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  1. Just get two Huntress' with good Soul Focuser's and do it with no traps... That's what I do...
  2. no its horrible i've never seen one with at least 25 upgrades n when your shoot it it lags the game. but on xbox should be easy if you have a hacking friend I hope this was a joke.. Hacking pisses me off. Thanks all for the replies! I am currently trying for a high level Undying Rod.. It is taking fooooooooooooorever... Sigh..
  3. If I had an update, you would have heard about it. :^) We just get so ANSIE!
  4. I feel like no one is talking about this thing!? What is the deal? Is it any good? Is it not worth the PAIN of this level!? What is the deal xboxers!?
  5. Sigh... Most levels I have personally seen on xbox is 116... Some day I hope to see 150+ for myself...... Sigh... Some day....
  6. I was soooooo mad! I thought I lost my BEST one so far... but I RE-found it today! A little over 3600 base damage! Wooooot!
  7. I lost my chicken to corrupt save file... Sigh... I am happy for you... kinda..
  8. Squeaky wheel gets a ^93! Haha. I know it is not the best ever, but... I'll take it! doing700k+ DPS with it! started a new mage for dps, going to try and farm one of these now. do you play on medium with multiple controllers on last wave? I was doing it on hard with my roommate playing as well!
  9. xbox I got a 161^ 4 projectiles 352 damage base ^_^ Depression... Haha. Thanks for the other responses. I guess I will keep plugging away! Haha.
  10. So... Undying Rod.. Easily my favorite Wand in the game. I absolutely love this thing. I have a level 48 which does ok. I love the animation, the shot spread... everything. BUT! If 48 is good... 150 levels would be better!! SO, I have been a farming away.. Killing these guys (:genie:) a lot.. etc.. Finally came down with a 79 level! I was so thrilled I almost peed! ........and then I realized it only had ONE projectile...... NO little icon to upgrade it.. I realized this and immediately fell into a deep depression.. but I rallied my spirits! Went back in and got a 100 level!! Peeeeeeeeee
  11. Uh.... I die so fast against that Boss it is absurd...
  12. Sigh.. I wish I knew the secret to being lucky.. War of the Djinn takes a REALLY long time..
  13. Uh... am I missing something?! Is there a way to stop the water? I used decoy magic barricades for the Sharken last night and it went pretty well. I used Invisibility with the boss and it went pretty well... BUT... once the water started coming in, I was too slow to get around the map.. Am I missing something?
  14. I really like the idea of the Series EV. Sounds like a cool combination of heroes with unique traps..
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