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  1. Not yet. They have stated that it will be introduced in the future, though. When that time comes and you have save profiles on both PC and Xbox, you're going to have to choose one or the other. It will be impossible to merge or combine them.
  2. I can at least answer for the ragdoll setting. When enemies die, they can do one of two things: Ragdoll: Their body becomes limp, dynamically interacting with the map. Most simply fall to the floor, but some defenses like explosive traps might send them flying or pin them to walls (like harpoons). Death animation: The body plays a specific static death animation that does not interact with terrain. Ragdoll max limit determines how many dead enemies go limp and interact with the map. Setting this lower can improve performance, but you won't see as many enemy ragdolls. Setting th
  3. They mentioned specifically in their Xbox announcement post that split screen (i.e. local co-op) will not ship initially with the console release. It will be released at a later date in the future.
  4. It sounds like you might be missing one. Can you post a screenshot of each page of your item box containing the necessary pets?
  5. Looking forward to crafting the Steam trading badges!
  6. Welcome to the community Brittani! Happy to see an advocate for us players again. As a former community manager myself, i have a special appreciation for your role and what it entails. I'm happy to chat with you anytime!
  7. To all those who have supported, participated, and overall helped keep this community alive and thriving: a heartfelt and genuine thank you. The Dungeon Defenders franchise is among my most-played games, and the opportunity to contribute to DD1 would not have been possible without a community that shares my passion for the game. Even though DD1 doesn't have any plans for future updates, I still plan to contribute through mods made by the community. 2020 has been a tough year on all of us - I hope each of you have been able to take it in stride, and wish you a safe and relaxing holida
  8. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty upset that Switch is being forced to take the backseat, especially since it was touted to release "soon" for such a long time. And during that time, all we got was radio silence without any sort of communication or updates. Understatement of the year
  9. As Switch owners we've already waited an entire year; what's another year more? ... Pretty upset by this news.
  10. Well, we officially have word now. Switch got kicked to the curb, Xbox is the new exclusive. Q1 2021, with Switch and Playstation coming after. As a Switch owner, I'm pretty disheartened hearing this news.
  11. Agreed. It took DD2 several rounds of almost every game mechanic getting revamped, but they eventually got a lot of things in a relatively good place. Obviously there's still plenty of room for improvement, but for reals, they genuinely learned from what DD1 did right/wrong and improved upon it. Even though DD2's game designers made some pretty huge mistakes, they listened to the community and improved. They have my respect for that, even if I still disagree with some of their design decisions. They also have my respect for managing to make DD2 what it is today given the F2P business model con
  12. This is pure speculation, but I am fairly confident this is precisely why we don't have console release dates anymore. Pretty sure CG signed a deal with Nintendo that it would release on the Switch first, then other consoles later. Otherwise they wouldn't have originally implied simultaneous console releases on their Kickstarter, then later specified that it will be Switch exclusive before going to other consoles. When bringing DDA to the Switch they realized that performance on the console was abysmal Over the last bunch of months (I've lost track how many), they've been wor
  13. CG would need to work on their community communication first. Also, given that everyone in the CDT has moved on to other projects, it would be a lot harder to coordinate a project like that now. This month marks the 1-year anniversary of when the CDT was disbanded. There are some huge architectural differences between DD1 and DDA that would prevent DDA from being just a DD1 update. These differences are not immediately present, which makes it really easy to have the "this could have been a DD1 patch" mindset. The whole thing was built in Unreal Engine 4 (unlike DD1 which was built
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