it wouldn't be brokenly overpowered. All of a sudden you have a choice on how to maximize the effectiveness of this one defense, and the applications are endless. Which mods you pick fully depend on how you want to build, which also means that we wouldn't end up with a stale meta. If we only have DD1 stats, it will simply end up being "get health/rate/range good enough, then dump everything else in damage", and there would be only one application of each defense. I don't know about you, but that's not really something that appeals to me. It is important to understand that this is an entirely new game, not just attempt #2 at remaking DD1. There are things that DD2 got wrong, but there are also some things that it got right. Likewise with DD1: it got some things right and some things wrong as well. My hope is that DDA takes the best of both worlds, learning from all 3 existing DD titles to bring about the best game possible.
  3. The difficult part about fine-tuning sensitive stats like hero speed and defense rate is... they're literally impossible to fine-tune. Stats that can scale endlessly are super easy. If you dump 100 points into defense damage, you get 1000 DPS. Different towers scale differently, but there's a 1:1 relationship between points invested and damage output. It feels good to see your DPS numbers increase when you dump a few points into it. It also feels good to dump a crapton of points into it, and there's no limit to how high you can crank that up. Both early game and end game reward putting points into damage. Stats like defense range and hero speed that have a finite limit are much more difficult, because you have a paradox on your hands: If you scale them in such a way that rewards early game points invested, you end up with map-sized auras. Sure, you get to see tangible results putting a few points into aura range, but that would completely break things once you hit late game. DDE is a prime example of this. If you scale them in such a way that preserves balance late game, you end up with completely irrelevant and pointless stats early game. Who would want to see their aura range increase by 0.001% after dumping a bunch of points into it while in early game? Not rewarding at all. Diminishing returns removes the reward of late-game progression. You'd put points into it so it'd be "enough", then completely ignore it after that. Stat caps would be the same result. If you're reaching late game, investing points in defense range would not be rewarding. You'd only see your auras increase by 0.001%. This is the way DD1 auras work right now - once you hit a couple thousand points, there's no reason to put any more into them. At that point you put points in the only stat that actually feels rewarding: defense damage. That's why I'd suggest traits that have finite limits be listed as mods on gear instead. You could get defense rate mods on gear, which would eventually let your harpoon shoot 5 times as fast (or more). Hero speed, hero casting rate, defense rate, and defense range all fall into this category. In DD2 they're pretty stingy about these traits, so hopefully they'll allow more craziness in DDA.
  4. Hi Mark! Glad to see you in the community, even if it's just proxy via Lawlta. I recently started getting back into DD2, and updated myself on all the new mechanics that were introduced since I left a couple years ago. I've been fairly active in DD1, and can share my thoughts on loot for both games. There are a few loot mechanics in DD2 that suck, but DD2 loot overall is actually pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised with this upon my recent return to the game. Shards suck. They don't stack, they're a pain to farm, and all that gilding crap feels like it's intentionally designed to be a time sink. Mods are actually pretty cool. They fulfill the purpose of shards, and more. If you made all shards into mods, we'd have a fairly intuitive loot system. Gems and defender medals suck. Since you're self-funded and don't need to worry about crappy monetization practices, just stick to a single currency. Speaking of a single currency, DDE's separation of coins and mana was great. I'd like to see that in DDA. Speaking of mana, DD2's separation of blue and green mana was good. I'd like to see that in DDA. Different armor types in DD1 (mail, chain, pristine) to get set bonuses was kind of interesting. I wouldn't mind its return in DDA. I like separate gear (medallion/totem) per defense, especially if mods make it to DDA. It would be nice to make totems more viable on towers and medallions more viable on walls. Crank up the DPS on medallion walls, and crank up the tankiness of totem towers, so they could potentially be used as walls. I really like that in DD2 all heroes can be both hero/dps. In DD1 I don't like having a dedicated tower builder and dedicated DPS. Along those lines, DD2 ascension categories suck. Those can all be mods. Sharing hero levels (and ascension) was a good move. Leveling up heroes in DD1 sucks. Artifacts in DDE were actually pretty cool. I wouldn't mind seeing their return. One time reward per difficulty per map. Permanent stat increases would be applied to all heroes. Stats: Hero health: in all DD games, it works well Hero damage: in all DD games, it works well Speed: kind of hard making this a stat relevant throughout the game while keep individual points rewarding. I think this would be best as a mod. Cast rate: another that kinda makes it hard to keep relevant late game. Also would be good as a mod. Ability 1 and ability 2: Depends on if DDE's amulets make it in DDA. If they do, offensive ability power and defensive ability power would be awesome. If we don't get amulets, then having a single ability stat would probably be better. Defense health: in all DD games, it works well Defense damage: in all DD games, it works well Defense range: this is a stat that faces a catch 22: you either make it a rewarding stat, and deal with map-sized auras, or try and keep it balanced late game and make it an incredibly unrewarding stat. DD2 used to have range as a stat, and there's a reason why it was removed. This would be better as a mod, but don't be as stingy about it as what's currently in DD2. DD2 auras (and traps) don't scale nearly well enough with range. DD1 scales a bit too much. We won't talk about DDE. Defense rate: Also a stat that used to be in DD2, but was removed (and for good reason). It's also impossible to make individual points rewarding and keep late-game balance. Also better as a mod. Don't make any percentage-based defenses. DD1's strength drain aura and buff beam are prime examples of this. If the strength drain aura makes it to DDA, make sure it subtracts strength from enemies, not divide it. DD2's buff beam did it right, the problem is that it costs too much DU for not enough kick. Might as well make 2 defenses. Overall stats I'd recommend: Hero health Hero damage Offensive ability power Defensive ability power Defense health Defense damage (6 stats instead of 10, but it helps remove the noise from irrelevant stats) My ideal loot system would be: Throughout the campaign, standard loot with base stats, no mods. Players focusing on upping their stats. As the player starts breaking into Insane or Nightmare, start introducing mods on gear. As the player reaches endgame, mods are on virtually all gear. Players focus on maximizing the mod qualities on their gear. A '10' mod would be the equivalent of an ult++ piece of gear. Right now DD2 focuses on legendaries, but I get way more excited when I see a '10' mod. The idea of Twitch integration is amazing. Players being able to throw curveballs at the streamer would be incredibly entertaining to watch. Most of these streamers would likely be late-game, so we'd want to make sure that no matter when they're streaming that it would be entertaining to watch. Moonbase AFK farming? Lame. Playing a chaos 1 incursion to get the weekly challenge? Lame. I hope that no matter what stream I'm in, I'd be able to make an impact on the streamer's play experience. Blacklisting a few towers or heroes? That would be very interesting to watch to see how they overcome it, and I assume the streamer would also find it an enjoyable challenge, otherwise they wouldn't be streaming. But that only works if the streamer is encouraged to play an engaging map.
  5. Hi everyone! In case you haven't seen me around before, I am the principal creative artist on the CDT. This means I've made most of the new weapons, pets, and accessories introduced over the last several years. My main goal on the CDT is to make you look as awesome and epic as possible. Recently, we figured out how to get new models working with existing animations - this was an obstacle due to new software trying to work with a very old game engine. Though it took us literally years to figure out, this breakthrough means that skins and costumes are something absolutely within the realm of possibility now! This is where I'd like to involve the community. I want you to play dress-up with your favorite heroes, and if others like your work, your concept will be made into a reality! RulesCreate some concept art for any hero in DD1. Anything is fair game! Remove helmets, add boots, change up hairstyles, give our skyfox a male counterpart, make the summoner look like the abyss lord - the only limitation is that it needs to use the same animations. Get creative!I have provided reference art below for you to use. You are more than welcome to use these, but are not necessarily limited to using them. If you have a better picture of a hero you want to use for concept art instead, you are more than welcome to use it!Post your finished concept art as a reply to this thread. Players can then upvote your post by liking it.You can enter as many times as you want; however, please keep one image per reply so we can gauge popularity of individual concepts. Single replies that have multiple different concepts are disqualified.Posting in the #concept-art channel of the Dungeon Defenders Runs n Giveaways Discord is absolutely fair game, encouraged, and ratings there will be taken into consideration as well. Join the DDRnG Discord here!This contest will run until Saturday, March 9 2019. At that point, I'll bring together the CDT and we will judge each concept on quality, popularity, and feasibility.Once the CDT has chosen a winner, I will reach out and work with them to model the costume, work with our technical art team to implement it, and release it in our next update!Submissions that are not chosen, as well as submissions after March 9, will be placed in a 'backlog' where we will consider making them in the future based on timing, the theme of subsequent updates, and the quality of submission. If you're late to the party, don't hesitate to still post your stuff!Concept art sourcesCopy these images and open them in any image editor of your choice. Paint your costume or edits on a layer over the reference image, then post your costume as a reply to this thread. Good luck! DOWNLOAD REFERENCE IMAGES HERE A beginner's guide to concept artIf you're new to this topic, concept art basically allows me to see your vision of how you want something to look and bring it to life. You can read this Steam guide to learn more about concept art - it's in the context of TF2, but the principles apply here as well!
  6. For buff beam particle effects, the issue is a combination of socket scaling and the particle effect itself. I'll do some investigating on what we can do about it.
  7. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  8. Go here: https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Under support type, select 'Report a player'. Be sure to include as much proof as possible, such as a link to their steam profile, screenshots, etc.
  9. Every single skill categorized under utility can 100% unquestionably fit under either hero or tower. All I want is for the the utility skills to be correctly categorized into their respective hero or tower areas. It would give us more freedom to spec our heroes how we want them, and it would be the final nail in the coffin for having separate DPS/tower heroes.
  10. We want to make it so players have more of a choice in how they deal hero damage. We absolutely do not want to make ember sceptre trash-tier. Our aim is to reign in EV DPS to be aligned with other heroes while at the same time allowing players to choose from several end-game weapons (not just ember sceptre). Removing the 'less projectiles more damage' aspect off of proton blast would be a hit to ember sceptre, but the sceptre is already an excellent source of hero damage by itself since it's a single AoE projectile instead of a bunch of smaller projectiles. It would become a viable situational staff, instead of the end-all-be-all meta weapon.
  11. I haven't played for quite a while, but I have played before and after the current skill point system was introduced. Trust me when I say this - there have been a lot of iterations with the skill point system. Check this out: The current version is miles ahead of what it used to be, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is still far from ideal. Back when the separated skill point system was introduced, I provided very similar feedback to what I'll share now: Separating skill points into *3* categories failed to fulfill the purpose of separating them in the first place. It's purpose was to help alleviate the symptoms of having a hero who's only purpose is a single button. Before they were separated, you'd have a dedicated hero to every single tower and then one for DPS. This was also before having a dedicated relic to each slot as well. Before, you'd have multiple relics equipped that would apply to all defenses. This accentuated the need for a dedicated char for each tower, especially heroes that have both towers and walls. Thankfully we have separate relics for each tower now. While the tower and hero section alleviate the need for multiple duplicate heroes, introducing a third section made the entire concept fall flat on its face. With both hero-focused and defense-focused stats in this 3rd category, it's still much more beneficial to create separate hero and tower chars, at least until you hit absurd levels of ascension. A lot of skills in the 3rd section provide significant advantages when maxed out, and the majority of players don't have enough ascension to max out the valuable stuff in there. Overall, if the three categories were combined into only two (hero and tower), that would alleviate most of my concerns, and players would no longer need to worry about separate DPS/tower specs. This has been my feedback since day 1 of its introduction, and since it's been literally years since I voiced my feedback, I seriously doubt any changes will happen now.
  12. Hello DD community! I'm going to get straight to the point: Proton Blast is insanely overpowered. Well, not the ability per se, but the ability in combination with single-projectile staves (*cough*EMBERSTAFF*cough*). It completely trivializes most content. Because of this, the CDT has been trying to preserve some sort of challenge by: Increasing boss health so they don't get proton'd down so fastDirectly reducing proton beam effectiveness against bossesNot only did this imbalance directly affect update 4, but it will also have a direct impact on update 5 if left the way it is. While the CDT's workarounds are noble, I am personally not a fan of either of them. They either make victory rely on the proton blast meta, or make the proton blast useless. I am here on behalf of the CDT to strike a deal, or otherwise come to a compromise. Change Proton Blast to not scale off of the equipped weapon. This means Proton Blast would not be affected by switching weapons, and might even introduce some viability to guns/bows. It would remove the single-projectile staff meta.Direct EV hero damage would remain unchanged.Proton Blast ability2 scaling would be increased to accommodate the removed multiplier. Focusing all stats into ability2 would still make proton blast the highest source of player damage, just not by such a huge margin. Balance-wise, a cat + EV would sit just ahead of a non-boosted monk + seahorse.Boss health would be reduced to account for the reduced DPS soft capHigh resistance to Proton Blast would be removed from any enemies that currently have itDeal or no deal? If no deal, what suggestions would you have so we as the CDT don't have to base all challenging content off of Proton Blast?
  13. [[169472,users]] is that model ripped from somewhere, or is it an original creation of yours?
  14. I would love to fix tower stacking, but we have to figure out a solution that most people can agree to. How about this: we fix tower stacking, and introduce tower snapping. By snapping I mean that you'd easily be able to fit towers as close to each other as their hitboxes permit (they 'snap' next to each other when you try and place one). This would stop the exploit of stacking a bajillion lightning towers or minions on top of each other, while still allowing for a dense build in a much smaller time frame. Instead of fighting with pixel-perfect placement, you'll be able to quickly get towers close to each other.
  15. Well if you're not gonna argue it needs to be fixed, I will :) It was a bug introduced by the CDT, not Trendy. If we broke it, we should be able to fix it.They are ridiculously OP, a minor nerf is absolutely justifiedDespite the "nerf", LT spam builds still workWe won't see lightning arc spam that literally goes back and forth across the entire map; instead they will be chains that actually make senseI'm open to counterarguments, but I am definitely of the opinion they should be fixed.
  16. That would take a) impeccable timing, since mana bomb is affected by distance; b) incredible stats (my mana bomb stat is I think 3k and does something like 25M damage); and c) is still totally outclassed by proton blast. I don't think we'd see a meta shift with this change, but I do think we could potentially see a few more DPS apps enter the fray.
  17. Hello community, I wanted to ask about a proposal to add some unique qualities to defenses, but first I want to share a bit of history regarding shard enemies. The HistoryOnce upon a time, there was a designer at Trendy that thought up of four shard enemies: spider, djinn, sharken, and goblin copter. This designer's intent was to provide an additional challenge that was supposed to be countered by the player: Spiders webbed defenses, so players had to make sure all their defenses were web free.Djinn unsummoned defenses. Players could easily interrupt their unsummoning by attacking them directly.Sharken charged through defenses. Players could easily interrupt their charge by attacking them directly.Goblin copters released flares that could trick defenses. Players' aim were not affected by said flares.Leaving any of these enemies on the battlefield for a prolonged time punished players by having their defenses shoved or destroyed. These all sound like great and exciting ideas! However, there was another individual at Trendy who decided that NM wasn't hard enough. This person was in charge of implementing enemy schedules (how many of each enemy go down each lane). This person thought it would be a good idea to spam the living daylights out of shard enemies. The concept of players countering these shard enemies were tossed out the window, because there are so many shard enemies that it is literally impossible to address all of them at once. If you remember when shard enemies were first introduced, they had announcements; e.g. "A Sharken has arrived!". This was because they were originally intended by the designer to be occasional threats. Instead, what we got was enemy spam and had to figure out as a community how to counter them with our defenses. Well, between Aquanos and Sky City, we got the summoner. The summoner was supposed to follow an RTS-style of gameplay, where instead of the summoner dealing direct damage, they would move minions around the battlefield. The minions were originally designed to be an extension of the player, dealing "hero damage". This is why minions got their own defense pool - so even when DU was full, they could still be a viable DPS character (via their minions). This is also why minions can interrupt djinn, interrupt sharken, and target goblin copters. They were a mobile way for a summoner to deal hero damage. However, the ideal way to play Summoner did not pan out for Trendy. At. All. The community found that minions are almost utterly worthless late-game playing RTS-style combat. Instead, the community treated minions as a doubling of their DU and plopped them on buff beams (which by that time had solidly ingrained itself as the most OP defense in the game). And they were right - buffed stationary minions put RTS-style minions to shame. Trendy, learning from this, made the decision to remove minion units from DDE. A lot of people weren't fans of this, but based on the most effective way to use minions, it was absolutely the right decision to make for that game. The ProposalSo. Here we are today - faced against enemies that were originally designed to be countered by the player, spammed in amounts that are impossible for the player to counter, and minions being the only defenses able to directly counter shard enemies, leaving many defenses worthless in their shadow. I would like to change that. Here are a series of proposals to help defenses counter shard enemies, making these defenses more relevant late-game: Fireball tower and Slice n' Dice counter spider webbing. Fireball tower burns them up, while Slice n' Dice chop through them.Magic Missile interrupts djinn spellcasting. It might be situational, and easily outclassed by gas traps, but the magical attunement to the towers would be able to interrupt djinn in a pinch.Bouncer blockade and Jack in the Box interrupt Sharken charging. Lightning tower targets copters directly. It makes absolutely no sense for a lightning bolt to target a flare. LT might need a nerf in other ways since this thing is already insanely powerful.What are your thoughts on the proposed changes? Considering the history of the game, do you think minions should still be the only defenses that counter shard enemies? Do you think other defenses should counter shard enemies?
  18. I support making mana/purity bomb scale with hero boost. You could probably get a really, really good mana bomb boosted around 200M, but it has a freakishly long cooldown so it would be relatively balanced.
  19. I personally fully support this bug fix. If anything, it would make more sense visually where a LT is attacking, as opposed to seeing lightning bolts strewn across the entire map. Even though it's still OP, at least it wouldn't be visually distracting seeing blue line spam everywhere.
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