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  1. Dang, that really sucks to see the office there flooded. Glad to see no one was hurt, and that the team is still working towards making DDA the best it can possibly be.
  2. I see you're joining DD2 in the June holiday festivities!
  3. Servers were taken down, so you can't even play with friends. It's offline only (single player), and you can't even buy the game anymore. CG wanted that game dead and buried, and they've done a decent job doing so. Here's the story of what happened to it:
  4. Got this lil' lime green boi. You know what'd be really cool? If the event reward was a Polly.
  5. As the individual who created Polly, this warms my heart. Can't wait to see those beautiful birds in all those magnificent colors!
  6. They indeed are the stat ranges they can drop. You'll want to double check two things: Are the two items at the same chaos level? Do the two items have the same number of upgrades? Both of these minor differences can create a difference in those green numbers.
  7. shadowflame and bone glove are mods, which don't get headshots. Only primary or secondary hero attacks can headshot and take advantage of Exploit weakness. For EV2, mcdoogers rapid shooter would 100% be the best weapon for Exploit Weakness. Both huntress and apprentice have 4/s x4 weapons, which would be their ideal weapons. You might be able to build a reliable snipe gunwitch, since it would be easier to hit the mob's soft spot with her projectile speed and zoom. I don't know how well her damage scales with HD, but if you can consistently pull off headshots, you're looking at 5x-6x tavern dummy damage on enemies.
  8. Pure theorycrafting here, but you could potentially have a reverse nuke monk drastically outdamage a regular nuke monk using a 2/s x1 polearm. The catch is that it wouldn't work on rollers, and the skill ceiling would be much higher since you would have to aim for their face instead of just landing a last attack melee. Also, for bows, a 4/s x4 bow outperforms a x1 bow in all situations, since the four projectiles fire in a straight line.
  9. Disclaimer: Exploit weakness mostly works. It doesn't work in the single place that you'd actually expect it to work, which is on rollers. A mechanic in DD2 that is extremely poorly explained is the concept of weaknesses. There's one mutator in onslaught that mentions it, but other than that, you can play through all of DD2 without knowing that it exists. So, what exactly are weak points? Weak points are a small part of an enemy's hitbox that, when hit by RANGED hero damage attacks, deals 1.5x damage. Weak points can also be referred to as 'headshots'. This mechanic is independent of random critical hits, which can stack with headshots. Melee attacks and abilities cannot hit weak points. "But Gigazelle, what about siege rollers? Melee attacks work on that weak point!" Strangely enough, rollers don't actually have a 'weak point' as stated above. They are hardcoded to receive 2x damage, regardless of melee/ranged attacks, from behind. Anywhere else, you deal 0.05x damage. In the sense of the Exploit Weakness mod and the 'Soft Spot' onslaught mutator, rollers do not have one. On the bright side, every other enemy does! For the most part, the enemy's weak point or soft spot is their head. The only exception is large skeletons, which the glowing crystal in their ribcage is their weak point. "Okay Gigazelle, so how do I capitalize on the Exploit Weakness mod and Soft Spot mutator?" Two requirements: Use a ranged hero attack. Exploit weakness is 100% worthless on ability-focused heroes, and heroes that only use melee attacks. Use said ranged attack on an enemy's head. The latter is considerably challenging, because enemies' heads bob when they walk, and you have to take server lag into consideration. You can make headshots considerably easier and more reliable by having a setup that self-stuns. For example, drenching strikes + ice (or storm) chip, or a poison weapon with a pet that deals earth damage. "Hold up. People have claimed repeatedly that the Exploit Weakness mod is broken. What proof do you have?" Fairly extensive testing on maps. Note that tavern dummies don't have soft spots, so you can't test your mods on dummies. Also note that rollers are coded differently than other mobs, so Exploit Weakness doesn't work on them. All other enemies do have weakpoints, though. Running the numbers: Gear without any exploit weakness mods. Note that I'm not worried about the actual damage, but the ratio of headshot damage to non-headshot damage. Damage was tested using a huntress with a 2.5/s x1 bow. One arrow, no crit, no headshot: 352267 One arrow, no crit, with headshot: 528401 Ratio of non-headshot to headshot: 1.5x One arrow, random crit, no headshot: 538642 One arrow, random crit, with headshot: 792601 Ratio of non-headshot to headshot: 1.5x Next, I put on my Exploit Weakness gear. My mods are 70%/70%/70%/35% (I need a 10/10 healthy power gloves before upgrading my last one to c7) One arrow, no crit, no headshot: 372657 One arrow, no crit, headshot: 2963499 Ratio of non-headshot to headshot: 5.175x One arrow, random crit, no headshot: 858986 One arrow, random crit, headshot: 4445251 Ratio of non-headshot to headshot: 5.175x Note that all of these numbers appear red, except no crit + no headshot. Since they're all red, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if you're landing headshots, or if you're just getting random crits. TL;DR: The Exploit Weakness mod increases your headshot multiplier for ranged hero damage, and 100% works. It does not affect rollers, since rollers don't have a 'headshot' hitbox.
  10. Now that is a name I have not heard in a very long time... straight from DD2's super early pre-alpha days! Anyways, welcome Mary! I look forward to working with you, and hope to see future involvement between the CDT and CG for DDA!
  11. When I faced the Old One for the first time, hearing that music with a dreadful tone. It took a few tries, but I figured out how to beat him, then the music turned around to an upbeat "you've got this!" tone. I can still remember the chills it gave me. Since this thread is all about the nostalgia, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has helped the CDT with feedback, requests, but most importantly, enjoying the content we've put out there. From April 2015 to November 2019, Chromatic Games gave me an opportunity to make my mark on Dungeon Defenders in a way that I never thought possible. Hopefully when DDA is released I'll have an opportunity to continue making weapons, pets, and accessories. https://steamcommunity.com/id/gigazelle
  12. Is there by chance a secret area embedded into the cliff with a small lake?
  13. Putting Nessie in Deeper Well was a decision made straight from Ice. He was also the one who mandated it be in the game. He is the sole proprietor of Nessie's fate. I will make sure he sees your feedback, but I can't guarantee anything will change. From my perspective, Nessie is not meant to be a useful pet. It is instead a fun little addition to the game that is worth much more in memes than stats.
  14. Updated Chicken Baller (black parts will be random spring colors) Updated wasp icon:
  15. Wait, why can't return of maldonis be afk-able? Pretty sure the first time I finished that map I did literally nothing during combat phase. I don't think power surge can be afk-ed though, since all defenses besides trees disappear. I'd be genuinely impressed to see someone manage to do it. Also, the lack of motes and clusters in prime incursions really ruin it for me. Why would I ever play those maps more than once after I get the 2nd hyper shard from each group? A chance at a c8 weapon or ampoule, which the market is already oversaturated with?
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