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  1. only if the towers are within his aoe heal range when he is healing a hurt minion
  2. So this is what happened on my aqua run. I c I c
  3. The blue mana crystals has like 3 seconds on the floor.
  4. Something I realize about the people who are defending these 2 annoying pages, they don't realize people have different personalities to themselves and hope that everyone else should see it the same way? I am not going to write a big block about why I hate these 2 pages, I will just say that I hate reading these things when I've already bought them, and this Is a paid game, maybe some people are too used to Facebook and all the free mmorpgs out there with the reckless nuclear bombardment of spams that we have to endure if it really was that good and free- that they no longer care about those
  5. Aim@Me


    You could come to the pc vers and I can hook you up . No corrupt saves so far :0
  6. lol , it's not your lost at all when people think you hack and leave your game, and theres one main reason why I like to host my own games - I don't lag .
  7. In regards to your mana problem, I have a few genies u can choose, foc, I'm only accepting adds from red. They will help with ur mana problem, and I don't have any spare djinns. --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?szgn4f
  8. Or he is just rich . . . Need your respect to do what he wants now does it? :p
  9. won't happen you won't be able to get it back if you have unlocked it, try check the costume area on squire to get it off your chest.
  10. games like diablo , you will always need to beat it normal rest, my friends back in nz tried to join my game and I told them to $&@( off cause it was lagging me :P . I'm only lvl 28 atm though !
  11. Was hoping I'd see more people try this >.> I was really embarrassed when my friend walked in and saw me drawing mine.... Its really hard to explain when they have never played DD before, or ever seen you use paint. Wai you so funny LoL
  12. [c3;479645']i guess im not the only one seeing weird things. i say this because on a few separate times in aquanos (it may have happened elsewhere, i just noticed it here), it appeared like the ogres AoE from its smash attack was being centered off of its target rather than the club itself. when i noticed this it was in locations where i had harpoons not quite as far back as i should have had them, and the ogre was bashing on them, not actually hitting them, but i guess close enough for its attack to reach the outer fringe of the harpoons hitbox, and the AoE was being triggered from the cen
  13. Are you sure it didn't just start on -90 or something? They can start with "-", maybe you just didn't notice it to start with? Have you even ran anything hardcore over wave 20? Anything hardcore meaning misty and harder maps. It's quite clear that it is positive when you have a sword and you check another sword on the floor and the stat was GREEN and block stat was something like 657% so how could it be - ? Assuming im not currently using a -700 block wep that is.
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