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  1. luke127

    Item Check Thread

    Would also like to know about this Ultimate Clava. Cheers :)
  2. luke127

    Item Check Thread

    IC please, found this mega chicken in an item shop and I'm a bit ehhh on it. Thoughts? 
  3. luke127

    Item Check Thread

    I'm here once again. Sorry for not putting it in the last one. Anyway, I was playing around and I noticed that maybe this maybe has more than normal stats for it's rarity. Thanks for the work! The 20 upgrades on that looks a bit fishy... Could be a way to boost the mana value so people don't think it's hacked. I agree with you though it is a bit fishy... :P (This is NOT an IC. Just an opinion :) )
  4. hahaha this is a hilarious auction xD
  5. luke127

    Item Check Thread

    Xentro, if you've got the time to pull apart the game in the DDDK you can learn to check items yourself. It's possible.
  6. Aww that's a shame. I would've posted had I seen this earlier :(
  7. -removed- Could've started an argument.
  8. I have been busy also, although I am online right now and I have quite a bit of mana :P
  9. luke127

    Item Check Thread

    Congratulations. Pleasepost your Steam ID with Steam requests in future. The Glad is possible and my gladius Mkjo? D:
  10. This doesn't say Ultimate+ it just says Ultimate?
  11. If no one else is going to start this auction, I'll give it a starting bid of 10 cubes.
  12. luke127

    Item Check Thread

    This glad is freaking awesome. If you upgraded it, it'd cap in ALL 8 stats. Freshly farmed. IC for auction please :)
  13. Agreed with Eagle. Normally you wouldn't get cubes for a normal myth item PERIOD. So take that offer ASAP. (Unless it was an obsidian weapon in which case you might get 1 cube if it was an extremely good myth)
  14. A shame, I just sold my 80k Ult+ glad for 10 cubes :(
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