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  1. Also there might be a chance they could reset unless I missed if they otherwise stated that they wont.
  2. This going to make for an awesome series piece, still would have been great to have a damage stat in there somewhere haha.
  3. Add them and can message them with your offers
  4. Well if you can do Winter Wonderland they are able to reward some amazing ones, here is one I got as a reward
  5. A few months ago most you would get for it was a few billion and maybe an okay pet but now they are upwards of 70 billion and almost like a cube. Why is that now?
  6. This could be like the zatch bell card game if anyone remembers that where you have a sorta commander and he can summon tower cards or attacks lol.
  7. The lights and everything just look so warming, atmosphere is amazing and it still retains a bit of the original tavern feel. Honestly amazing, nice job
  8. Could stuff out so many hackers by going into that forum lol. Look who just bid a 100 billion on like 3 cubes, doesnt have much playing time, also his comment no joke on his forum page is "sell mana for 1$ 10 billion"
  9. What's so good about having such mana tokens when all but 600.000.000 will disappear upon sale? These mana tokens when sold will you give you all of its mana, essentially ignoring the softcap of 600 million
  10. the ip. You have 4 different bending powers air, water, earth, and fire. Its pvp as well. Limited slots though so join asap!
  11. Either a monk for auras or an ev for walls and buffs if you have one
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