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  1. I would love a bundle where each character comes with a slot instead of a skin. I want to have one of each hero so doing so would be very easy if this bundle was available!
  2. So I have been playing through DD2 with a roommate and the entire card deck leveling when you play is difficult for us to play without each other, I wish i could disable shared XP anyone else in co-op run through feel the same??
  3. So remember DD we had colors and all that, but we bought the game. How about in DD2 we introduce some sort of colors that can be tied to map coins and diamonds. Let me explain how I think it COULD work. So lets say I have the Squire I start out with the base colors we have now. What if at level 25 I unlocked one color say a primary color so (red,blue or yellow). Then at level 50 I unlock one secondary color( green, purple,orange). So at level 50 spending no map coins or diamonds I have base color set then two colors. After this we could have color packs or sell them individual. You could make a Halloween color pack (selling those colors and so forth. This would not compromise skins because skins are way more detailed then a simple color swap and this would give players another option to customize with. You could even make color chests that you use the keys to open. So why do I want this and would this benefit Trendy? I think skins or base color is a little unsettling. Personally I would buy a skin if I could color them differently, but id rather just be able to color customize the generic skin. I think that yes maybe Trendy would see a decrease in skin purchases but what about color purchases depending on how the system worked they could still be getting money that way. I also understand this feature does not have to be free, I said give us two free colors cause then it makes people want to go oh imagine black or white or purple or any color i don't have with this color I have, I think it would sell a lot. Overall, let me know what you all think after all this is a suggestion!
  4. Alright, sounds good! Thanks for the response.
  5. Yes, I love the list keep up the good work Trendy.
  6. Just wondering Dev's, I love the hard work and everything about his game.
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