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  1. Hopefully there will be Events in DD2. Also hoping the same crew we have now with perhaps some new blood as well can do it. Will have to wait and see.
  2. I hope we can bring back events in DD2 as well. The Event Emporium, at least for PC, will most likely never happen.
  3. Please include an option to turn this off on PC, it is annoying. I want to shoot where I actually aim, not where the game thinks I want to.
  4. Congratulations to HPTSparky for winning my code!
  5. I have 1 spare code for the first person to PM me. Don't bother if you already have one please.
  6. I want to go bowling again. Used to be on a league + go in my spare time years ago, was hooked. It got way too expensive to keep going around here anymore. Sad to see you go. Many thanks for what you've done for the community.
  7. I just remembered some more things I would like to see. An updated DDDK for one with all the new maps/things you introduce with this coming patch. Fix Total Conversions ... at one point some Event Hosts were going to do something really cool with the game, and could not because Total Conversions are completely broken at the time being.
  8. Most things I would like to see have already been posted. There is one thing I would like to see changed that I posted long ago though, and this is tower upgrading priorities. Link explaining what I mean below... http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?77717-Tower-Upgrading-Priorities
  9. More options are good. I like the black background/white text option there is now, but more is always welcome.
  10. Glaedr is NOT an event host, this item is hacked.
  11. It is not an event item. We never had this item, and Trendy themselves never made it. You ran into a guy pretending to be an event host.
  12. Yes, please bring this back. It was awesome in DD1.
  13. Offer both the DD2 and DD1 style minimap, and allow players to enable or disable each. This. For the old DD1 style map, make it have a transparency slider option from 0% to 100%. Give it toggle-able filters for things like which towers to show, show towers damaged more than X percent, show only certain types of items such as loot, etc. Giving players options is a good thing. The mini-map just cannot convey the kinds and amount of information the larger map can, hence it being mini ... and obviously you don't want a full-screen map open 100% of the time either.
  14. I bought these for a Goku figure with some cubes i got from selling my extra howling Please don't assume stuff eagle :( You need to explain this better ... with pictures if you can. This makes no sense at all.
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