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  1. 1. I found the ranged combat in DD1 to actually function quite well. Tracking ahead of units just the right amount, but still firing a "dumb" non-homing shot and having a long range worked really well. It contributed to the unconstrained openness of the game. IE: Nothing about the potential of ranged combat was diminished as a result of balance issues. In terms of the actual charging vs. rapid fire, I did like when you held down the primary and then secondary attack how the shot would fire in succession. Between the auto-lead and that, it made it very easy to run & gun during the some
  2. I would hope they remake some key parts of the game so that when the game comes out it is more capable of having all the dlc. Definitely. It would be nice if OUYA became a first-class version like Steam and at the very least remains multiplayer-compatible with it.
  3. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2012/07/valve-announces-ubuntu-port-of-steam-source-engine-and-left-4-dead-2/ Don't leave me hanging guys! I have Dungeon Defenders for iOS, Android, PS3, PC and Xbox. But what I've really wanted is Dungeon Defenders for Linux.
  4. I would like to see Trendy produce Dungeon Defenders for the OUYA. It's Android based, they're likely already there it's just a matter of integrating with the marketplace. As the person who has owned the first ever publically available copy of Dungeon Defenders, bought it on Android, PS3 and PC...I say this game should be out for Ouya. :)
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unreal_Engine[[1109,hashtags]] "...as well as systems using OpenGL, including the PlayStation 3, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Stage 3D for Adobe Flash Player 11."
  6. http://oilrush-game.com/ Ubuntu software centre is featuring this game for-pay. As someone who has shown my support for Trendy and Dungeon Defenders by buying: First Android release PS3 and all addons not exclusive to PSN+ 1 steam copy with all addons released A second steam copy for a friend ...I think I can speak on my reputation and say that you have a reasonable and accessible market available to you through the Ubuntu Software Centre. http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/features/ubuntu-software-centre Linux is a worthy platform to to target - and as time has already proven - will only
  7. What do you think would have to happen to make them useful?
  8. Yeah, it seems like the animation doesn't speed up? Is that intentional?
  9. I finally switched over from PS3 to PC for my Dungeon Defenders home experience and decided to play up an Apprentice this time around. One lesson I've learned playing as the squire is that it's sometimes better to focus on doing your damage safely and from a distance rather than blocking things up right away and dealing with dead/dying towers. I've been using deadly striker and lightning towers with crazy-effective results, even on hard difficulty. Although this doesn't work on tightly packed maps like Glitterhelm, it seems like the combination of large crowd damage and very selective p
  10. Purchased and downloading! I think Sony might actually be really into this title! i get the feeling like they embraced it. Disappointing that the platform exclusives have to come through playstation plus. Totally worthless service. Would rather just pay for them outright.
  11. Really? We tried between an iPad2 and an Android tablet and couldn't see each other. Through gamespy or through local network...
  12. We have a mix of iOS and Android (as well as PC) devices at my office here. Wondering if there's going to be the option to have the two (and three after release) play together?
  13. For all you know this is our noobs site and none of you have graduated to the real deal :) You guys have a lot of experience with dundef because of mobile and because of your activity on the forums. So we are going to get tons of noobs in here that are gonna pull your agro. But what im hoping happens is we can create a very noob friendly environment so more people will join and the noobs will grow up faster. What!? How did I not make it in?! ;)
  14. And PC, in addition to having its own dedicated power-user mouse-keyboard control schemes, fully supports all of the Gamepad stuff of the consoles. So if you've got a mouse/keyboard and even just ONE gamepad, viola, instant 2-player splitscreen + online gaming goodness. How many PC games can say that? ;) And mark my words...the mod and total-conversion support in this game is the most robust you've seen since Unreal Tournament! -Jer "Viola!"
  15. It's playable. But you'd rather play your ipad version.
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