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  1. This won't end well, merc :P 40 cv
  2. you know it, boi you know you wanna
  3. Apples. Tacos or Burritos?
  4. Auction ending tomorrow. Contacting people will start tomorrow.
  5. It's all fun and games til someone's dancing on the DJ equipment. Rare footage of Curtisgk in a club
  6. Auction will end in the next 1-2 days due to lack of interested. If you won the auction, you will be contacted. If not, sorry =(
  7. Reserves added, I'm willing to be lenient with bids I will accept so even if they're close to the reserve, you still might get the item.
  8. Where da interest at doe? I'll think about adding reserves soon if not today.
  9. Usual rules apply. Currencies accepted Cubes Diamonds (5/10/15) Lab runs (1:10 or 1:15; whichever floats your boat) Traced events if it comes to that C/O: NPC - hoppo
  10. Can start at 450 runs.
  11. shut up horry, not like thissss
  12. 20 nmhc survival aqua seahorse runs
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