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  1. hay gurls. basically title. Add me on steam or just link a screenshot :]
  2. Add me: https://steamcommunity.com/id/v1rality I have a 66k glad and sup accs
  3. Lol, I am not a checker, but Im pretty sure that it is impossible for glads to spawn with 23k base dmg... Well if I remember correctly, he said it was a pre-patch glad. I wasn't around when akatiti first came out but I've seen pre-patch glads before.
  4. Blaster check for auction. Please and ty.
  5. Was actually wondering the same thing. May do it eventually but right now, just sticking to KG/Sky City.
  6. omg :( I feel like this will be the first of many for the community.
  7. It could be good but the only way to find out if it's better than pawn/ecannon is to farm a good one with stats and everything and compare lol.
  8. The mana values look quite fishy once fully upp'd IC please.
  9. IC before possibly buying. Any of these legit?
  10. IC; Might buy but looks kinda fishy. Nevermind. Super hacked. He even tried to change the stats on the boots but kept all the other stats the same.
  11. Been away for a long time now. Has melee monk become better than ranged monk? I'm seeing people upgrading melee more than range nowadays. Just curious.
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