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  1. Aloha, Some thoughts for the next DD. In DD2 for the consoles please consider ram issues. Release a disc based game and try to maximize performance if possible. Consider ditching gamespy or whatever hosting and develop a new solution. Perhaps a separate 1 time fee for your own servers which can focus again on performance. When creating the vision for the next DD consider approaching it more like a MMO. Look at the trading culture on consoles and evaluate if this niche market is profitable, I'm sure it is. The trick is how to do it by policy and gain player consent. Develop a map th
  2. Feiv_Solo Sunday as late as possible ( I hear xNOxONEx starts late) Saturday alt if not, thanks <3
  3. I had some time today before class started. Here ya go: http://ddplanner.com/?l=11561,feiv-solo-aquanos-ps3-insane Tips in the notes section, need at least 78 builders, good luck.
  4. Log in with alt account, then R2 at char select for whatever account you want to show with trophies/characters = those trophies/characters display on Alt account name. How its done. So regardless of what you see, be careful. *returns to his vacation away from DD*
  5. Yea you missed this a rated E for everyone title and not everyone is going to catch the Seinfeld reference lol..
  6. Ideas I liked so far: Peter Griffon Squire Animus w/ extra projectiles Huntress Animus w/ extra projectiles (or could shoot piercing shots through walls) Navi - Healing hero type fairy, Zelda reference The animus' make the most sense since mentor and carnage (class specific) have been already been released. For color scheme if applying a 'Neon' glow to it can work, by all means do so.
  7. 17 on misty insane for a first real attempt. Will revisit later this week.
  8. PC economy is ruined by real money traders. Go into someones tavern and try to trade.... "Sorry, no mana or trades, only paypal"
  9. Did this the second day Aquanos came out with 78 builders and an 83 traptress to find out if seahorses existed, on insane as well. Was so sad when I got a Kiari... Since I was discouraged by drop rates I never went back, forgot build, but can scrap together something after the patch. Keep an eye out for the build then.
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