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  1. To add my 2 cents, increase the item/mana cap for large levels. The reason the limit is there is to decrease the amount of entities on a map. Hundreds of items would lag the crap out of most computers. The only thing which needs changing is that the items with the lowest tier rank (myth/trans/etc) disappear first, followed by the items with the lowest mana value. Then again, me and my friends always think it's a nice challange to grab the best items before they despawn. Can require some teamwork at times when an item is in between a giant amount of clogged up monsters. We try to not use
  2. But then any item with just a lot of stat points could be a perfect item. It defeats the entire purpose of randomized loot if you could customize gear like that. Besides, insane survival is dropping some more decent gear as of late. It's not that bad if you're still progressing. :)
  3. Hmm, doing aquanos survival nm without a squire since last night. I didn't have time to finish all of it, but it worked just fine up to wave 20 ish. Only apprentice stuff seems to work when combined with auras and traps for damage. It depends on the map, though. I won't even consider taking out the harps from my current harp / fireball combo on misty. (which is a slight alteration of one of kandar's builds from a while back)
  4. Go play on insane difficulty, nightmare isn't supposed to be easy. You're talking to the leader of futuretech... I'm pretty sure he's done everything there is to do in this game on nm hc, lol. On topic: I voted yes, but there is some additional commenting required to justify my vote. I believe that at this moment the special shards mobs force to much players to use the "perfect" build, where towers are usually what kills special mobs like it's nothing. I would like to see special mobs being more resistant to tower damage. This way you could make use of more tower variety to keep the big
  5. If you want experience don't run summit, run glitter-helm. insane HC normal ( not survival ) = best xp in game atm. No it isn't. Aquanos nm hc is. And it's so easy to get to the boss wave and then reset... never grinding glitter again. Not for 74+ anyway. Also, it'll only get even better with the upcoming 35% boost to nm xp. I expect about 6-8 million per wave duo easily. Might be more, since admittedly I haven't been paying much attention to my xp bar. It's easily double the amount of a glitter run, though. 1-74 is still easily doable in 2 glitter insane hc runs. Don't bother with surviva
  6. I'll be playing both. Both games are awesome and I don't see a reason to not play DD next to D3. However, it's probably going to decrease my amount of time spent on DD for a week or 2. I at least want to beat hell difficulty, then chip away at inferno bit by bit. supported arena system, PvP death match :) nuff said Wasn't this said to not be included yet upon release of the game? These games aren't even remotely similar. I'm also highly against the real money auction house in D3, so I won't be playing it. it's a shame, because I wanted to. But I refuse to support that sort of thing. Eve
  7. It would obstruct your view on the boss as well. Even if it'd work, and inferno would be working against you more than for you. ^^
  8. Failing to see how this is bad design. Because people see them as flying enemies, and thus replacements for the regular wyverns we're all used to. Would you have said they're probably slow and flying ninjas when you first saw one coming at you? I sure didn't. I like their design, it's simply not immediately obvious like you think it is. Learning how to deal with them isn't to hard, though.
  9. Kandar, what are the stats you'd recommend (or what are you using) for an aura monk on your current builds? Mine are 1440/1145/1380/1046, which is significantly lower than my squire which worked fine for the more harpoon focused builds. I get the feeling that these won't be nearly enough anymore to complete 30 nm mm anymore. Going to give it a go now from wave 13+ just to be sure. Hopefully it'll work. =/
  10. Please tell me what your post has to do with accessories? And specifically toggling them? My point, specifically in that post, is to point out that where do we draw the line. You can't see armor, because it would take up the whole character, making them all look the same. Accessories are designed to be completely opposite to that. Customization. Where is the customization if you can't see it? Players are too wrapped up about OMG stats! rather than the application of those stats. Part of the problem is in relation to progression, but that's an argument for another thread. I'm not trying
  11. Solution: Add pierce to deadly strike towers and a damage boost to ethereal traps in addition to a small AoE. I believe that's called a proxy trap...
  12. Next people will say the don't want to see the weapon or pet...Totally disagree with OP. If you want the stats, wear the stuff. It's not that bad. Armor has never been visible. It would make all characters look the same if they did. I've been following this thread. Check the underlined stuff on the quote. Later on in this thread you spoke of people just making assumptions... so were you here. Just pointing that out. This thread is about accessories specifically. Usage of an argument like yours doesn't seem justified, to be honest. Especially not if you discard similar arguments from others
  13. Because running the same assault mission over and over takes time. I can just do other stuff on my second screen or go afk for an ogre crush. Get back to the computer like once every 15 minutes, and within an hour I have plenty of tokens for a night's worth of survival runs mana storage. (like 16 tokens farmed, about 10 good ones usually out of that) I can do other maps every day while working on trans survivalist or gearing up. Don't really feel like farming assault every single time before that. Such a drag that it makes me want to stop playing. Don't care at all if it's slightly less eff
  14. More concerned about the crap amount and quality of armor drops recently. I've done a misty run 20-30 NM HC to check out the amounts more carefully. Had a really good trans weapon equipped and low myth armor with only resists upgraded a bit to not be one shotted by a stray warrior. The amount of armor drops was terrible compared to a run where I had no weapon equipped on the test char. There's like 10x more weapons than armor. Why? I don't know. Don't see the logic, tbh. Armor has more types and fills 4 slots, where a weapon only fills one. Would make more sense for good weapons to be rare
  15. As stated above, it's still not going to interfere with Trendy sales. Heh. The people who are willing to shell out $60 for Diablo 3 probably had better options than DD to begin with. What?! DD is freaking awesome, nothing to do with it being cheap, lol. I know loads of people who play indies between releases of blockbuster titles.
  16. Ugh, I'd rather have that they'd call the summoned ones minion then... or something. Confusing to say the least!
  17. People are misunderstanding Pets. He carries two familiars in addition to his summons. So the hero specials don't do anything for the summons? :(
  18. I think that this pretty much says enough about that they won't act as regular mobs... "uber-powered Crystalline variants" & "These pets can be upgraded and buffed as with any Defense." And then there's the hero abilities, what would they be? They're described as "two innovative Hero abilities", so can we assume that it's nothing like the standard temporary stat boost stuff? Imagine having the ability to make your pet split into two or something temporarily. Have an ogre sitting somewhere to defend against incoming attacks, and then you notice that the lane is getting clogged up fur
  19. I think they're gonna be crap. No weapon? ok, so you either need to find a 100% safe spot so DEWs dont kill you, or you need to park one pet on you to guard you. ANd DU's are tight as they are on most maps, in order to use pets we're gonna have to get rid of some critical towers/walls/auras/whatever, just for 1-2 pets that can only hit one target at a time..... We know absolutely nothing about the abilities of each pet and their damage / abilities, and you already declare them crappy? I'd say your post is crap, sir. :p
  20. Djinn generally stay out of the activation range anyways, unless you have a ton of tower aoe range on your trapper. As for wyverns, ensnare auras are extremely effective against them.
  21. With pets I mean the summoned ones, not the familiars. There seems to be some confusion about that. Why not call them minions or something like that? >_> Anyways, how useful does everyone think they will be? I've seen in the digest that they will cost DU now and can be controlled pretty much directly. I can already imagine replacing a wall with an (unpushable?) ogre to hold back sharken, or use spiders to place an extra nasty ensnare for those crystals around sharp corners. Love thinking of all the new possibilities!
  22. The real question is, will this even benefit you all that much? I always though that tower damage scaled much better than speed, if you're looking at the DPS.
  23. I still find it strange that a suggestion from a single user can increase the amount of waves by 10, after it was reduced by literally dozens upon dozens of people complaining that it was way to difficult for them. Yeah, I'm aware that aura monks don't suck now, and that the map is doable. It's just strange that random comments seem to trigger new patch notes so quickly nowadays. You'd expect a poll or something at least. What's a forum good for when changes aren't discussed before they are made? Now half the time changes end up being reverted due to lack of input before they're actually im
  24. If you look at some of the Emulator Guides they show you how to set up the controller to allow remote G. you go in and edit a file to replace the effect of one of the keys to "ActivateCrystal" there is more details in the guides though. Activate trap can also be rebound on controllers. just go to it in your hero menu and press up dowb left or right to rebind it. You shouldn't have to go on forums and wikis + knowing how to edit code to get a freaking keybind... Normally you'd have an in-game config for such a thing.
  25. Patches don't take 10 seconds (you're lying), and for the gig or less, they're generally 15 minutes or less, so I consider myself lucky. Full duplex glassfiber internet says hi. I've gotten up to 50mb/sec download on steam, which isn't even the fastest ever reported if you'd do a quick search on the steam forums. So yeah, it can be 10 seconds. Don't imply people are lying before actually checking your facts. It's insulting and makes you look dumb. As for the patches taking to long: plenty of people have explained it already. I personally applaud the frequency at which they're released. T
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