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  1. there should be minidumps in the binaries\win32 folder if you CTD with something like "dundefgame.exe stopped working and needs to close." Does it happen on any other map? didn't have a .mdmp from any of my crashes in my binaries/win32. I'm not entirely sure if it's only karathiki jungle or not as I've just started playing again a few days ago after quiting for 2 months. I'll try doing a couple other maps and see if I CTD right before pet rewards.
  2. There's no known issue specific to your situation that I'm aware of. Can you replicate this? If so does it happen every time? If so, does it happen without any splitscreen players? I can deffinetly replicate it as I've said it happens about 80% of the time (maybe 100% of the time because verifying game cache might fix it for 1 run), the problem I'm having is narrowing it down and finding out what's relevant. I haven't yet tried doing it without any spitscreen (because I want extra pets) but I will try to do a few runs solo and see if it crashes at all. The only things I've been able to tell so far is it doesn't matter if I'm full screen or windowed, and it doesn't matter what method I use to splitscreen, as origionally I used this method here (http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?55973-Better-XBOX-Controller-emulation) and switched to the stickyed method hoping that would fix the problem (it didn't). Is it possible to get a crash report if I crash straight to desktop with no error message or anything popping up?
  3. I've been experiencing a wave 15 crash, seconds before pet rewards, on Karathiki Jungle about 80% of the time. I use this method ( http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?20170-How-to-use-almost-any-brand-type-of-controller-with-dungeon-defenders-PC-Guide ) to run 4 windows at once (for 4x pets) but I get nothing as my client crashes to desktop seconds before the pets are rewarded. Anyone know if there is a fix for this or if it's a known bug? When I try to "verify integrity of game cache" I get the message "3 files failed to validate and will be reacquired". The problem though is that I get this message EVERY time I try to verify game cache after doing karathiki jungle, so I think something happens to these files every time I start the game.
  4. What is the top? if you mean the North, it shouldn't be an issue if you position your towers correctly.. also its covered by an electric aura which should burn down those spiders before they can do any real damage. Same with south. They will be burned down by electric aura or the harpoon. Maybe you mean the alternate build.. For the alternate build, you MUST have a player there if an ogre is at the blockade, otherwise, no spiders will flank your towers. If they do, you have your stuff positioned improperly and need to adjust it so that it doesn't happen. If spiders are running past your blockade, you need to position it better. Oh I was using an older version, didn't notice you updated it again. Yea I mean't north, where you used to have the turret/fireball in front of the purple portal outside of electric aura range. I'll try switching to your newer version, that looks like it handles spiders much better.
  5. Is it mandatory to have someone babysit top or at least an afk with a dps pet? Because whenever I leave it alone longer then a 20s it gets DESTROYED by spiders, they instantly get behind the two turrets, start webbing/killing them and if i'm not there to kill them it's over.
  6. I have no idea what changed with 7.32 but I've started having sharken bust down my walls, before 7.32 it was VERY rare for a sharken to push a wall aside. Now, since yesterday, I've tried 10 times and every time when I hit wave 20 every single wall fails to a sharken, EVERY WALL, it's not like a random sharken knocks through a side wall, everything just falls apart and I can't understand what changed. A few days ago this build worked perfectly for me, I was consistantly getting 28+. Now I can't break wave 20 :(. EDIT: NM I'm an idiot, didn't realize it was because I tried duoing it instead of solo, apparently with two people the sharken get out of hand for whatever reason
  7. Not complaining here because I appreciate the morrogo wave reduction a lot, but apparently wave 12 has about 50% more mobs then wave 13 (900 vs 1400ish), this is obviously a bug, just thought I'd point it out. It appears that the wave reduction that was implemented with this most recent patch doesn't apply till wave 13 onwards, resulting in wave 12 having more mobs then 13.
  8. I completely agree. This was one of the most awesome changes ever. 8000 mobs a wave in Magus or Foundries and taking a day or two to run a survival when people have schedules, lives, DISCONNECTS, etc.. Trendy heard us and responded like champions. (ok, it took awhile *jab*) The OP complains about a lot of mobs in later waves of end game survival. IMO this could be a thread simply requesting those maps be reduced somewhat and still giving high praise for a much needed change. Then the end game players who care about those very few maps (and still to me not many mobs at all) can respond and Trendy can make a better judgement on the issue. vanilla maps? I resemble that remark! :) Wtf are you talking about, wave 13 is not end game survival, 7k mobs on wave 13 is still way too high for solo, there aren't even that many on wave 30 misty. Not to mention that's not even what I'm complaining about, if they want to have those maps take 14 hours to complete, that's fine with me, but at least be a little more specific in patch notes so you don't get my hopes up.
  9. Snce Trendy hasn't even responded on the issue yet we don't even know if they misworded it, or simply forgot to implement the change on several maps. It's not like its a stretch to think its possible trendy can include something in their patch notes, then forget to actually include it in the patch, infact, it would be the 4th time I've seen it (2 of the times confirmed by Trendy) that it has happened. Honestly if it were any other company I would likely just accept that it is what it is and move on, but the fact that Trendy has a record of including patch notes that weren't actually implimented makes me wonder if perhaps morrogo/karathiki are still supposed to be receiving a reduction in their waves.
  10. To be honest, I think you are the only person I've heard of who at all expected or cared about it affecting the newer maps. Sure they shouldn't have said "all" maps. But most of us were pretty sure they were talking about older campaign maps, since that has always been where the complaints were.. P.S. If a map like moraggo had 'about as many' mobs as a map like mistymire, even within a few hundred, it would be extremely barren, dull and generally unfun. Either that or it'd go by twice as fast. And especially karathiki. If it had a similar mobcount to misty, they would either all have to spawn REALLY slow or all be out and on the map within seconds with such a tiny number. Uh what? First off who in their right mind read the line in that patch note "ALL maps" and thought to themselves, "hrm, derp, they must only mean campaign maps and not actually mean all maps". Also, wtf are you talking about morrogo would be "extremely barren"? You realize they can make it so the same number of mobs are out at any given time, and instead of having a wave take 20 minutes make it take 14 minutes instead. It wouldn't "feel" any different while you're actually playing, the wave would simply end faster. I don't know about you, but 90% of people i've talked to feel like morrogo takes too long and avoid doing it for that reason. It simply isn't fun to take 15-20 minutes for a single wave. It completely blows my mind that there are people actually defending the fact that trendy lied to us in their patch notes, and to me this isn't some minor thing, this was going to be the highlight of this patch for me, I was actually going to be able to play morrogo with my friends and not have 8k+ waves starting at wave 13.
  11. Ok, when they said they were going to make all survival maps like misty they didn't mean that they were going to match the creeps per wave. The thing about misty is that the number of creeps per wave hardly increased if at all. Whereas on other maps the number of creeps per wave would increase by about 1000 per wave till eventually there was 10,000 creeps in one wave which was stupid, and wasn't challenging it was just a waste of time. So even though Magnus quarters with 3 people has 3000 creeps per wave it was still 3000 creeps on wave 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. The number of creeps in the wave doesn't really increase, just like misty. The simple fact of the matter is they said they would reduce the number of creeps per wave on ALL maps and they didn't. It isn't even a matter of interpretation on the phrase "to about misty level" because they actually didn't reduce the number of creeps AT ALL on morrogo/karathiki.
  12. Misty still has the lowest. Its more like dropping the mobs to Moraggo levels rather than Misty levels. Original campaign maps are about 1.5k around 12 and 2.5k at higher waves with 2 people rather than 7k+. Kara has similar levels to Moraggo already. I realize misty still has the lowest, that's the problem, it shouldn't, or at the very least, it should be pretty close. I'm not exactly sure what wave 13 morrogo was before the patch, but as far as I can tell they haven't reduced the number at all. And if they did reduce it a little, why not have the patch note reflect that. They got my hopes up that morrogo might not take 5x longer to do then misty only to smash them today.
  13. Dont compare 6 player maps with 4player maps.. try it again with morago or summit. Just checked on morrogo 1700+ on wave 13, even more enemies then karathiki lol, 6 or 4 player map has nothing to do with how many mobs there are... Not to mention if you actually read what I posted they said reduced number of enemies on ALL maps, not only 4 player maps.
  14. "Reduced the number of enemies on Survival Waves to about Mistymire Forest levels on ALL maps" So what happened to this patch note? This was the single thing I was looking forward to the most in this patch and they straight up lied about it? I just checked and on wave 13 misty theres 876 enemies... on wave 13 Karathiki Jungle, 1659 enemies. Now if I know anything about one number being bigger than another number, I'd say those numbers aren't even close. Is this an oversight and they forgot to implement this change, or is this their idea of "about" the same number of enemies, just over twice as many... yea that's pretty close.
  15. Where are these tentacles you're supposed to kill? Was running circles around this boss seeing nothing but 0's, no matter what angle I hit him from I couldn't damage anything. Lasted about 5 minutes before I just rage quit, he was still at 100%... EDIT: downgraded to hard to see what I was doing wrong and apparently they're just really hard to hit on a melee (my barb), switched to a djinnlet and he destroyed it. I can see why having a really good monkey would make a huge difference on this boss, not just the dps but the heals as well, looks like im gonna have to farm one. I hope sharkens didn't ruin jungle.
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