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  1. I'll join in on this one. This is very kind of you.
  2. I normally go for about 20m on my myths. I only sell those that have 4 tower stats or hero hp and attack plus at least ability, so they are actually useful to people.
  3. When the queen drops below a certain amount of health she gets enraged and does more damage.
  4. I don't wanna make a new thread, since my question is of the same topic, so I'm just gonna ask here. Here it is: I found an Ultimate Aqua Lance with 340^, which has 4k base melee dmg and 700 ranged. Which way is it better to go with this weapon, ranged or melee? Export it to open and upgrade one stats then repeat and do the other. Then choose which one is best.
  5. it can't even hit flying mobs. Thats what you have a pet for.
  6. You can get it on any difficultly.
  7. Starting damage + (damage per upgrade x number of upgrades) The damage per upgrade is the same as long as the stuff has high enough starting damage.
  8. This.... If I had a software that was good enough to record without messing with my FPS and was free I would post builds so good..... they would just be good XD EDIT: Dude wtf are you modding!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATcpW1S0L3M&feature=plcp check out this video 2:20 no Mobile Moxie hits that high on Nightmare they don't even come in myth. Did you torrent Dungeon Defenders on PC? or what? You can get moxies as random drops so maybe he got a good one of them.
  9. I use 8. Tower: Squire, App, Huntress, Monk, Ev, Summoner DPS: Monk, Barbarian
  10. The hp of ev walls chance with how many dus they use. 2 du walls have the least health while 5 du walls have the most.
  11. If you are having problems with spiders you could always try putting some proxies on top of their spawns.
  12. Strength drain removes immunities so you shouldn't have any problems with lightning immune mobs.
  13. If you have the Halloween spooktacular dlc you can try that you should be able to beat it or get most of the way with those stats.
  14. Glitter NM Aquanos Isane CitC Insane/Nm
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