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  1. I can actually do some work now. Rather a good quality update than a buggy one so take your time.
  2. Great job yet again. Just itching for your servers to finally accept me in :D
  3. The bearicade could slash targets and inflict open wounds on enemies, which cause them to receive amplified damage for a short duration. +1 bearicades!
  4. I had this happen to me as well a couple weeks ago but they showed up after loading a map or re-entering tavern.
  5. thanks for the update. It's understandable that these unplanned outages could occur from time to time.
  6. I noticed this as well today on throne room when one of my lanes were getting pounded on wave 1...The lane had pink magical resist trail but upon further observation the enemy board showed physical resist.
  7. Yes it sounded just like this but not here to argue. Just here to +1 this implementation
  8. I could sit and compare all those stats all day on gear. I really miss that dimension in the loot system.
  9. Once you distract from behind she keeps turning to fight you. Then you quickly move outta the way...rinse and repeat. She will never touch you or the eggs and easy victory.
  10. Maybe you should try to distract her ;)
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