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  1. I dunno if i'll be back ^^ The break gonna be long i think. I need a break cause fun goes away.
  2. Good evening everyone. I'm writting to you because tonight i take a huge decision. I'm exhausted with the endless waves, the Genies locked so high when they unsummon that you know you're fu***ed, death on the last wave because only Dark Elves and Mage are summoning in mix mode, playing a all night to hope for 1 good item, the sharks on low map so you can't get good enough item to farm new maps, telling myself that i don't have to wait for friends to finish this map because it's easier without them... Tonight i'm bored with all this. I'm asking me why am i still playing whereas after a l
  3. That would be nice to hear about trendy and what they expect on these update.
  4. Hello, I'd like to thank you all for this topic. It resume my opinions on this case. I was reluctant to read all but for the lazy people like me it is totally necessary. I just want to add something a this proposal : My proposal is this: DLC should stay with DLC, and the core game should stay with the core game. You probably saw my post on Reddit, but what I mean by that is this: Spiders - only on Misty level Djinn - only on Moraggo level Sharken - only on Aquanos level OrcAliens - only on the Moonelesco level (yes, this is a guess on my part.) And then leave Nig
  5. Damn, this update is gonna kill me. I thought we would drop more transcendant because of the difficulty :'(
  6. have you seen more transcendant than usualy due to the lvl 83 Stuff ?
  7. Amazing ! I could AFK farm OMF quite easly. I started a new one to see how sharks are. First Wave : no more def Seconde wave, 4 sharks and i'm dead :D So i decided to put Gas Trap + Slow aura + Beam and.... I died again :D They can charge from a waaaaayyyy to far to be slow/root. And about their hp ? The 50% reduction is totaly needed !!!! So i perfectly understand the people who complain themself. And i agree with most of the post. I found it is boring to be unable to farm mythical whereas i was looking for transcendental. I'm not overstuffed like the ones who can say "guys, you're
  8. Machiavell goods idea strike again ! I'd like a Walkyrie costume too !
  9. I sometimes criticize some points of the game but it's to improve the fun. I totaly agree with Guizmus and you're realy doing a good job. It's wonderfull to see that people can affect the game changes. And it's always in a good way. It seems that's how teamwork works and i hope it'll continue to be like this.
  10. They seem to have got it right for half of it but then not so much the rest, you get better loot and stuff with more people (I think) but the scaling is too much You get better loot because there is more monsters. When there is too many item on the ground, the crap disapear first. If you kill 1000 monsters instead of 2000 with 10% of getting transcendant the equation is quite simple. You may get better item on the second case. But since you can't reach wave 20+ with multiple players you're done...
  11. Well, we'll see if the new patch change some things... ^^"
  12. In my opinion it's not gonna change a lot. Scale will be the same no ? Still more monsters, but no more damage when 4 players are on map. It's just gonna make the solo way easier no ?
  13. increasing the DU if more players join would be hard to manage if the players left It was just an idea between a lots of. I don't pretend to be an expert, i'm sur Trendy have much more qualified worker than me. But I think something should be done in order to make 4 coop games playable.
  14. I'm not a pro player but I agree with Wes1180. The game scale a bit too much. 2 people is quite fine because you can repair faster and you can handle the added number of monsters with guardians. But if more players come, you may have more damage in early wave but in the end waves i personnaly don't do enough damage and have enough resist (even with almost 90% in everything). I just repair and protect from spiders (One buffed Dark Elfe and i'm almost dead). And with four players doing the same you have the same tower damage but many monsters. [QUOTE]It's pointless to do it with 3 when you
  15. I tried MM Survival MM yesterday with a friend. We had some issue with the Mages. They chain fire balls and damage quite hard walls. Is it a bug or is it gonna stay like this ? At wave 15 it's quite impossible to repair everything and mages are too far to take damage from turrets.
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