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  1. I have heard on quite a few threads is that the Jester is the last DLC and now things are moving forward for a Dungeon Defenders sequel. Is this true? Or are the trolls getting to me? Thanks
  2. My brother-in-law and myself were up ALL night farming this map. We have had nothing but frustration trying to get any amount of Trans items to drop, and this map was a welcome chance for us to finally get over that hurdle. That and the shiny tiles make for a fun, sleep-deprived good time! "Look at me!!! Im flying...wait...right off the map...Ahhhhhhh!" lol
  3. Thats excellent to hear, Ill be ready to support yall when you release DLC. Currently I have 4 copies of DD on Steam one for me, my wife, and 2 kids and I buy most DLC for all four accounts! Im insane!!!
  4. Dang, still no answer from the team. This is a real important question IMHO.
  5. In the latest Digest I read, it sounded to me your done creating content for Dungeon Defenders after the 4th Lost Shard release. Is this true? Please tell me I just read that completely wrong. -Leo
  6. It's because there are no moon rocks for the portal surfacing. Makes it harder to rip holes in time and space when they are mid-air. Please send astronauts to the moon to collect more rocks, trendy. You sir win the internet for the day, this made me laugh out loud! :D That being said I do get a FPS decrease when someone uses a portal gun, kinda annoying.
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