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  1. Been suggested 100 times before. It's never going to happen.
  2. Going to have to ride this out and see how well it's implemented.
  3. Tokens are the natural result of items being valued higher than 600m. Imagine if all you had was 1 dollar bills. You want to buy a new laptop, but you'd need to carry in a cartload of 1000 dollar bills. Result: Everyone would be demanding 5, 10, 20 dollar bills and so on. The laptop manufacturer will not be willing to lower his price down to $100 just because that's all you can fit in your wallet. Extremely high price demands, which I would quantify as 36+ (the max you can pay in 600m tokens in a single secure trade), are a result of three things. First, top quality items are fairly rare an
  4. If you dug into the source code I'm sure you could find the relevant caps and soft caps. But good luck finding/comprehending the code.
  5. I haven't noticed any change, but then again I don't tend to jump headlong into a mass of skeletons. I would suggest making good use of strength drain auras in the meantime.
  6. After playtesting, I pretty much take back what I said. The changes are pretty fair, and a lot of the maps desperately needed the drop in mob count. Yeah, supremes are harder to farm, but imho they should be. Still in agreement with my statement before about challenge maps and monsterfests. Some of the challenge maps are now super easy (Challenge? lolno), while the monsterfest rewards have been dropped by about 33% (in my experience) until you get to the last few waves where the mob count exceeds 1000. The 33% holds true if you loot during the round. My exception is the infinite wave maps li
  7. I don't really mind, it's a user issue not a problem with DD. What I would like to see is host switching, so if the host leaves or disconnects in the middle of a game it doesn't ruin it for everyone else. It wouldn't help solo players though.
  8. There's a cap, but it's a soft cap. 2k is fine unless you have some crazy build that needs that extra 1 inch boost. It's really not worth sacrificing other stats.
  9. Exempla gratia: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197986205035/screenshot/596972801573904148
  10. The thread title pretty much says it all. Sometimes the clutter of towers, upgrades, and minions makes it hard to see loot and calls. It was bad enough before, but now minions clutter up the map as well. So it would be nice to have a hotkey that would toggle hiding of the aforementioned clutter.
  11. This is not true. Think about it: if every wave had, let's say, 20K mobs, would obtaining gear become faster? You are missing the other side of equation, which is TIME. Less mobs, less time for a single run. Also, less chance for random leaks / glitches wich could take down the crystal eventualy.The rare drops only occur on the final waves. So yes, 20k mobs spawning on the final wave would make it faster to farm rare drops, because you don't have to reset, rebuild your layout, and work your way up to the waves that actually drop good equipment.
  12. This should have been implemented on a map-by-map basis. Some maps have been essentially turned into easy mode. Ogre Crush, as if it wasn't easy enough, now only spawns 10 ogres with 4 players instead of 20. Even with low stats you could beat the map. A lot of challenge maps have been nerfed the same way, Monsterfest in particular. Some legitimately needed it, like Wizardry, War of the Djinn, and Sky o' Love. Same with some survival maps, like Magus Quarters, which spawned OVER NINE THOUSAND (sorry, had to say it) mobs on the later waves. We're going to see pet prices drop like a stone now,
  13. Would be even more useful for minions. Because good luck scouring the map for the 1 minion that got killed.
  14. The top tier towers are all crap, but the ethereal spike is the worst. Everywhere you might want an ethereal spike, a proxy would be better. DST are possibly an exception. I've seen a number of builds use them because of their wall piercing ability.
  15. I don't think any maps should list suggested levels. Gear makes more of a difference than level.
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