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  1. The whole point of time limits is to make it more difficult. In order to accomplish maps under those time pressures you must have enough running speed and cast rate, things which you will acquire as you farm gear. The first wave setup is something you have to figure out. For the most part as it stands there is enough time to do well enough first wave. A very small increase would be nice like along the lines of 15 extra seconds or so but anything more I think would take away from the challenge. I remember way back when I was starting out I couldn't do glitter runs on insane because of the tim
  2. Yea the health to displacement ratio idea is very good, as it would bring back our dusty wall squire back on the scene and provide that much more variety to potentially functional builds. Angular displacement on walls is another thing that makes sense to include as that is how the physics involved works. I think they are trying to make that work because a wall going sideways means the shark pushed at an angle but the trig isn't in the code yet. We will just have to wait and see how the balancing turns out as the dlc comes in.
  3. I would just like to say that I really appreciate your time and effort in this cause. This is well organized and instructive and for that my OCD would like to give you a cake =). Also a bit of a bump :p
  4. So in patch 7.30c * Sharken can no longer fully embed pushed Defenses into world geometry However having a wall even partially inserted into the environment doesn't make sense, how does a shark tackle a wall into a flipping mountain?! You would think that "anchoring" a wall to the landscape should insure its position. I think wall pushing needs tweaking because finding a strategic spot for a wall is an interesting mechanic that adds much more depth to tower placement(DU cost vs solid positioning), not all lanes have to have this "sweet spot" but it might be something that can help people
  5. Yea same here I also have a hard time in gas traps. I understand the concept of the visuals is to represent the extent of what the tower is doing but maybe an option to scale down gfx or something along those lines would be great on my eyes. For example the inferno traps don't need to have flames going up so high, the visual should just go up to knee level. Similar story for gas trap, the gas is thick up to knee level and thins out higher up. The effect area remains the same just the visual is less intense.
  6. Maybe a "change hero" option could be placed somewhere closer to the game listing, as it is currently you either join a game and blitz for the forge to change into what you think the host will accept or make a private game to change and go back to the search screen(in the process usually someone else takes your spot). An active chat window would be cool as that would help to sort active/afk hosts not only for games but for shops, and combined with the change hero option it would allow for more preparation/coordination before starting the game. If that is hard to implement, then maybe raise
  7. I forget the exact breakdown but Imps only repair one tower at a time, while the engineer repairs multiple towers at once. I believe it's all towers within its radius(possibly the casting radius?). It's been a very long time since I've used either since they are not as effective as a guardian or a dps pet. TL : DR Use the engineer if you want repairs.
  8. I do agree with the logic behind the items remaining mostly cosmetic, but the cost could be scaled down a tiny wee bit. I also noticed after spending 2.5M it was still worth 1500 or so which should be higher because of said spent mana but also because of rarity.
  9. Do you mean the failure to load map? The "fix" is to restart steam and then verify game cache, that way it "refreshes" all of your files. It should download some after verification, I believe there is other posts regarding this issue with more in-depth information.
  10. When EV was introduced we all discovered how great the EV walls were, cheaper in DU and much more "flexible". Now with the sharken pushing walls back or out of place everyone is whining about nerfs and fixes. PROPOSED SOLUTION: Bring spike walls and/or bouncers back on the scene by giving those 2 towers the ability to NOT be moved, after all a sharken tackling a spiky bit should not have the force to push back(maybe do MORE damage to itself). *Note: I haven't had much of a chance to play recently and all I was trying to verify was the sharken behaviour, so I'm not sure if spike walls al
  11. I think along with this there should be the "Edit hero" option as well, so we can change outfits/colors with more ease.
  12. The male and female counter parts should have remained as different classes like the original set. They each have their pros and cons, mainly speed and hp. Let's not forget that the special abilities also make the class worth buying because that feature turns the tables on how you configure your character. People complained about having to level up another character and that's why it's now done with costumes/skins. But big deal we did that plenty of times in the past (most veterans here have 12+ heroes on 74 and up) and it's not like it takes that long. The leveling up feature of the game i
  13. Since the ranger has an unlockable jetpack outfit, I think it would be awesome if EV got rocket-boots on an outfit that would function in the same way. Out of all the classes, EV is the most fitting to get such an item. It may be possible that this will be added through the "accessories" upcoming update, but if not I think it's worth considering.
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