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  1. Spot on with this thread. It's amazing to see a developer take community feedback not only so seriously, but also act on it so quickly. Definitaly one of my favorite purchases I've done in ages. Thanks Trendy. The reason its still so popular is because there is no alternative and its a Blizzard game ;)There have been plenty, but people leave them before they have time to bugfix and reach the same amount of content as Blizzard has build up over the years. It's a shame, really. Some games such as SWTOR really have potential. Ah well. Don't want to go to far off topic here.
  2. The type of loot is randomly generated, and so are their stats. There's nothing to be "fixed" about your experiences. It's mostly about getting lucky, really. From my personal experience it helps to not be solo, though. When a lot of loot drops, stuff might stats to disappear before you even notice it's trans. I usually 3 man misty nm hc till 30, and we manage to pcik up far more compared to just a single person. As in, we would expect to pick up 3x more, but it's closer to 6 times more since you don't run around between lanes as much. :D
  3. Truth. Series EV will make a HUGE difference. It's not all that easy to get EV walls and TBBs up in time for the campaign timers on NM, though. For campaign progression (before EV was even released) I did just fine with spike barricades at similar stats. Harpoons 1 shotting trash under wave 15 and quickly killing ogres don't need to be any better until you start survival 15+. :)
  4. i'm only hosting private games. will only public games be "converted" into shops? if that's the case, i said nothing! :-)Doesn't affect public/private settings of course. You should be fine, Spliff. :) Why not make idle games turn private, and add a switch between private and public? Isn't that in already as the button to hide/show match? Or I'm misunderstanding you.. =/ Also, people who try to stay in the games list on purpose, while being a shop, those won't be gone. (and this is what the problem is most of the time)
  5. Go for tower speed. Your towers can do far more dps than you can, you might as well enhance that further with more tower speed. Also, you seem to have plenty of block, so in an emergency you can just run in front of a tower, then block till whatever was chasing you dies. 200 ups goes a long way for more damage. Further, your squire and EV are easily geared enough to do misty NM all the way to wave 30. It would be a good idea to invest in a trap huntress and aura monk before you focus even more on the squire and EV. (although if you haven't already: tower attack is good or EV buff beams)
  6. i don't think this is a good idea and i see no reason not to keep the actual system. clicking a button shouldn't be too hard. i don't want my games to be afk shops when i'm afk for dinner or something. If you go afk for over an hour, you should probably return to the main menu anyway. What's the point of advertising a game in the list that people can join, if you're not doing anything with it? It's wasting people's time, time which I personally would like to spend actually playing the game instead of running into AFK game hosts.
  7. Doesn't affect public/private settings of course. Just moves the game listing from regular searches to AFK Shop searches if it was a public match, and even then, will relist the session as a game when you load a mission. Will also only do this if there are shop items with prices set on 'em. What about people who only sell floor items for tokens and have nothing but empty folders won't be affected? That's still quite some leftover clutter then. Would it be possible to turn matches which are "afk" for over an hour into a private match and remove it from the listing in case there aren't any it
  8. Nice giraffes, but the gloves are just fantastic. Just be prepared to get called out for hacking, people tend to do that randomly when seeing high numbers. ^^
  9. Uhm, why are people looking at the 1/1 item, while there's an insanely better item right next to it? If anything's fishy, it's that one. :p Anyways, I wouldn't say it's hacked. It's just a really good drop. If it were really hacked, then usually the resists wouldn't be so low. At least I often see people with maxed out stats and like 50%+ resists on all. ^^
  10. The mobs won't care for your strategy, I think. A sharken will probably pop out every so often and ruin it for you, most likely. Placing defences so close to spawn is probably still a really bad idea in most cases. ^^
  11. People can still re-make the shop every half an hour. Not everyone's shops are afk. It also doesn't say anything about the game being removed from the list after half an hour of no game activity or something. So basically, now we're going to have shops in the games tab which can't even do anything useful if they've existed for to long. And on top of that, the ones that do manage to lure you in will only piss you off more when you see that the shop is locked, lol. Sorry, but I really don't see how this is a solution to the problem. It only really takes care of the few people who made the s
  12. Seriously, why do people keep making them? If people want to view shops, they'll go to the shops tab. Cluttering up the games list for people who are just looking for a nice game will not get them to buy your stuff. :)
  13. The ponies are awesome, if you can get a really good one. Heroic damage, multiple projectiles, piercing, great stats, etc. And because the stats on the ones you get are so random, you can even get really good ponies by doing lower than nightmare assaults. The chances for a good one seem to be really low in that case, though.
  14. Its kinda obvious that he means it should reduce their immunity to just 50% instead of 100% What it would do is make them only 50% resistant. You can't be half immune to something. That's not even a thing. :p And again, a 50% resistance would be practically useless. You'd need twice as strong of a snare aura or gas trap to be just as effecient. it is only while they are in it though so DEW's will still be an issue out of them If you place your buff beams just past the walls to buff the damage towers behind and the traps / auras in front, then your auras will be big enough to cover l
  15. [c3;439065']strength drain+gas traps? will have to be careful with their radius when dropping them though. they get friggin enormous when hit by a buff beam. and djinn be trollin when things are huge like that. Just invest your tower points better, or press the minus key to reduce their size. Easy.
  16. How would just 50% even work? Half of them have a chance to lose their immunity? To much RNG for higher levels. They'd only work on 50%? Then they're useless compared to traps. Leave them as they are. :p [c3;439301']i really only see darkness traps used in situations where its like "hey guys, we got spare DU... ima drop this darkness trap." when they were first changed, they saw a lot of use, but when EV walls and buff beams came they kinda got tossed by the wayside because they were no longer necessary. and yes, pretty much the only time strength drains get used now are for the sp
  17. Not really given the amount of DLC they've put out if you buy all of it. The game's DLC is almost three times more expensive than the actual game is now. Given that a ton of the DLC consists of cosmetic changes, I don't really see the problem. You don't need to buy it in order to experience the full game. With just the Lost Shards DLC you already gain a ton. All levels basically gain a new layer of loot, monsters and require another playstyle. I've seen many an indie game get away with much more expensive DLC that did less. Magicka, for example... Also, this DLC seems to be good enough f
  18. Yay, now I can keep more useful items. Oh wait, it'll be used for the dozens of tokens we need to be able to trade even a single piece of the new gear... Why can't the mana soft and hard cap just be the same?
  19. Only Assault Runner: Thought that was Countess or Barbarian? Call to arms tends to be a bit more effecient compared to blood rage. That, and circular slice isn't as usable as joust in my experience. The only place where it helps me, is when going for the second crystal in part 1 of the assault pack. It pretty much destroys everything in that area. But meh, the countess just runs through without a problem anyway.
  20. Why do people keep complaining about these things, while you can play all classes at once? A game with so many classes obviously is never going to be balanced around every class having the ability to solo all content. That's just a stupid thing to even want, since it takes all diversity out of the game. Also, people who claim apprentices are nearly useless... you clearly haven't been using fireball towers in moraggo lately. A setup with 1 harpoon and 1 fireball tower completely wipes the floor with two harpoons in a lot of cases. :p The only complaint here that is justified in my opini
  21. I agree, but some people would just spam you : LEMME BE HOST! Spammers can be kicked. Changing the host would be handy, if it's even possible to implement. :)
  22. If you are really having trouble with the high pressure aiming, then wait to place the boost beam until after the rest of your towers are in place. You may not be able to switch in combat, but that just means don't use the ev until towers are placed. The problem with that is that you can't place a TBB node on top of a tower, so this way would decrease the usable length of the beam.
  23. If you want to place a buff beam optimally, you summon it before the stuff you want to be buffed anyway. You can't place a node on top of a harpoon, for example, but you can place a harpoon on top of a node. With that being said, the red sparkle seems to be enough in most cases. An extra indicator wouldn't hurt, though. Just saying that your builds could be better by simply placing the beam first. ^^
  24. I would rather see HP for the Magic Blockade increased. As they are now they are almost worthless. A single magic blockade combined with a proxy trap kills spiders at their spawn when you can't get a tower to aim at it. For 5 DU it's cheap and safe. You could use a MM for campaign, but the amount of spiders in late survival waves will completely wreck anything else. (unless you can get a buffed harpoon to quickly aim over to the spawn, while still able to damage stuff in lanes from that location)
  25. I voted to making it a new hero but be free for those who own the original cause if it was seperate, it would make trendy look like they're nickel and diming their consumers. So far DD's DLC has been incredibly cheap, especially for the amount of content they put out. I don't see a reason to complain. About 3 euros for a new class which can add a ton of gameplay to the game... It almost feels like stealing from Trendy. :D I mean, look at a blockbuster title such as Call of Duty's DLC. You get generic, boring maps which re-use most of the textures from older levels. Trendy puts out new
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