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  1. 1) Skipping trans to supreme is not viable, if u think that trans is expensive, u should see sups. I would forget about the myth/trans/sup tag, just get the item that is better for you. 2) There are many places that these drop, although the easiest places would have to be later waves of Survival on Throne Room, Ramparts, or Endless spires on NMHCMM. Shards maps usually start dropping them as early as wave 15 (depending on map), however these are much harder, and you will need multiple builders well-geared, which i recommend getting anyways. (also you have to remember trans+ arent like myths,
  2. *Puts barb dps set, eternian spear, and 20k damage seahorse with 289 ups.. Does 45m dps on a dummy* :'( *Puts barb dps set, eternian spear, and propeller kitty.. Does 81m dps on a dummy* (both with boost aura on) Wow? I'm taking pet advice from people who obviously don't even know the class they are trying to sell me. *Gasp* If I ran with a trans seahorse on I'd be doing just as much as a barb when using my hero boost.. If I run it with a prop cat? I get slighly more dummy dps than my barb but that isn't factoring in hawk stance I can use every 1 second. All the while this is using the
  3. If you plan on farming better gear, other classes are a must, then go to the hardest map you can handle.
  4. I remembered when i lost 50 trans weapons from my floor, when someone hacked the lobby. Ran no more afk shops after that.
  5. +1 for this, might make me actually start helping in pubs again
  6. The problems with king's game wasnt the loot quality, it was the fact that the loot quality was great for a map as easy as deeper well. It just made every other map completely pointless (except for unique rewards).
  7. Riyshun, have u tried insane survival or challenges? Early NM survival is totally possible with under 400-500 stats. (low waves abviously)
  8. U think that was bad, first time completing NMHC aqua wave 30 i got a 53 mana girrafe. And yes its true that progression is broken, the point im trying to make is that the points that are broken are not usually what people complain about. And that most people that do complain do it without actual knowledge.
  9. The difference is, there is a better place to farm from throne room, and misty also, if u can easily beat throne room, then why dont u do misty, if u can do misty than why not do aqua. If u can do aqua, then try Sky city or Talay(with friends).
  10. Sir latency, i actually mentioned in my original post that end-game advancement is stupidly broken, its the mid to low lvl nightmare complainers that annoy me
  11. Kings game is a joke, as it originally started and what it turned into. And i do agree that loot quality on maps is lower than it should be, but there is almost always a progression path. you just have to find it.
  12. I am not trying to sound offensive in any way, im just voicing my opinions over things that have been bugging me enormously on the forums, so dont give me flame, just disagree. The issues that have constantly made me worked up are people constant complaints and argues revolved around progression, and loot farming. For starters, recently in a few threads people keep complaining that 'progressing' past 1.5-2k stats is too difficult, IT SHOULD BE. People keep forgeting that late game nightmare is exactly that, LATE game. It should be difficult and it should require work. Nightmare is the en
  13. I have to agree with this. A map come out to help lower lvl players to progress and help solo players,and now the hard core players are crying,because there afk shop stuff will have to come down in price. I hope trendy keeps it this way,it's only one map out of how many we can solo on nm with less than imbar gear? The issue is not that the hardcore players can easily do this, its that low tier players can do it, and get the best loot around, this map should follow the rules of progression (harder maps=better loot). And apart from a few special pieces like unique weapons and pets, the
  14. It seems that this game has finally come to an end for me, i feel completely cheated, i have spent hundreds of hours farming and working and playing trying to get to the top, and what now? A new map thats easy and gives great loot, im seriously loosing all inclination to play this game. The idea of progression is Harder Content=better loot, this doesnt follow that, this map is too easy, i enjoy that, having a better way to break into nightmare i am all for, but a map should not bring u from early myths to ultimate gear in a single run, i have only managed to find 1 ult armour out of my 700hrs
  15. Any hackers with half a clue can create legit looking items anyway, the problem isnt with hacked 'legit' items, it with items too good to be true. If someone makes an awsome but totally reasonable item, the overall impact to the community is not large, the only people that would be affected are those that bought the item (and if they want to buy their way to the top so be it). I personally believe that helping the community spot hacked items, report hackers and avoid bans themselves is much more important than stopping a few would be hackers creating, 'Normal' items.
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