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  1. Well, it does say towers, not minions. Not technically a glitch. But perhaps an oversight.
  2. Just cause they fly in and wear a stupid hat shouldn't make them more OP. Requesting wizard hats for all OP ogres. Preferably from a world atop a giant turtle flying through space. With four elephants on it's back. Just make sure you have inn-sewer-ants for that hat.
  3. I'm pretty sure he's intended to be golden. As for tower targetting, minions can target him. (Just like they can target anything else that isn't tower-targettable)
  4. [quote]The battleship attacks your defenses so if you're not repairing them between fighting the boss then that's probably why the monsters are getting to your crystal. [/quote] ^^^^ This... i don't know if it's my imagination but he seems to get stronger over time too. My first time killing him on nightmare, I got him down to about 600k HP and decided to just mess around for a while upgrading/repairing. After a couple of hours my defenses were all taking considerably more damage per second. This is also possibly just luck of the draw on what all was successfully attacking my defenses a
  5. So basically the skinny of it is that a few players are having trouble with djinn at one wall they could easily watch with piercing pets/towers. A wall that I and others I play with dont seem to having trouble with. I'm not sure what the difference is, other than we tend to slaughter djinn, especially if they havent been moving for more than 5-10 seconds (I.e obviously in the middle of a desummon) and tend to clear up clutter spots with piercing pets. Quite simply: If you're going to quit playing the game (or in this case, stage) over something trivial that Trendy has PUT WAYS INTO THE GAME
  6. I did actually manage to finish this. Try putting an extra str drain + snare in the south where they get dumped behind your lines along with a TBB and a bunch of minions (I think I had 10 archers and a mage there, which was *slight* overkill) Why would you not use more like 10 mages/1 archer? >.> Even 6 mages/1 archer would have been more DPS for about the same MU. The only real use for archers is clean-up and djinn/sharken interrupting. My buffed minion mages are approaching 600k fireballs.
  7. I think it's a blast. To each his own. They can't make everyone happy though. By making it more 'fun' / easier for others they will make it less fun for me and others who don't like end-game content being incredibly easy..
  8. I like this idea very much. You should make a thread in the suggestion forum. It would require a significant burst of the LT though, maybe "must be hit for longer than 5 seconds continuously"? This. Lightning tower is already OP as it is anyways, so it would have to be limited in how it is applied. I'd rather see something like the DST or Slice'N'Dice get a real use. Not one of the most OP towers in the game made game-breakingly necessary.
  9. So many colors places a strain on the eyes vs having just two colors. On page 2 I listed a number of threads calling for a customizable loot filter that would only highlight, as green, the items we would pick up. Jer said these colors are only temporary, and they did want to implement a customizable loot filter. Only 2 colors is extremely limiting and not very informative of what you are running after. Most of us want more than just a 'green-dot' system. If you only want one loot filter you only need to configure one. No reason to limt the rest of us just because YOU don't want mo
  10. Fyi, they're not machines, there's little goblins piloting them. They'd easily be affected by the gas. However, the propellers very likely blow it away, hence no impact on the gobbos. Which is exactly what I said. >.> And why it would make more sense for copters to cripple gas traps than gas traps to cripple copters.
  11. Whoops sorry about that, missed that line in the patch notes. 1P = 5 2P = 7 3P = 8 4P = 10 per spawn point it seems o0 This. The same way it is with djinn and I believe sharken.. >.> Not sure why people expected only 5 djinn/copters on maps with 4-5 crystals. Per spawn point makes much more sense than total on map. The patch notes / icearrows post just arent terribly clear about these things.
  12. I've been placing reflect beam recently but for some reason their missle with do like a U-turn on the ground after bouncing off it and come back around the reflect, instead of blowing up. I wish I could record it but its odd how it happens. * Reflect beams now turn enemy rockets into friendly homing rockets that will either track the copter that shot it, ignoring it's flares or a nearby spot on the ground with 'many' enemies on it. (I.e. making sure the aoe is useful), picking whichever seems like it would be more useful for you at the time. April fools.
  13. Lightning auras go through walls and combining one with a single "sentry" archer should help as a temporary fix until the real fix comes in. I do wish DSTs were less DU... their prioritizing airborne mobs is so handy... I don't think they need to cost less DU. Just need something else spectacular about them. Like they've done for other under-used towers in the past. Perhaps add a strong DoT to it and prioritize targets that aren't already DoTed.
  14. nor was i. just pointing out that it doesnt make sense that they would stop at the gas trap. since a machine doesnt have trouble with gas Ohhh. My bad, I thought you were saying it didnt make sense that a machine could blow the gas away. Yeah, we totally agree then. lol.. Gas traps make no sense vs. helicopters. I'm sure the pilots inside have air masks on even if any gas manages to somehow get inside.
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