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  1. I do Aqua MM survival starting at 18 a lot. I don't usually complete it, but if I play well I can get pretty far with mediocre stats. Also, a wall getting charged isnt INSTANT LOSS like everyone seems... If a Shark happens to charge, which does occasionally happen, you just kite the ogre or turn him around and tank him. Yeah you might need to be on a dps character with some resists, but you probably should have that if you are doing high level mm nm hc.. I'm just tired of hearing "my wall got charged and instant gg and this is no fun". The most fun I have is when something goes wrong and I have to actually react. Its not over instantly, you can recover, and it sure as hell beats sitting on a cluster of towers with a guardian on hitting g every once and a while. Overall, this game is getting more depth and more action. If people are looking for a static afk tower d game, this probably isnt for you.
  2. I assumed it was a birdfish issue. I was thinking about that as gold birdfishes make it all the way down the isles already if they are poison immune. It's a shame so much DU has to be spent to be extra careful of goldfish as you call them since they spawn some close to the crystal and they have such high health. I suppose thats why mix mode is harder though. Again, my friends and I have been using your builds for a while now and we really appreciate all the effort you put in.
  3. Ran the build with two friends last night on mix, after finding the right placement for the gas traps we stopped getting charged and everything seemed to be working out alright. We lost twice to goldfish though, our solution is going to be having a dps pet sitting on the crystal pretty much at all times. Love the build to death. A few things. I know people always try to give you advice and that must get kind of annoying after a while. I also know you know how to build much better than I do. That being said, do you think it would be possible to remove one or both of the darknesses in the south and maybe just move the Str drain to the other side of the crystal? With buff beam and our aura monk, it was still covering the top ledge where wyverns come out (I'm not sure that matters though with just a MM for anti air backwards) and would cover a decent amount forward to strip immunity. Could allow for switching the MM's into harpoons. I'm sure you've considered something like this, but I'm just trying to see the line of the thought if you don't mind. I get that you lose electric damage and fireball damage till they get to the radius, but I'm thinking at least on one of the sides it might not be too big of a deal assuming the range on the str drain is pretty good.
  4. Yes. This definately happened to us as well, trying to tank the Kraken in a healing aura. Overall, the healing wasn't too much, but it was definately a bug that was happening. Didn't take any screenshots though.
  5. My friends and I beat it with lower stats, maybe 2500 - 2800 main stat. Wasnt too hard, one thing about the boss is I don't know how you would do it on hc since unless you are a squire with health gear, one of his attacks will pretty much one shot you. We had a tower squire, dps squire, and really badly geared boost monk. Fought him in a healing aura and str drain, pretty much only doing tentacle damage with pets (all running with ranged elemental pets). Took a long while, couple of deaths each, but overall wasn't that insane for our stats. On Hardcore, it would be a nightmare, I might go with only super stacked health characters, or maybe a building character that never comes anywhere near the boss. My monk with only 1.1k player hp would be getting one shot even in str drain so I don't know about that.
  6. Had the same issue last night. I was with two other friends who didn't have the problem, however it was my trap, so I'm wondering if that was part of the problem. To get around it, I was able to zoom my camera into first person and look at the forge above the ground a bit and I could access it.
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