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    Hello to the dev-team! We all living in the progress world, and we have not only 16:9 or 16:10 or 4:3 displays, somebody prefer 21:9. Like me. So, why do we need to add options into files instead of choose the resolution from dropdown menu? Please, add the 21:9 resolutions.
  2. Yeah, the 0600 GMT+3 the same. Iam very surprised! Tho these weekends we'll can't play.
  3. Agreed. Now is the biggest problem for me is Orc Ladys, they pushing each other over the walls.
  4. So, i think this is not normal. It's one thing if you need to farm money or medals and the other when you maxed and doing the same over and over again. I have played c4 more than 150 times (i think we can double this number if i will remember matches with other builders), and didnt get neither the max progression nor shard. It's ridiculous!
  5. 15 consecutive wins. No defense rate shard. No medallions with main parameter over 6300 (base).
  6. Hi guys, i have a 2 questions: 1. I can't get the "defense rate shard". I have played over 150+ matches on c4. No shard with defense rate. 2. I can't progress. I have maximum about 6500-6700 (upgraded) but no 7000 medallion, and such (6700) medallion dropped once or twice and then i have only 6300 medallions and not better. Over 30 matches played.
  7. Almost each game session me and my friend have "server session timed out" or something like this. The game is just unplayable for now. (Europe region) Upd: +NEW message: Your login session has expired or in use! Superb! 5 minutes in game and "expired". Bravo!
  8. US servers crashed now. Think this is some system error
  9. You can't. Servers are down or something like this. Nobody can connect, trendy not works in nighttime i think (EST or how this terrible timezone calling)
  10. Trendy employees fall asleep and nobody can help you before they waked up. Just relax.
  11. Yes, the same for me. Trendy, not again, plz! I thought it would stay in the past. Unplayable for now. In my day off. Superb.
  12. Same here. Disconnecting almost each played game. Happens when the game starts, ends and logging into the tavern/city.
  13. I have only one question: Somebody in the universe can win the Chaos 5 (without cheats)? Especially after 19.3? Somebody? Anybody? Even in theory.
  14. Why like this? This was a TD game, good to help your towers it makes this game hybrid, but now you trying to make the hack&slash with REQUIRED co-op. You REALLY think the fans love the game for this??? No, we are not. All you need to do it's unique shards, more levels, more maps more difficulties, but not make the already difficult harder! You moved all drop to the end-waves? Ok i'am agreed it makes sense, but now i can't finish even chaos 1! Why? because all passive defences (towers) are nerfed, enemies overpowered, the ~15 games those i can't win with all the mechanics. And you can't ju
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