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  1. Send an email to preorder@chromatic.games and they can get you sorted out!
  2. Now that is a name I have not heard in a very long time... straight from DD2's super early pre-alpha days! Anyways, welcome Mary! I look forward to working with you, and hope to see future involvement between the CDT and CG for DDA!
  3. When I faced the Old One for the first time, hearing that music with a dreadful tone. It took a few tries, but I figured out how to beat him, then the music turned around to an upbeat "you've got this!" tone. I can still remember the chills it gave me. Since this thread is all about the nostalgia, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has helped the CDT with feedback, requests, but most importantly, enjoying the content we've put out there. From April 2015 to November 2019, Chromatic Games gave me an opportunity to make my mark on Dungeon Defenders in a way that I never thought possible. Hopefully when DDA is released I'll have an opportunity to continue making weapons, pets, and accessories. https://steamcommunity.com/id/gigazelle
  4. Is there by chance a secret area embedded into the cliff with a small lake?
  5. Putting Nessie in Deeper Well was a decision made straight from Ice. He was also the one who mandated it be in the game. He is the sole proprietor of Nessie's fate. I will make sure he sees your feedback, but I can't guarantee anything will change. From my perspective, Nessie is not meant to be a useful pet. It is instead a fun little addition to the game that is worth much more in memes than stats.
  6. Updated Chicken Baller (black parts will be random spring colors) Updated wasp icon:
  7. Wait, why can't return of maldonis be afk-able? Pretty sure the first time I finished that map I did literally nothing during combat phase. I don't think power surge can be afk-ed though, since all defenses besides trees disappear. I'd be genuinely impressed to see someone manage to do it. Also, the lack of motes and clusters in prime incursions really ruin it for me. Why would I ever play those maps more than once after I get the 2nd hyper shard from each group? A chance at a c8 weapon or ampoule, which the market is already oversaturated with?
  8. The map itself is marvelous. I would never ask CG to take it out of onslaught. The frost dragon is an incursion mechanic, and deserves its place alongside other incursions. Incursions have no place in onslaught. It would be absolutely delightful if drakenfrost keep was just another map in onslaught rotation without the dragon. Royal Gardens was a great map in DD1, it's a shame that it is tainted by the un-fun-ness of the frost dragon in DD2.
  9. Resets were a pain because it was literally the same thing over and over and over and over again. I started going crazy at 24, so I decided that was good enough and upgraded all my equipment. DD2 was monetized very poorly primarily due to investors. Now that CG have full rights to the game, I am fairly confident they will set things right with DDA. Personally not a fan of the artstyle, but to each their own. Now, if CG decided to put DDA as an epic exclusive or riddle the game with P2W microtransactions, then we would know for certain that they're in it for the money and not for the passion of making a game or the community. Those would really be the only scenarios where I'd genuinely 100% leave the community for good.
  10. I would like to lodge a formal complaint against the latching assassins that are constantly spammed at you during this map. It is an otherwise enjoyable challenge, but assassins constantly latching onto you takes all the fun away from it. There is nothing more frustrating than activating the altar, then having several assassins stun-lock you out of attacking so you can't do anything. I don't mind the altar assassins, as they are part of the map's mechanics. But the normal assassins have no place in this incursion. Additionally, there's no map reward here, so players are never going to run this map more than once. It's a slow map, there's no rewards, and it's frustrating to fight. It's almost as if CG wanted this incursion to be a complete flop.
  11. Mastery was my favorite game mode by a significant margin. The challenges were great, and they introduced some very creative builds that I would have never otherwise attempted. Diversity is only bugged if you fail a wave and retry. If you lose a core with diversity as one of the requirements, just start over from the beginning. Otherwise, there are no issues with it whatsoever. The rewards you get from it are absolutely worth it. Automation, with it making any defense stun immune, that alone is worth it. I'm going through resets right now and it has helped immensely, especially since I don't have to upgrade the shard. The wings are also really nice too.
  12. Going price I've seen is around 1 million for 99 c7 ampoules.
  13. You can also hear whispering sounds before the smoke - this gives you an opportunity to swap heroes before it's too late. Once the purple smoke appears though, you're stuck.
  14. This is wildly different than my experience. To be honest, this is way overthinking it. To put it simply: Before your first reset: Push as far in onslaught as you possibly can. Don't be afraid to c8 a couple relics to aid in your push. I pushed to floor 230 before resetting for the first time, and only needed one c8 relic. Everything else was c7. I'd highly recommend completing mastery. I couldn't have pushed as far as I did without destructive pylon, mass destruction, and automation. Have at least 1-2 gilded defense rate, 1-2 gilded destruction, and 1-2 gilded deadly strikes. Destruction is in c1, deadly strikes is in c3, and defense rate is in c4. Purchasing these shards with medals is probably the best use of defender medals once you have all heroes. Being patient for a few weeks to save up DM's for gilding these shards will absolutely pay off. Once you gain your first ancient power: Stash all your good gear in your vault. You won't be needing it until after you're finished going through resets. Allocate your ascension to focus on a single tower. Don't be afraid to create multiple heroes to use multiple towers. As long as you have gilded shards, you do not need to spend any gold or materials whatsoever. After every map, look at any mythical or legendary medallions that you picked up, and use them on your preferred defenses. Between your ascension points and relics that you pick up, you should be able to blaze through onslaught with little to no issue. Once you hit floor 30, you can reset again. If you were well-prepared, you should be able to blaze through your first reset in about 3-5 hours. Do NOT bother upgrading any hyper shards. They are super expensive and are not worth upgrading until after you're done resetting. Stash hyper shards in your vault until after you're done resetting. During subsequent ancient powers: Keep in mind that as you put points into ancient power, you get less of a boost per point. Your first point in ancient defense power goes from 0% > 4%, while your fifth point is merely 9% > 10%. Keep any 9 or 10 mods that you find, either to sell or to use. Keep any duplicate shards you use so you can gild them later. You get lots of shards in onslaught. Dust any shards that you don't intend to use, unless you've maxed out both your bags and your vault. If that's the case, feel free to hoard as many shards as you'd like. Speed boost, worm scarf, bulwark, and hero critical strike are all excellent shards that can reasonably be used on all heroes. Don't be afraid to gild multiples of these. Once you feel like you're done resetting: This can be after your first reset or your 70th reset. I would recommend at least achieving 999 ascension talent caps before being done. A 10% boost in stats is pretty overrated. Pull your gear out of your vault. Hopefully you'll have accumulated enough 9 or 10 mods to give yourself the absolute best gear you could hope for. Tinker to your heart's content. You might need to grind c3 for plain motes. Combine all mods on your gear before upgrading them. Once you have ideal mods on ideal gear, upgrade as much as you can to c7. Push onslaught as far as you can. If you feel like you're on top of the world and absolutely certain you never plan to reset again, you can upgrade your gear to c8. If you're pushing floors, you might reach a point where your min ascension is drastically higher than your current ascension. If you reach that point, it might be in your best interest to reset again. Getting a boost of 1000+ ascension is WAY more advantageous than any ancient powers offer.
  15. It is by far from the easiest map in the game. Yes, torches are useless, and that's exactly the way I'd prefer it. Drakenfrost keep should be nothing but another map in the rotation, similar to other DD1 remake maps. Forest Biome, the Mistymire remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we deal with the blood moon or Eye of Cthulhu? Nope - just the regular map. Molten Citadel, the Magus Quarters remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we deal with the giant lava demon? Nope - just the regular map. Crumbled Bulwark, the Ramparts remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we deal with slow invincible assassins? Nope - just the regular map. Plunderer Paradise, the Endless Spires remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we deal with Dreadbones constantly teleporting in on the map? Nope - just the regular map. Unholy Catacombs, the Foundries and Forges remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we play color matching spirits to swords? Nope - just the regular map. Buried Bastille, the Glitterhelm Caverns remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we have to blaze through the map to complete it in time? Nope - just the regular map. Drakenfrost Keep, the Royal Gardens remake, is in onslaught rotation, every 10 maps without fail. Do we have to deal with the frost dragon constantly freezing our defenses and running around lighting torches? YES, AND WHY?! Speaking to your point of being boring, I actually wouldn't mind incursions tossed into the onslaught mix. Having to fight Betsy, or the Harbinger, or chrome enemies without any other mutators, or any other incursion mechanic... that actually sounds like a ton of fun and a way to spice maps up. Something like this: Every XX9 map would be a random incursion from a given chaos tier. For example, wave 9 would be a random c1 incursion, wave 19 would be a random c2 incursion, etc. After c7, we would have a boss fight (Betsy, Harbinger, etc). As much as I dislike Lost Temple, it does has its place in onslaught. I feel like it serves as the gatekeeper to the next 10 onslaught floors. Given its random nature, I wouldn't mind Lost Temple mutators reduced to 1 per lane instead of 2 per lane. That seems like a good trade-off, given all the other crap Lost Temple throws at you. I also wouldn't even mind spreading out Lost Temple to every 15 or even 20 maps to make room for incursions. If we do have incursions in onslaught, lane mutators would need to be disabled entirely on those maps, as incursions already provide their own unique mechanic and challenge. Since the frost dragon is explicitly an incursion mechanic, this would make the frost dragon much more tolerable. Who knows, maybe this would even venture into 'actually enjoyable' territory. Drakenfrost keep would be tossed into random maps, WITHOUT THE FROST DRAGON. Just let me occasionally play the Royal Gardens remake map in peace. I don't hate the frost dragon - it is fun when played in the right context. Fighting the frost dragon in onslaught with lane mutators every 10 waves is about the worst and most un-fun context I can possibly imagine. If onslaught was revisited to include other incursions, and incursions didn't include lane mutators, I could see the frost dragon being so much more fun to fight against. Plus, we wouldn't be doing it literally every 10 floors.
  16. There are a lot of things you can do in this game that allows a choice between gold and medals. However, the ratio between gold and medals are very different, depending on what you want to do. I've made a spreadsheet that compares the cost of medals vs. the cost of gold performing various actions in the game. If you have a limited amount of both medals and gold, this can help you get the most out of both currencies. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Vi4S3U_I0Qe5rH13x-gJeItO_HMsRZ1UTvodstqw2w/edit?usp=sharing If there are actions I missed or values are incorrect, please let me know and I'll be happy to correct them!
  17. I'm on a quest to gild every shard in the game. I have a total of 14 bags (between inventory and vault) dedicated to hoarding as many shards as possible. At one point, almost all of them were completely full, before I managed to muster enough gold to gild a bunch. Now they are mostly sitting around 75% full. In hindsight, I would not recommend doing this :P The only reason why I was able to afford such ridiculous gem purchases was because I was a first-gen defense councilor, and have purchased several bundles that had a good dollar-to-gem ratio. Unless you also intend to gild every shard in the game, I would not recommend buying every bag/vault possible. I can see lots of better ways to spend that kind of money. Instead, I'd recommend only gilding shards that you actively use. This would allow you to trim the number of bags down to maybe 4-5, not to mention save literally millions on gold as well.
  18. im currently using it on my boost aura, as I enjoy getting the 75% damage increase to defenses (as opposed to the standard 38%). Putting it on snaking sands is definitely tempting, though. Less DU and the potential to increase hero damage seems like a viable alternative.
  19. The frost dragon is a very interesting and unique mechanic. It requires players to stay attentive and to work together to keep all torches lit. It's a fantastic feature that breaks conventional map rules and introduces an additional challenge on top of what the map alone offers. But guess what? There's a dedicated place for that - it's called incursions. Having to deal with the frost dragon while pushing onslaught floors is not fun, not rewarding, and I can't work as a team because pushing onslaught floors is more often than not a solo thing. I would like to see the frost dragon moved to its own incursion, allowing us play the map in chaos and onslaught without needing to worry about what is quite literally an incursion game mechanic. It has no place on standard maps, and is straight up unfair when you already get to deal with mutators in each lane.
  20. By far the biggest weakness of flamethrower towers is that they pause to take a deep breath every time their target dies. This is partially why flamethrowers excel so well at high roller lanes - there aren't very many enemies to kill, so its retargeting delay is mitigated. They have solid DPS, so as long as you work around their inherent weaknesses, they are a good tower to use.
  21. Gee, thanks for that amazing secret message!
  22. I'm glad you stayed true to your word that the last patch had no nerfs, and saved them for this patch which nerfed several strategies straight into the ground.
  23. The way mods work in DD2 is that if you have solid end game gear you have 12 mods for hero-based stats (3 per helmet/chestplate/gloves/boots). For armor, you'd equip mods like hero speed, cast rate, and situational ability buffs. Tower-based mods can't go on armor, and hero-based mods can't go on relics. For defenses, you have 4 relics, 1 for each defense. Late-game, you'd be able to equip a maximum of 3 mods per defense. However, there would be wayyy more than 3 mods per defense, so you'd get to pick and choose which 3 you want. Speaking theoretically, but these could be a few mods for the electric aura: +50% range +50% attack rate Chance to shock enemies, stunning them Killed enemies emit a shockwave, dealing extra damage to enemies nearby Damage drastically increases the lower it is on health Damage drastically increases if only one is built Damage drastically increases based on the number of unique defenses near its center Attack rate drastically increases the lower it is on health Attack rate drastically increases if only one is built Attack rate drastically increases based on the number of unique defenses near its center Range drastically increases the lower it is on health Range drastically increases if only one is built Range drastically increases based on the number of unique defenses near its center Early game you pick 1, mid game you pick 2, end game you pick 3 of the above traits. The relic equipped for electric aura determines what specialization it would be, and your specific build governs its effectiveness. This also lets you have different mods per defense, so you can have extended range on one defense but have more specialized mods on another. Here are some examples of applying these mods to the electric aura: If you want to use different defenses in every lane, have the 'only 1 is built' mods would make your electric aura amazing, even more so than the static range or attack rate mods. It would require careful planning since you could only use one to maximize its effectiveness. If you want to cluster all your defenses in one spot, having the 'increased damage w/ unique defenses near its center' mods would drastically increase its effectiveness. Again, better bonuses for higher specialization. If you want a more risky build, equip the 'low health' mods - don't repair your auras and try to keep them as low health as possible without them going down. Risk/reward build. If you'd prefer more vanilla builds, attack rate or range could never hurt. They wouldn't be as good as the specialized mods, but they would be less situational. Mix and match - use a standard +range boost, +range when only one is built, and +range based on unique defenses near its center. If you meet all 3 criteria, you could end up with a map-sized aura. But, it doesn't get any damage or attack rate boosts so it wouldn't be brokenly overpowered. All of a sudden you have a choice on how to maximize the effectiveness of this one defense, and the applications are endless. Which mods you pick fully depend on how you want to build, which also means that we wouldn't end up with a stale meta. If we only have DD1 stats, it will simply end up being "get health/rate/range good enough, then dump everything else in damage", and there would be only one application of each defense. I don't know about you, but that's not really something that appeals to me. It is important to understand that this is an entirely new game, not just attempt #2 at remaking DD1. There are things that DD2 got wrong, but there are also some things that it got right. Likewise with DD1: it got some things right and some things wrong as well. My hope is that DDA takes the best of both worlds, learning from all 3 existing DD titles to bring about the best game possible.
  24. The difficult part about fine-tuning sensitive stats like hero speed and defense rate is... they're literally impossible to fine-tune. Stats that can scale endlessly are super easy. If you dump 100 points into defense damage, you get 1000 DPS. Different towers scale differently, but there's a 1:1 relationship between points invested and damage output. It feels good to see your DPS numbers increase when you dump a few points into it. It also feels good to dump a crapton of points into it, and there's no limit to how high you can crank that up. Both early game and end game reward putting points into damage. Stats like defense range and hero speed that have a finite limit are much more difficult, because you have a paradox on your hands: If you scale them in such a way that rewards early game points invested, you end up with map-sized auras. Sure, you get to see tangible results putting a few points into aura range, but that would completely break things once you hit late game. DDE is a prime example of this. If you scale them in such a way that preserves balance late game, you end up with completely irrelevant and pointless stats early game. Who would want to see their aura range increase by 0.001% after dumping a bunch of points into it while in early game? Not rewarding at all. Diminishing returns removes the reward of late-game progression. You'd put points into it so it'd be "enough", then completely ignore it after that. Stat caps would be the same result. If you're reaching late game, investing points in defense range would not be rewarding. You'd only see your auras increase by 0.001%. This is the way DD1 auras work right now - once you hit a couple thousand points, there's no reason to put any more into them. At that point you put points in the only stat that actually feels rewarding: defense damage. That's why I'd suggest traits that have finite limits be listed as mods on gear instead. You could get defense rate mods on gear, which would eventually let your harpoon shoot 5 times as fast (or more). Hero speed, hero casting rate, defense rate, and defense range all fall into this category. In DD2 they're pretty stingy about these traits, so hopefully they'll allow more craziness in DDA.
  25. Hi Mark! Glad to see you in the community, even if it's just proxy via Lawlta. I recently started getting back into DD2, and updated myself on all the new mechanics that were introduced since I left a couple years ago. I've been fairly active in DD1, and can share my thoughts on loot for both games. There are a few loot mechanics in DD2 that suck, but DD2 loot overall is actually pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised with this upon my recent return to the game. Shards suck. They don't stack, they're a pain to farm, and all that gilding crap feels like it's intentionally designed to be a time sink. Mods are actually pretty cool. They fulfill the purpose of shards, and more. If you made all shards into mods, we'd have a fairly intuitive loot system. Gems and defender medals suck. Since you're self-funded and don't need to worry about crappy monetization practices, just stick to a single currency. Speaking of a single currency, DDE's separation of coins and mana was great. I'd like to see that in DDA. Speaking of mana, DD2's separation of blue and green mana was good. I'd like to see that in DDA. Different armor types in DD1 (mail, chain, pristine) to get set bonuses was kind of interesting. I wouldn't mind its return in DDA. I like separate gear (medallion/totem) per defense, especially if mods make it to DDA. It would be nice to make totems more viable on towers and medallions more viable on walls. Crank up the DPS on medallion walls, and crank up the tankiness of totem towers, so they could potentially be used as walls. I really like that in DD2 all heroes can be both hero/dps. In DD1 I don't like having a dedicated tower builder and dedicated DPS. Along those lines, DD2 ascension categories suck. Those can all be mods. Sharing hero levels (and ascension) was a good move. Leveling up heroes in DD1 sucks. Artifacts in DDE were actually pretty cool. I wouldn't mind seeing their return. One time reward per difficulty per map. Permanent stat increases would be applied to all heroes. Stats: Hero health: in all DD games, it works well Hero damage: in all DD games, it works well Speed: kind of hard making this a stat relevant throughout the game while keep individual points rewarding. I think this would be best as a mod. Cast rate: another that kinda makes it hard to keep relevant late game. Also would be good as a mod. Ability 1 and ability 2: Depends on if DDE's amulets make it in DDA. If they do, offensive ability power and defensive ability power would be awesome. If we don't get amulets, then having a single ability stat would probably be better. Defense health: in all DD games, it works well Defense damage: in all DD games, it works well Defense range: this is a stat that faces a catch 22: you either make it a rewarding stat, and deal with map-sized auras, or try and keep it balanced late game and make it an incredibly unrewarding stat. DD2 used to have range as a stat, and there's a reason why it was removed. This would be better as a mod, but don't be as stingy about it as what's currently in DD2. DD2 auras (and traps) don't scale nearly well enough with range. DD1 scales a bit too much. We won't talk about DDE. Defense rate: Also a stat that used to be in DD2, but was removed (and for good reason). It's also impossible to make individual points rewarding and keep late-game balance. Also better as a mod. Don't make any percentage-based defenses. DD1's strength drain aura and buff beam are prime examples of this. If the strength drain aura makes it to DDA, make sure it subtracts strength from enemies, not divide it. DD2's buff beam did it right, the problem is that it costs too much DU for not enough kick. Might as well make 2 defenses. Overall stats I'd recommend: Hero health Hero damage Offensive ability power Defensive ability power Defense health Defense damage (6 stats instead of 10, but it helps remove the noise from irrelevant stats) My ideal loot system would be: Throughout the campaign, standard loot with base stats, no mods. Players focusing on upping their stats. As the player starts breaking into Insane or Nightmare, start introducing mods on gear. As the player reaches endgame, mods are on virtually all gear. Players focus on maximizing the mod qualities on their gear. A '10' mod would be the equivalent of an ult++ piece of gear. Right now DD2 focuses on legendaries, but I get way more excited when I see a '10' mod. The idea of Twitch integration is amazing. Players being able to throw curveballs at the streamer would be incredibly entertaining to watch. Most of these streamers would likely be late-game, so we'd want to make sure that no matter when they're streaming that it would be entertaining to watch. Moonbase AFK farming? Lame. Playing a chaos 1 incursion to get the weekly challenge? Lame. I hope that no matter what stream I'm in, I'd be able to make an impact on the streamer's play experience. Blacklisting a few towers or heroes? That would be very interesting to watch to see how they overcome it, and I assume the streamer would also find it an enjoyable challenge, otherwise they wouldn't be streaming. But that only works if the streamer is encouraged to play an engaging map.
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