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  1. Ok, lemme just ask this. Before you go whining about how they are so OP, tell me, have you... 1) Placed Gas Traps 2) Placed Ensnare Auras 3) Placed a Lengthwise Shock Beam in front of your defences. 4) If not killing them quick enough is the problem. Mix up a Fireball with the Harpoon Formation, or try an Inferno Trap. Until you have done either of these, please don't immediately assume they are overpowered. They've only been around half a freaking hour, you cannot conclude squat until you have properly tried and tested every possible option we have open to us. All of these methods work, rendering sharken completely helpless. I can tell you this does NOT work at all! I had gas traps, which I manually released, and ensnare aura on the same spot - but the Sharken just rushed in insane speed through it all and went straight for the crystal, making a nice big hole in my Ev wall (and destroying my buff beam) and pretty much 2 shot the crystal. This is gonna be a challenge :D
  2. Upcoming patch note: * Added 40 more Item Box spaces, 50 more Player Shop Item spaces, and 20 more Items allowed on Tavern Floor Great news, many thanks Hitmon!
  3. Yeah defiantly needed, maybe make more room available to purchase through the tavern keeper? Ohh, watch it! Don't mention "purchase", the next thing you'll see is a new "dlc" which you have to buy to get more space! :p
  4. I agree and in addition to this it would be great to see how much items you currently have in your item box (it is intricate to go through every folder and its sub-folders to rate the number). Something like: xxx / yyy items. Good idea, +1 from me!
  5. With the new patch coming and more items and new set, it would be very handy with more tavern floor space and(/or) more inventory space. Being an active Shop host and trying to trade by showing off what items you have (when you have a full shop) + tokens etc, takes up the available slots quite fast. Any chance for adding more space with the patch coming the 26'th? Cheers! PayBack
  6. Trendy, I can understand wanting too add new shiny things to the game, but this "numbers" game has gone far enough... it went far enough even before Mythical Level Items came into the picture. STOP WITH THE GRINDING. IT ISN'T FUN. Can we at least see Upgrade Costs get reduces all around so that we don't have to waste nearly as much time and resources just to upgrade ONE piece of sodding equipment. Furthermore, an EXP adjustment would also be welcomed, I don't see why we have to get 13 Million Experience or more just to reach one extra level. What purpose does it honestly serve? If you can give me a legit answer, I will throw my hands up and be the first to say, "That's fine. I can understand that". This game is getting dangerously close to the "Not fun any more" category in my eyes. Simply because of this frankly ludicrous emphasis on wasting hours upon hours GRINDING. Sure, it's 50 hours or so more added to the game, but it's 50 hours i'd rather never happened and just got straight to the point. No need to use other word, I agree with both your points. With 5 builders and a dps, no way I'm gonna waste the time needed not only getting them to 83, but just to re-gear and mana investment in new gear :/ [c3;429760'] by the time you are level 74 you have access to armor and weapons that pushes your stats so far up the diminishing returns curve that you may as well not even bother spending aside from the fact that you have to to use the gear you get. the levels are just an artificial limiter to break you into the conventions of gameplay. getting the gear is leveling, and getting the gear takes far longer than leveling in any other MMO out there. Totally agree, and with the drop rates as they are now, you cant expect to gear up a character in less than 2-3 weeks (with Myth's) and 1-2 months for Trans unless your active on the trading forums. I spend billions of mana trading and then grinding first OMF to gear up, now I can solo Misty, but I get maybe 10 Trans bits, whereof 4 are utterly crap weapons and MAYBE 1 usable armour piece per run, though usually not in set I need. Takes me around 2 1/2 hour from wave 23/24-30 and even more if I get friend in at later waves to help them gear up, and that's no counting the failed attempt where smth goes bonkers because of Djinns getting stuck, healer's spamming your walls or harpoons missing and wyren's wipe you. The timesink with the new level cap just seems unreasonable for me, if they have scaled the XP from 78-83 as they did from 74-78, that's a game quitter for me.
  7. Ok, thanks for the reply Ice, nice to know that it's on your "to do list". Thanks for a great game - keep on rocking :)
  8. Shameless bump, I hoped for an answer from Trendy on this..
  9. I tested this build yesterday, though not in mm, and my hat off - it works great! Soloed it to the end and the only slight small prob I had was the djinns from on the north eastern getting stuck behind the tree and eventually zapping 1 trap and my buff beam as the poon was only hitting the tree. Tried moving the poon, but still missed. Will try to downscale the gas trap next time as I think the range is a bit bugged once it's in effect. Besides from that it was only small wall repair's during late waves, ran it with my dps hunter with hunter guard from wave 14-30. Big thanks! /hat on PayBack
  10. Yea, it's weired :/ Had this 2-3 times, and the first time I had a +218 boost App guard with ok'ish stats. After I bought it it was -218 boost! All the pet's which this has happend too has been bought from the Tavern shop.
  11. Hi, I've had this two-three times now and it's getting annoying. Finished Misty and I got a real nice Hunter guardian in my pet shop. The stats was 148 range/123 boost with the usuall 1 number of defences to boost. After I happely purchased it and looked at it in my inventory it was 148/ -123/1 - none of the other stats had changed. Had the same issue with other guardians I bought that the boost stat go from positive in the shop to negative after I purchase it. I also had this with a couple of other guardian, but then I thought I had looked wrong before I purchased it, but this time I'm 110% certain of the stats before I bought it. Not seen or tested it on any other pets. Screenshot Anyone else experienced this? Cheers PayBack Edit: Added screenshot
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