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  1. Or just make it so that the last mobs aren't terribly slow spawning Djinn... For example, I just did another 3 man Misty NM run and cleared wave 30. We had to wait for like 50-60 Djinn per wave or something to spawn at the end. It's so tedious to just be running around and killing those. It's not difficult at all, just plain boring. Just keep the gas traps active and they'll float around waiting for towers or players to finish them off. This started when the number of active Djinn per player count got reduced, and has been boring the crap out of people ever since. At least most of the peop
  2. >Implying people place Spike Blockades to face mobs Heh, I actually laughed out loud there. Nice one. I think it's fairly safe to assume that Trendy will fix that mobs tend not to attack EV walls and reverse spikes at all, though.
  3. A flamethrower is an excellent weapon if you often use gas traps and ensnare auras. All enemies are lined up and bunched together. You only have to scorch them. The big plus is that when combined with darkness traps, the trash doesn't have any fire resistance. And I think we all know how much easier it is to get high fire elemental damage compared to normal damage. They'll never know what hit them. I use a retri as a main weapon, though. Even at quite a bit of range the damage is still pretty nice. Good against pretty much everything, but I mainly use it on djinn and spiders at the moment. O
  4. Running to a gas trap at the end of a wave is good if you only have Djinn left. They tend to hang out outside of the activation range and unsummon them if your towers don't have the reach yet. :) Then again, reach shouldn't be a problem if you positioned stuff correctly, and with properly upgraded buff beams. :)
  5. Seems like an excellent idea. I sometimes play with a buddy who's connection is quite unstable at times (wireless...) and run into this exact problem as well. It sucks when you've opened up a custom match to fill in the 2 remaining slots in a monster fest for example, and your dc'd friend seems to be replaced in mere seconds. >_
  6. Awesome ideas, all of them. It wouldn't make the game any harder or easier, all it adds is some convenience. That's simply great. Although, I'm not a huge fan of the saving layouts that keeps being mentioned. Then again, nobody would force me to use it anyways, so what do I care if it's implemented? No complaints from me! ^^
  7. +1 to this! I love the team play, but chilling out in a small map from time to time would be great.
  8. Worst thread title ever. Also, you most likely won't even be able to beat the levels to get Supreme without a lvl 78 trans geared character. In that light, why don't you simply continue with your progression and have fun with the game? Or you're just trolling, in which case this is quite a pathetic attempt. :p
  9. Extremely high HP also means that you need more time regaining that HP, which means less time spend killing ogres/spiders/djinn and repairing/upgrading towers. Just go for the freaking resists first already. xD
  10. I like the idea, but feel like it should always be ONLY a choice, and not something that you'd feel was necessary. For example, take a Fireball tower to max level, and have its 2 possible options be the ability to change its damage to either lightning or poison. Just make them all balanced, as opposed to the final upgrade feeling necessary. First off, let me just say that my examples are just that, examples. I'm trying to display some variety to mechanics as well. Balance wasn't really something I worried about, since it's only the idea I'm trying to get across. Trendy can handle number
  11. An EV with high tower HP and ATT is a great way to start. You'll get good walls and buff beams, which can support your other builders very well untill you get better gear for other classes together. It doesn't matter what all other stats are for an EV waller / buffer, since it probably won't be your active character during waves anyways. Getting about 2k in each is even fairly doable in myth gear this way. Look for pieces with a lot of minus stats on it, as long as those two main stats are high. People usually sell those cheaper compared to gear with high stats on everything. At least that'
  12. Seems like the loot progression is fixed by the tavern keeper. Can we move on to more interesting stuff now? :D
  13. They're examples to illustrate what the suggestion is about, not actual stuff that I think should be added. :)
  14. Alright, here's something I have been thinking about. The problem: - Stats are going through the roof at the moment. The amount of projectiles coming out of towers is simply over the top. Where is the next step? I don't really see a future in 0.00001 fire rates, to be honest. ;) - We're getting large amounts of hero stat points, and then quickly cap our 3 core stats. This is boring in my opinion. - Towers are simple and static. They need to be more dynamic to fit situations on more ways, allowing for a larger variety of setups, depending on the gear levels of people in your group. Tow
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