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  1. If you have a solid waller please bring that toon. The group has a waller/2dps already. Looking to have more coverage on the walls. MSG me at StuOwnsU on Steam
  2. In yesterday's devestream they said they are focusing on matchmaking for the next update. As far as I have heard from them there is currently no intention to go back to DD1's matchmaking. Sadly. I really loved that. There are also some really cool suggestions out there. That is the saddest news I have heard about this game so far. They are changing all of the things that I loved about the first DD. I dont see the reason for it, they had a great following for the first one and I can only assume they have folllowed them.
  3. Does anyone have an opinion on where the shop feature is or if its on its way? I do miss that ability to control the market on rare items.ALthough it appears that items can not be traded now. What caused the change to not be able to trade items with friends? I can see the appeal for having your drops more particular to your class. Even though there were a higher percentage of drops in DD1. Can someone get me some facts on what reason what chosen for the changes?
  4. I recently started playing this pre-alpha (1200+ hours on the original). There are plenty of things that are obnoxiously wrong with the game at this stage so I dont want to start to many threads about issues. The reason for this post is the sad shape matchmaking is in. When I quit games, I am put back into the same game when searching for a new game. This is really annoying, it also leaves me thinking there is no one else playing multiplayer. Can someone get me some feedback on when or if Trendy will go back to the original matchmaking from DD1? It would greatly improve the game experience.
  5. I would you to explain how leaving comments like this,"[redacted]." are okay? But a retaliation is frowned upon you should question your own morals and approach this in email form or it can stay public like children who have no common sense
  6. Finished. Its a good way to get ok braces of Annatar. Besides that I would not recommend this at any extent. It also gave a few myth weps (which were dropped and sold to vendor)
  7. Just an fyi, this is the worst map to run surv. 3 man team, 3700 enemies, 50-75 ogres end of wave to extend kill rate out an additional 10 min. Worst part is the 250mil health ogres... Def dont recommend for anyone. Loot is not worth it so far Still going...
  8. Sounds good. I will be online this weekend just add me on steam, i normally play in the evening maybe late afternoon
  9. I am looking for 1-2 ppl who are willing to sit through the campaign so myself and a friend may get this achievement. If interested pls message me on steam or on here.Let me know when you are available, what hours(please provide time zone) and what day so we may get this completed. It will take roughly two hours. Most likely less. Thanks everyone
  10. Just trying to get a general idea what to expect. Any prizes for beating it?
  11. Thanks guys for the quick response. Needed that achievement and now ill have it done today
  12. Can my pets attack for this achievement or do I need to have out non attacking pets?
  13. Thanks figured it out in the mean time. Any answer for the game crashing with the grayed out screen?
  14. I currently resolved an issue with not being able to host a private game with changing the launch options to -tcp. I no longer can change my controls with -tcp in place. How can I save my control changes and be able to host a private room? Sidenote: my game will crash during boss cutscenes.(screen grays out with horizontal lines showing)
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