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  1. Lightning: Is vector corrector intended to work with Frosty towers? Lightning: Will there be any new large spheres that for the Apprentice that will be aimed towards DPS, something like the role that Long Range/Charged Primary fill for Huntress?
  2.  Guess it didn't work the first time around.
  3. Yesterday we cleared The Dead Road on NM4. This video is the gameplay video of us actually doing it, but you can see the build we used too at the start. The build is from the player ToxicCaterpillar and very slightly modified. We ended up using 4x DPS Huntresses to do it as well, bu tin a later run had a lot of success with 3x DPS hunt and 1x DPS Apprentice. https://youtu.be/hHgoSL_AWT0
  4. Thanks TrendyBrad. Looking forward to tackling it come Thursday.
  5. If you instantly die it spawns a copy of you as a miniboss. If you kill this boss you have a chance at the new legendary weapons.
  6. Pretty big letdown because of that so far. Not really a whole lot to do for this event if you're progressing through NM4 already....
  7. Am I just missing it, or do the new maps top out in the 500 ipwr range?
  8. Didn't try auras? With gas traps the sharken can get through on the cooldown. I haven't tried aura + gas yet, but that might be what is needed. The auras/traps might have to be a fairly significant distance from the walls to avoid the sharken charge.
  9. Ensnare auras are okay by themselves for sharken. However, they can still use their sprint to get to defenses. Might need to combo with more auras/slightly different set ups.
  10. Another giveaway would be cool. Building on the event idea, you could do something with some of the lesser played PVP maps, or the new tower defense map.
  11. If you place a Darkness or Ethereal Spike trap up against a Forge, you can't activate the forge by hitting E. There hardly needs to be any of the outter ring touching it for it to block you from accessing the forge. Hitting E just brings up the stats of the trap. The proxi/gas/inferno traps seem to be fine. SS: http://i.imgur.com/bGt2b.jpg
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