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  1. http://puu.sh/pwkV for the picture. My friend gave it to me because he thought it was a sketchy item, he said he found it on jungle somewhere around wave 25 survival. The guy who was building might have been using hacked items, but not sure. Any response on if this is legitimate or not would be appreciated.
  2. How would I do this? I have not done used it at all and have nothing to fear. I just really want to know if i can actually use it or not. And if i knew it was hacked, why the hell would i post it on the forums asking if it was real? My friend gave it to me because it was sketchy and he wanted nothing to do with it.
  3. http://puu.sh/pwkV for the picture of the item Got this from a friend that thought it might have been droped from a hacker, he found it while doing jungle survival on a high wave, 25+. Not sure if it is hacked or not. Any response would be appreciated.
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