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  1. 18 more days till the release of Max Payne 3. May 15th refers to the release of Diablo 3...
  2. Sort of off topic, but this is happening in various places throughout misty as well. Same thing, enemies can shoot through areas, but harpoons can't. Even when both can't, trees shouldn't have collision boxes 3x wider then they really are, right? >_
  3. The only guideline we really have is that items by the tavernkeep can be sold for up to 400 million now already? So I don't really see how it's so outrageous to ask similar prices when you put them in your own shop. @bc304daedalus As for shops auto closing right when you hit the mana cap: why? There's plenty of people who sell from floors, aren't afk and can spend the mana to become uncapped. I don't know if you have ever hosted a shop which can get you capped, but I can tell you that it's just as annoying for the owner as for the people who come in. :p
  4. I'd love to see a token system such as this. As for inflation: Prices are that high on end-game upped items because it already costs hundreds of millions and a lot of time to get them to that stage. I don't think charging billions for an upgraded high-end item is all that excessive, to be honest.
  5. I would like this as long as it has an EXTREMELY small ramp up. I'm talking something like 100-200 points = 1-2% faster attack speed, Maybe less. That's pretty generous if you look at how little hundreds of points help you with tower speed... Yes, I know that tower speed is insane. My builders have about 2-2,5k of it. Just saying that a ramp up of 1-2% is really not that extremely small. :p
  6. No issues when looking at the forge at all. A glance at the relevant hardware components here... Win7 64 bit Pro (derp, software, still worth mentioning that I don't run an ancient OS or something, haha) AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 6x3,2GHz 2x AMD Radeon HD 6870 in crossfire (with the latest drivers of course, checking daily) 8 GB DDR3 RAM You can probably guess that it's unlikely that this is because of my computer. It runs pretty much everything I can think of smoothly, except for DD in this case, and the portal gun before it got patched caused some minor problems.
  7. I've always wondered, why does channel 2 cause my fps to drop horribly? It gets worse the closer you are to it, and is at its worst when looking directly at it.
  8. The gorgeous scenery also makes it impossible to see what you're building on maps such as misty... Trees, anyone?
  9. As the poster above pointed out, you should be combining your towers more often. I find that a fireball and a harpoon clear lanes much more effectively compared to 2 harpoons or 2 fireballs. And that while my squire's gear is well above 2k stats on everything, while my app is just above 1k. Also, complaints about walls should probably be pointed towards EV's at the moment. They pretty much beat both squires and app's hands down. Heh, I actually use app walls more than squire walls now. You know, for spider distraction.
  10. Who cares about aesthetics if I can get gears to push 3k stats? Because aestetics are what make a game appealing to some people, at least to me. Yeah, I have high end stats. Doesn't mean that that's what makes the game enjoyable.
  11. Spawning at the push of a button can most likely easily crash your game when to many come out at once. There's always going to be a limit to what the minimum required hardware can even handle, and it seems unlikely that they'd add in an option which can potentially break the game so badly for those with lower end pc's. Keep in mind that you're handling hundreds of seperate AI entities at a time here. ^^
  12. We're gonna move the Close button to be in sync with the TNet Welcome's Close Button, and if you own all the DLC's, the window doesn't appear (right? :) ). Cheers, Jer Pretty sure I own every single piece of DLC, but I do get a windows with DLC stuff on it upon starting the game. Or is the stuff just included on the page with the digest and such...? Not really sure, since I tend to buy new DLC right when it's out, before starting the game. =/
  13. If people kick you within seconds, without even saying or asking anything, then they're probably not worth playing with anyway. An option like this would bring with it the disadvantage of being unable to kick ninja looters and such. That's enough of a reason to not have any kind of immunity, in my opionion. Further, you can always make your own OMF if you keep getting kicked right before the pets get handed out. If I make one, it usually fills up within a matter of seconds. Can't be all that hard to do?
  14. Yes please, this would make item farming for hours on end a lot more enjoyable. At the moment I have a paperweight on my shift key, haha.
  15. At the rate with which my proxy traps detonate (multiple times a second), they literally hurt my eyes if I'm around them for to long. It's just a constant massive flash fest. Turning off post processing helps to reduce the visual effects spam, but it also pretty much removes all the nice color from the game. Me and a couple of friends have been playing like that for a while now, but we really miss the nice visuals which were a big part of what made us want to play this game in the first place.
  16. The UI is cluttered only because everything is written in a freaking massive font. A normal sized front and checkboxes would reveal that the UI doesn't have that many options at all. Hell, a dropdown list would solve this too. You know, like how there isn't a dropdown list for screen resolutions. THAT's clutter. But hey, it's an easy way to cover up that DD only really has 2 graphical options to configure. :p
  17. This would be so, so nice. I really don't want to see all the trash such as orcs, archers, wizards and goblins on the map. They only make it harder to spot the loot dots on the map. =/
  18. Try binding it to the 1-10 keys. But where are the options for using other keys, like pretty much every other game allows you to...? We're already using 1 through 0 for the other stuff which is in there.
  19. I love how a single "explanation" point 'totally ruined the game.' I find it rather convenient that I can spot a Sharken entering it's charge animation even in among a crowd of critters. I mean, sure, a more "in character" visual effect would be nice. Perhaps give them a red glow similar to the Countess' buff ability, but I do think it's nice that they stand out more than just having to spot the animation in among a crowd of orcs, etc. Hard to spot a red glowing mob when they're in a crowd / trap / aura. That's why the mark is so brilliant! :D
  20. Sure, we'll take it out :) You're kidding, right? I haven't laughed this hard at something in a game since metal gear solid, if you know what I mean. :p Toggles are your friend for UI options. Please don't hurt the feelings of friends... ^_^
  21. The question isn't: "is it hacked?" It's more like "why would anyone even want to hack that much run speed?" :p But seriously, like most others here have said.. it's quite possible.
  22. This. I find it difficult to believe people use ALL five towers. Who really uses Slice and Dice towers these days? Deadly Strikers? Etheral Spike Trap? Proton Beam? Heal/Enrage Aura? Come on. And if you'd throw all those thoughts out of the discussion, what's left is that it's simply plain silly to not have an option for alphabetical keybinds. Pretty much every game out there has the option to do so. =/
  23. Honestly dude, it's not even worth it. You should think of it the way I do; when part 4 comes out along with the new mob, said mob will be difficult for the first week or so. I like to believe this is Trendy giving those of us who want it a real challenge. We get our week and then they dumb the monster down to hell so people will stop crying about it. Damn, feels like I'm back to playing world of warcraft again when reading that... But yeah, like Vesper said: it takes a while before they completely nerf them. Took about 3 patches spread over 2 days this time? I was to busy to play right af
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