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  1. Most things post YG Dagger. So everything minus mask of pumpkin king, war bonnet, ginger, and Eternity.
  2. jyu bby. Here's my submission https://imgur.com/a/segNE
  3. I'll buy Gaias, Poolskimmer, Iratxo, War Bonnet, Golden Roost, Cinnamon, and Celebracers?
  4. @MasterPlays quote: Oh okay, what are you valuing them at? I'm interested
  5. Title. Offering Cubes and Diamonds 5/10/15; I can also check my stocks for any gear you're looking for.
  6. Did it though? show me some ult or higher sceptres bbycakez
  7. for my body or something. thanks. TITLE 
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