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  1. Those 100 stat points can make a big difference. I have dumped those extra points into run speed and now i can wear a godly pet that i couldn't before (-170 run speed stat) Plus some people just want to get their non active builders ranked up to get more stat points and wear gear they already own. Don't ***** at people just because they are looking for a good place to farm xp and don't want to get 1 shotted. Personally i run aquanos NM and restart when the boss comes out. If you take no core/player DMG you can easily get 2m a round past round 10. You speak of godly pets and not having e
  2. Yes to toggles per creature! Taking any warning out completely servers no purpose, as there are surely people who like them. Let each individual decide on their own. :) Please stop picking a single line from patch notes (or, worse yet, possible patch notes) and creating a thread about it. Why? It's the best way to discuss certain points of a patch. If you want something to do (or not do) something for you, at least state a reason for it.
  3. Great idea. On a side note: the suggestions forum would be the correct place for this... but I guess Trendy almost never looks/responds there.
  4. i like your reply, but doesn't answer to my question. Do you think it is professional to repatch a patch that u've been working at for probably weeks after 30 minutes?!? I think it is, yes. Would you rather have them wait a certain period of time, for no reason at all? They monitor how things are going and adjust their game accordingly. I can do nothing but applaud such quick service. The quality of the first version of this dlc is questionable regarding balance, but that doesn't detract from the fact that they responded very quickly. Just remember that you're buying the dlc as it is. Fo
  5. Replace the piece. Minus 340 on a piece while your stats are still in the 9-1500 range... that's simply not worth keeping it. The increased range will more then make up for the slightly lower attack and fire rate.
  6. This biased poll is pointless... You might as well not have made one if you don't give people the option to even like the sharken and the game as it is/was. Do you honestly think that such a post will be looked at seriously and objectively by Trendynet staff? Predicting the outcome of a biased poll isn't really helping either. Sharken are great, and the game is great. I'm happy to find out that I can't afk 1-4man eternia shards nm survival anymore. Change is good, not matter in what form, it leads to innovations and a good product eventually with proper community feedback and communication
  7. Not removed but balanced and debugged. I'm glad to see that huntresses and monks are more useful now, and the squire is no longer able to just throw down backwards barricades and harpoons and then go AFK. Maybe we'll see a little more variety and inventiveness in setups now. Squires will just have to get over the fact that they may not be able to solo build on every map. I like how people refer to others as "squires". As if a person can only play a single class per map, hm? Anyone playing only 1 class per map while posting balance complaints simply needs to learn how to use a combination of
  8. You did a build that was thought of before the sharken were introduced. My guess is that you're using Kandar's latest build, or something similar you thought up yourself. This is where you are headed into the wrong direction with your argument already. Why do you not realize that your build simply doesn't work anymore? There is a new mechanic introduced to the game and you will have to adjust to it in order to beat a map. The patch hasn't even been out for a day yet, so why don't you just go and play the game? Even if a beta tester would have insane stats, that won't have helped against
  9. Why do people even want to get to 83 so fast this badly? There's really no point in it until you start aquiring supreme gear anyways. Yeah, you gain 20 points per level, but with the current gear and the extra stats from the new item slots, those 100 hero stat points won't make much of a difference. The first comment wasn't a smart *** remark. It's just how to do it effeciently. Why would you want to run stuff like glitterhelm insane, while you can gain much more mana and gear from the new content? Sure, the xp is slower, but at least you have a chance on already having some supreme and the
  10. The issue here is that players who's only "inspiration" for builds comes from ddplanner.com and they haven't found one who works yet... The mob has been out for a few hours, is still receiving considerable changes, and people are already crying out everywhere. Sigh. Adjust your builds and experiment a little longer then an hour or two, lol.
  11. I don't understand. What part of "Nightmare mode" do people not understand? It's not supposed to be easy! There's hc and non hc, though.
  12. You may just want to go in and purposely lose the map. That may trigger the acheivement. I recall having to do that on a couple of them that didn't recognize completion until I played the map again. Bah, I tried that when getting my achievements as well. You really just have to do them on insane. That will get you both the hard and insane achievements. Don't forget that NM is still in beta. It's probably not tied into the achievement system in the way you would expect it to just yet.
  13. I'm happy with having to develop new strategies. Going afk with the current perfected builds will get boring eventually. Besides, as others have pointed out before me: it's beta, changes are to be expected, not avoided. :)
  14. Perhaps this would be a nice thing to add to regular survival, and leave it as it is for hardcore. However, 5% is nothing. It would take 10 waves to get back half of the hp, while a monster can kill one in 2 hits. :p Sort of related: Even on bigger maps it's easy to react fast, since we have a new portal gun now. Its portals can easily last throughout at least 4 player length waves if you upgrade the clip. A dps EV in your team and you'll be able to instantly portal to the crystal if something goes wrong.
  15. If you're in it for the xp, just do some glitterhelm insane runs with 3-4 people. Goes way, way faster. Both squire and apprentice can set it up with just the starting mana and afk through it without repairs. (at least my squire builder can) Alternatively, with the right build and proper gear, you can afk misty survival nm anyway. Well, except for repairing traps, but those you can reach from a safe distance. You'll get less xp, but the mana and items are nice for gearing characters.
  16. They -can- dissappear, it's just incredibly rare. Lowest mana value items dissappear first. So if a trans DOES dissappear, it was probably pretty crappy. Being an upgrade for you bears no difference either since the upgrade comparison isn't based on mana value. In general, you can start a wave and watch the map and you'll see all of the grey dots dissappear before anything blue/purple. In fact, if a myth or trans drops early in the wave, you can watch several waves of the grey dots dissappear while the myth/trans persists. Every now and then one dissappears but this just means it was a low v
  17. So uhm, Mr Jeremy. Do you guys read the suggestions forum as well, or should we simply ignore it...? ^_^
  18. that costume is hideous And nothing's prettier than being a bunny! :p
  19. Strength drains will remove all darkness traps from my misty build and make it much more effective. When stacked with an ensnare it should stop dews from getting into my base. The monk has really become an essential character over the last few updates. The aura costs 2 DU more, though.
  20. does Mix Mode improves drop's quality? does it increase drop of eggs? According to patch notes about mixed mode, it *should* increase the quality of loot by 5%. However, due to the randomness of the loot drop system, they might as well be 5% "better" negative stats. :p I don't know about eggs, but I've seen plenty of eggs drop on any difficulty i tried to farm them on.
  21. DPS: All your hero points in hero HP and hero attack, then the remaining in the specials. (if your casting speed is reasonably good, since it helps you heal and repair towers) I recommend getting a good amount of points in the decoy skill. The charge beam is good when fully loaded, but often the time it takes to load exceeds the dps you gain with it. Your main weapon should have the following upgrade priority: projectiles > amount of shots per second > normal weapon damage. Your offhand weapon (if unused) should be aimed at: max hero damage > hero hp (if you're low on it) > sp
  22. Auroram


    I just got 2 big waffles out of the vending machine, instead of 1!!!
  23. As a guideline I use myself: if it fits a 5 DU EV wall (non-diagonal): 1 harp 1 fireball seems to work great. Any smaller and I just use double harpoons most of the time. The great thing about fireballs is that they will more quickly get rid of spread out trash mobs, so that your harpoon's focus will be on the djinn and ogres. The earlier dps will help kill them faster compared to 2 harpoons trying to keep up with the wide trash flow, while there is an army of ogres spreading out across your wall.
  24. I agree more players more drops, but By the way I didn't solO it and TranS drop never disappear Can anyone confirm this? I have played solo with a high trans geared character and seen items marked as upgrades disappear multiple times. However, I've seen really good myth gear being marked as an upgrade for trans geared people, so this might have been the case then.
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