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  1. Like, customize our ogre minions so they have top hats, or something. Pretty certain a few weeks back somebody put a bowler hat on a magic missile tower for a laugh.And here we go, the Team Fortress 2 madness is spreading to DD as well! xD
  2. I actually feel like playing more again because of this. The ridiculous amount of weapons was driving me nuts... Enough said! :D
  3. I think the new art style fits well with the different atmosphere of the DLC. It does! However, I think everyone is expecting something really epic now for when we finally have the fourth shard... Epic voice acting incoming? :D
  4. Yeah, the community is actually pretty great normaly. I was expecting to read another rant here, so this is refreshing! People who complain about insta-kicks probably just come into a NM game with 5% resists or something crazy... ^_^
  5. Dude if you're aren't going to play a game you don't have to make a scene and some announcement just don't play xDIt helped to fix 2 issues already, though.
  6. I can't wait until Kandar takes a break, lol. Half the community will be oblivious as to how to build high end levels. Anyways, to bad so many are leaving at the moment. As for those who say hackers don't affect anyone but themselves: I like playing the game in a fair way. If I keep an eye on my AFK shop's customers, you really don't want to know how many of them suddenly have 2 billion mana out of nowhere to but a few of my 600 million priced items. Makes me sad to see that people who've actually saved up and played for that currency now are unable to get the item. =/
  7. Furthermore, it's THEIR game. Not Steams. Trendy can, at any time, decide the game should be multi-player only and remove the single player tag from Steam's advertisement for them. No-one would benefit from this, mind you, but that is a right they have. They could also do it the other way around if they so choosed. Heh, if this was any other type of consumer product you'd rage. Imagine that instead of patching DD, you bring your car to the garage for maintenance. When you get back, they've taken out all the seats except for the driver seat. "Yeah, we chose to make this a 1 person vehicle fo
  8. I'm starting to wonder if this whole higher value thing is even true. Because if it is, then why have I seen plenty of myth items disappear, while there's still crap such as amazing and powerful gear on the floor? And no, those didn't come from chests.
  9. I seem to experiece the same network lag issues that have been pointed out in this thread as well. However, I'd like to point out something about the gfx caused lag. Lower the settings, or get a better computer. Sorry to be mean, but that's basically it. You may be able to twiddle with your config, but it's basically a performance issue. That's been around forever. Heh, running 2 Radeon HD 6850's in crossfire, 8 gigs of RAM, a Phenom II X6 1075T, everything overclocked till where it's just stable... pretty much a rig that I'd put quite a bit above what the average user is using. You're te
  10. There already are 2 polls on this exact topic... ^_^ http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?59076-Toggle-to-have-accessories-hidden&highlight=accessories http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58753-Disable-Individual-Accessories&highlight=accessories
  11. Or like Call of Duty MW3 where they give you like 3 warning messages before you prestige. "Are you sure you want to prestige?" "Are you REALLY sure you want to prestige?" "Are you REALLY REALLY sure you want to prestige?" :)Don't mean the flame CoD players, but if the voice chat in the average match is any indication of user intelligence... you know what I'm trying to say. Also, it's not Trendy's fault when people are using broken controllers, or one of a type not even officially supported in the first place. However, a delay of a few seconds before the char is deleted could be ni
  12. and you would need a great computer for that to work with dd Fixed that for you. In case the OP doesn't know what you guys are suggesting: software such as Microsoft's Virtual PC or VMWare Player can emulate a separate Windows on your computer. However, it requires quite a bit of tech knowledge if you'd want it to work smoothly for online gaming, and an additional Windows license. All in all, I wouldn't recommend it for this purpose. :p
  13. Just like the Barb (changing stances with the gamepad is -hideous-), it seems like this willl be a mouse/keyboard only, in practice. Real time strategy has never worked with a gamepad. Ever. Halo Wars was quite easy to control with an x-box 360 controller, to be honest. It wasn't the most in depth rts of all time, but I guess neither is DD, eh? I wouldn't give up hope just yet.
  14. That'd take away from the rarity of huge swords and such, making any good squire / barb plummet in value. Bad for traders, good for people just starting out. I like it, even though I trade a lot.
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